4 Learning Activities For Your 12 Month Old Baby

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Congratulations to both of you! It’s time that you make preparations for your baby’s first birthday. You have travelled a long way and your once helpless baby is now mobile, with a wide range of developmental activities and skills.

Some babies may have also started talking and walking by now. However, there is no reason to worry if your baby hasn’t crossed these milestones yet. Every baby is different and your baby will start these things when the time is ripe for him.

As your baby continues to grow you can find gradual changes in his attitude. Remember, he is no longer your small baby whom you cuddled in your arms all day long. Now he moves about freely and comes to you only when it’s cuddle time.

Developments In Your 1 Year Old:

Don’t get impatient with your busy and hyperactive 1 year old. He still needs your attention at this age. His daily activities now include exploring the world around him. He might land himself in dangerous situations at times, about which you need to be careful.

4 Learning Activities For 12 Month Old Baby:

Setting limits becomes an essential part of parenting now. This will help him interact considerately and also remain respectful to others. This will let him know that he cannot get away with his way always. Check out here 4 learning activities for 12 month old babies:

1. Television For Your 12 Month Old:

television for your 12 month old

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By this time he may seem delighted by the visuals on TV. While there is nothing wrong in allowing him to enjoy small bouts of shows, there should be limitations set. Look at what you can do:

  • You can limit his TV viewing to an hour.
  • Ensure things he watches are age-appropriate.
  • You can start a conversation about what you are watching.
  • Eating when the TV is on is a bad habit. Make sure your baby is not doing that.
  • If you find him engaged in something else, do switch off the TV. Too much of TV will do no good to him.

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2. Changes In Sleep Patterns:

changes in sleep patterns

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Administering sleep patterns are one of the essential 12 month old baby activities. You can see changes in his napping patterns by the time he turns a year old. Here are the changes you can notice:

  • You may find him shifting his napping time in the morning.
  • If he has slept too much in the morning, he may not want to sleep in the afternoon.
  • Setting a napping routine is a good way to predict when he shall fall asleep.

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3. Shifting From The Bottle To The Cup Or Sipper:

shifting from the bottle to the cup or sipper

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Your baby is now ready to experiment with the new. You may find him eager to try the cup for sipping milk or water. Look at what you can do:

  • Encourage your baby to drink from the sipper or bottle, as too much of bottle feeding can lead to gum problems.
  • Your baby can learn to sip easily when you use a free-flow cup or an open one.
  • It is the right time to train him to fall asleep without the bottle.

4. Separation Anxiety For A One Year Old:

separation anxiety

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Your baby at this age wants to feel secure. A secured environment will help him investigate the world around him better and assert his independence.

  • While some are shy by nature, others are extrovert and love exploring the world around them.
  • Participate in activities with him to foster an adventurous spirit.
  • There is nothing to worry if he is getting dirty. You can simply wash it off. Set him free and let him gradually feel comfortable even if you disappear.

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Don’t get anxious if he has not crossed all the above mentioned milestones. Seek help from your doctor if you are worried.

Hope you liked these activities for 12 month old baby. Moms, tell us how active your baby was in the 12 month in the comment section below.

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