Is Mineral Water Safe For Your Baby?

Mineral Water For Babies

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The joy of holding your little one in your arms can’t be put into words, and you’d do literally everything possible to make sure your baby is healthy and strong.Is bottled water for babies okay?

As your baby grows, his diet changes, and you’ll be coming up with more and more questions about what to give him and what not to. So is it really safe to give your baby mineral water? Keep reading to find out.

Mineral Water For Babies Or Boiled Water?

In general, it is best to avoid using mineral or bottled water for your baby – whether its directly for the intake or to make an infant formula feed. This is because bottled water may not always be sterile, and may have high levels of sodium or sulphate.

If you must, make sure you check the label and pick up mineral water that has less than 200 mg per liter of sodium, and less than 250 mg per liter of sulphate. However, it is okay to use bottled water for your baby if your source of drinking water is contaminated, or if you are traveling with your baby, and are not sure about the cleanliness of the water in the location.

In most cases, it is best to boil water before giving it to your baby, or preparing his formula feed. The temperature of the water must be atleast 70 degrees, and then cooled before giving it to the baby (1).

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Is Bottled Water For Babies Unsafe?

In contrast to the widespread opinion, bottled water is not actually sterile. It does contain low levels of lead and other impurities, which are definitely lower than those found in tap water, yet, bottled water may also contain harmful bacteria that could possibly cause several health risks to the baby. So now can babies drink bottled water?

In addition, bottled water may also contain high levels of fluoride, which could have a negative impact on your baby’s teeth and bones. So make sure you purchase mineral water that has low levels of fluoride- most of these bottles tend to be labeled as de-ionized and demineralized.

It is also important to note that boiling mineral water may kill a good portion of harmful bacteria that may be present in it, but it tends to increase the fluoride content of the water.

In reality, it has also been found that using bottled water could prove to be quite dangerous for the baby, since it may also contain high levels of uranium, which could harm a developing baby and be particularly toxic to the kidneys. It is therefore, best to avoid using bottled water to make infant formula feed as well (2).

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Traveling With Babies:

If you have a baby who is bottle fed, and you’re looking for a convenient way to make sure he has a healthy meal even while you’re traveling, you could opt for bottled water.

Just make sure that the tamper-proof seal of the bottle is intact when you purchase it. Also, if your baby is below 6 months of age, try and boil the water and then chill it immediately in hygienic conditions before using it to make the formula feed.

In case you are traveling to a region that has a very hot climate, your baby may need extra fluids – so have cooled bottled water handy. Also, do a double check on the mineral analysis to confirm that the water is low on fluoride and other possibly toxic compounds (3).

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It is also a good idea to have your doctor’s opinion about the best options you could choose to prepare your baby’s formula feed.

We hope this article helped you understand a bit more about using mineral water for your baby. Got your own experiences to share? Leave them in the comments box below.

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