Top 16 Creative & Affordable Kids' Room Designs

Creative & Affordable Kids Room Decorating Ideas

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As a parent, one of the most fun and exciting things that you can do is customize your little one’s room. Creating a special corner for your kid can be an interesting and fulfilling activity to take on, and it will allow you to experiment with ideas and colors and themes and anything that your kid adores.

And if you are looking to usher in some changes to your kid’s room, Momjunction is here to point you in the right direction. So, scroll down and peruse our kids room decorating ideas on how to transform your kid’s room right away.

Top 16 Kids Room Decorating Ideas:

Here are our top kids room decor ideas design that your kiddies will fall in love with:

1. Polka Dotted Walls For A Breezy Room:

  • For this particular design for your kid’s room, choose one main wall in the room and deck it up in a polka dotted print wallpaper in a light shade.
  • To create the right contrast, keep the other walls a shade darker.
  • You can place your kid’s bunk bed or regular bed along the wall with the polka dotted print.
  • Make sure you brighten up the room with a bright and colorful rug that you can place in front of the bed. Also, be careful to check that the rug is not slippery, and that will not cause any accidental fall or slips.
  • Place breezy and transparent curtains on the windows and add another layer of regular thick ones if you are worried about privacy. The light curtains will let the air and light flow into the room through the day.

2. Simple Room Décor With Storage Options:

  • For this particular design, you will have to keep the furniture in the room to a bare minimum. The entire idea is to keep the look as clean and clutter-free as possible.
  • You can choose to opt for a wooden flooring in the room, or leave it as it is. The good part about having a wooden flooring in your kid’s room though is that it will make the floor non-skid and will prevent any accidental falls.
  • This particular room features a stripe design theme. You can use the same theme for your kid’s bed linen and other accessories. Go for a striped bed cover and pillow case in a bright shade. Complement it by adding a bright striped rug on the floor next to the floor.
  • To make sure that the room looks neat and that there is enough space to store your kid’s things, keep a handy cabinet around. Get one that is at the same height as your kid, so that he can use it without having to ask you for help all the time.
  • As you will be using a lot of bright colors in the bed linen and on the rug, you may want to keep the color of the furniture a little light, as it will provide the perfect contrast.

3. Small Cozy Room With Drawings Featured On The Wall:

  • The design for this particular kid’s room is rather simple, yet it immediately gives the feeling of happiness and coziness.
  • For this particular look, the designer has used light shades on the wall. The overall color theme of the walls and furniture is quite light. The walls are a powdery blue while the chest of drawers is white. Even the flower pot on top of the chest of drawers is white in color.
  • To add color to the room, the designer has used elements from the kid’s creations. One wall has been fully given up to showcase the talent of the kid. It shows a big white chart paper that has been put up on the wall.
  • A bright blue kid’s bed is placed on one side of the room, next to the powder blue wall. It has a bright colored bedsheet to contrast the light walls.
  • A light green rug on the other side of the room matches the light green lamp shade that is hanging from the ceiling.
  • To continue with the theme of powder blue and white, the reading table is in the shade of white, while the chair is a light blue. There is also a black and white beanbag at one corner of the room, next to white curtains

4. Super Girlie Pink And Patchwork Kid’s Room:

  • If you have a little girl, here is one room idea that you cannot miss. Among the most popular kids room design ideas on this list, this design is something that little girls will fall head over heals in love with. 
  • The two main décor themes are the bright neon pink wall shade and the patchwork décor.
  • The walls in the room are bright, to give them the right amount of contrast, the furniture in the room has been done up in a cream shade.
  • The quilt cover and the pillow cover sport a beautiful and cozy patchwork design, using the shades light pink and cream to match the walls and the furniture, but in a lighter shade.
  • There is a cute little dresser on one side of the bed. The dresser also has a patchwork styled design, with the color theme in the shades of cream and light pink.
  • The shutters on the window are also in white and pink, continuing with the overall color scheme of the room.

5. Bright Outdoorsy Cabin Room Décor:

  • If your kid loves the outdoors, and especially if your kid loves trips to cabin houses, then this room décor will be just perfect for your outdoorsy one. Mooted as the top among our list of kids rooms decorating ideas for boys here, this room is the perfect little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
  • If you want to get this particular look for your kid’s room, you will first have to choose a bright green color that you can then use on your kid’s room walls. Make sure that you choose a shade of green that will make the room look bright and cheerful, as there are many shades of green that can also make the room look dark and smaller.
  • To complement the brightness of the green on the wall, you will have to choose the basic furniture in more neutral shades, such as white. In this case, the shelves on the wall and the table are both done up in white.
  • For the bed, go for one that is made of wood and retains the wooden color of the original material. It will instantly add a very cabin house feel to the entire room.
  • Also, to give it a very tree house or cabin house feel, you can get a kind of ladder made in the room that begins from the floor and crawls up till the ceiling.
  • The best thing about the décor in this kid’s room is the swing that hangs down from the ceiling. While it will make the perfect reading seat for your kid, it will also remind them of being outdoors and enjoying an afternoon out amidst nature.

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6. Bright Orange Room With Beautiful Border Design:

  • While this kid’s room has a lot of things going on that are beautiful and colorful at the same time, the main element that will catch your eye is the bright and colorful border pattern.
  • To get this look for your kid’s room, you will first have to choose a bright shade of orange, or a bright shade that mixes orange and bright yellow. Make sure that all the walls are covered in the bright shade.
  • To properly highlight the shades on the wall, you will have to add the perfect contrast by keeping the shade of the furniture a neutral shade. The best shade that will complement these bright walls is white.
  • Use name pieces to write up your kid’s name on the walls and also to assign separate places if you have more than one kid.
  • Make sure that there is a bright and colorful border pattern that runs through the edges of the walls to complete the look.

7. Small Room With Bright Cheerful Prints:

  • In this very cute and small kid’s room, the main focus is on keeping the look breezy and colorful.
  • The walls are done up in a light cream shade that also matches the shade of the furniture.
  • The floor is done up in a light ivory color that accentuates the light cream on the walls.
  • To add some color to the room, you can go for wall decals that are bright and have small designs on them. In this particular instance, tree designs have been used to give the room a bright and breezy outdoorsy look.
  • The linen on the bed also has small and colorful prints that match the look on the walls and the wall decals. There are small and colorful prints on the chest of drawers as well, which has been placed next to the bed.
  • As the main color theme in the room is cream, pink and green, it can also be seen on the borders of the curtains on the wall.

8. Bright And Colorful Kid’s Room:

  • To get this particular room design for your kid’s room, you will first have to make sure that all the walls are painted in the shade white.
  • The floor here is wooden, which will provide a great contrast to the white walls. It will also prevent any slipping accidents and falls as the grip on the floor will be quite strong.
  • There is a big desk placed next to the window and has an open storage underneath. While there are no doors in the storage space, there are some separate boxes that are stored inside to hold different items. The storage boxes are bright in color and are of different shades. They provide the perfect contrast to the whites on the wall.
  • There are bright, colorful circles pasted on one wall. You can cut them out of bright velvet paper, or other material that you feel will look good on the wall.
  • You can also use the same designing idea on some other plain areas around the room, to brighten it up and match it to the color scheme.

9. Moon And Sun Interior Design With Staircase Storage:

  • In this look for the kid’s room, the designer has used an olive green shade on all the walls and the ceiling.
  • There is also a bright yellow sun on the ceiling and a cute moon and stars on one of the wall.
  • There is a bunk bed in the room, which has closed stairs going from downstairs till the top bunk. The interesting part about the staircase is that it is also used as storage boxes that will hold a lot of your kid’s stuff.
  • To match the color on the walls, there is an olive green rug on the floor next to the bed.
  • The furniture in the room is in a light cream shade while the curtains are a matte brick red in color.

10. Colorful Floral Room:

  • Here is a beautiful and very girlie room that is decorated in floral colors and patterns.
  • The floor is wooden, which will help to prevent any accidental slippage or fall.
  • The main color themes in the room are dark pink, light pink and yellow.
  • The bed is a bright dark pink in color, and the bed linen is white.
  • The wall is done up in a light cream base that has lots of bright pink and yellow flower prints on it.
  • The shelves on the wall are olive green and powder blue in color and are used to hold toys and other items.
  • There is also a study table at one end of the room, which is also dark pink in color.

11. Lime Green Décor Ideas:

  • For this particular look in your kid’s room, you will have to choose a light shade of green for your kid’s room walls.
  • To highlight the colors on the wall, make sure that you keep the furniture a very light neutral colors, such as cream or white.
  • Get brighter shades of linen for the furniture, such as bright cushion covers and throws. In this case, as the shade of the wall is a light green, the cushion cover is a bright neon green color.
  • Add colorful toys, books, and other items around the room for some extra brightness.

12. Beautiful Colorful Designs On Kid’s Room Walls:

  • Instead of going all out and getting everything done from a decorator to do up your kid’s room, you can try out some fun stuff along with your kid too.
  • Here is a very interesting design idea that you can make yourself at home and brighten up your kid’s room almost immediately.
  • The design will work best on walls that have a light or neutral base, such as white or cream shades.
  • All you need is different papers on bright colors. You can fold them up as you wish to and create little shapes out of the same.
  • If there are any shelves on the same wall, make sure to add up lots of colorful toys and items on the same to add to the color burst.

13. Playful Kid’s Room Idea:

  • Here is a very different and very interesting kid’s room décor idea that you can try and get custom made for your kid.
  • The main feature in this kid’s room is the play area that has been made near the bed of the kid.
  • The play area features a slide, a basketball hoop, a small tent house and more such fun features. It is set up right in the middle of the kid’s room, next to the bed and another piece of furniture.

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14. Stars And Moon In Cream And Orange Room:

  • Here is a very beautiful kid’s room design that is at once very nice and bright as well as very relaxing.
  • To get this design in your kid’s room, you will have to color the walls in the room in a very light and neutral shade, such as a cream color.
  • You can keep the furniture to a basic shade, such as a wooden color. Make sure that the color theme for the furniture remains the same. In this particular case, the main colors used in the furniture are wood and white.
  • Instead of using regular print patterns on the wall, you can try using a stenciled effect to highlight the various shapes. In this kid’s room, the moon, stars and the planet are all in a stenciled pattern. You can also use wall decals that show off only the outlines of stars and moons and give a silhouette effect, instead of giving a proper print effect.
  • To break the monotony of colors and to make the room look a little brighter, add a bright shade of orange to the linen and other accessories used in the room. In this case, the cushion covers and the chair are in bright shades of orange.

15. Light Grey And Red Stripey Kid’s Room:

  • To get this look for your kid’s room, you have to paint the walls light gray or slate.
  • Keep the ceiling in a cream color, off-white shade or white shade.
  • If possible, go for wooden flooring in the room, with a light yellowish shade of wood instead of the very dark regular wood ones. If you use the dark wooden shade for the floor in the kid’s room, it will make the room look dark and smaller than it is, as you are also using a dark color on the walls. The yellowish wooden color on the floor will balance out the dark shade on the wall.
  • For the colors on bed linen, go for bright and striped shades and patterns to give the room an edgy and synchronized look. In this case, the bed cover is a bright red and white striped pattern.
  • The curtains in the room are also put up keeping the red and white color theme in mind. The curtains are a light orange based red and white in color, with a checked pattern, that contrasts the stripes yet makes it all look put together.
  • To add some more color to the room, there are a lot of multicolored books on the white shelves that are near the bed and curtain area. You can add lots of multicolored toys, books and other things to add more color.

16. Bright Pink Room With A Light Powder Blue Shade:

  • Here is a beautiful and gorgeous room, and is probably among the best kids room decorating ideas for girls on this list.
  • To get this look for your kid’s room, you will first have to select a light and neutral shade for the walls in your kid’s room. In this case, the walls have been painted in a light powdery blue shade.
  • The furniture has been kept to a bare minimum shade, in this case, the color is white. All the furniture in the room maintains the same color, which is white.
  • The star of the room is the bright pink rug that is placed in the center of the room and which takes up almost all the space on the floor. The rug is soft and very bright and very colorful and immediately brightens up the room.
  • To match the color scheme of the rug and to make it look connected to all the other things in the room, a few hints of dark pink have been added here and there. For instance, the legs of the table, which is otherwise white, are dark pink, as is the cover of one cushion that is placed on the white couch. There is also a light pink flower pot on the white study table.

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Styling your kid’s room is a lot of fun and gives you lots of opportunities to show off your creative side. Make sure you play around with ideas and colors and have a blast. Do you have any kids room decor ideas? 

Moms, have you planned the look in your kid’s room? Is there anything different that you have done? If yes, do share some kids room decorating ideas with us here.

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