5 Learning Activities For Your 6 Month Old Baby

6 month baby activities

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While it may be hard for you to believe, you have already crossed half of your baby’s first year. By this time she must be the most entertaining person in your home, talking, waving, and smiling all her way. You may find her even more inquisitive than before to explore her little world and a bit more impulsive.

5 Learning Activities For 6 Month Old Baby:

Your 6 months old is now in a habit of touching and tasting everything within her reach. Your baby enjoys the movement based activities the most. She now wants more stimulating and complex toys to keep her engaged. Here are few 6 months old baby activities for you to have fun with your little one:

1. Motor Skills Development Of 6 Month Old :

motor skills development of 6 month olds

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Your baby tends to grow very fast at this age. Below you can see a list of motor skills your baby develops when she is 6 months old:

  • Your baby can now sit up without your help. She can now prop herself with her hands. After some time she can sit without any support.
  • She can now roll her back to her stomach.
  • She can also propel herself on the floor with the rolling method.
  • You will find her sliding backward and forward by sliding with her tummy against the floor.
  • She may now rise up on her knees and hands and start rocking back and forth.

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2. Eyes Of Your Baby:

eyes of your baby

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Your baby now gets her final eye color.

  • You may see the color of your baby’s eyes have become very bright by this age.
  • Her light-eyed color has undergone several changes and taken the final shade at the 6 months.
  • If she still has blue eyes, probably she will retain this color in the future.

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3. Sensory Appeal Of Your 6 Months Old:

sensory appeal of your 6 months old

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She will love to explore the environment around her and play with her toys. This would further stimulate her senses. Here is what you can do to enhance her sensory appeal at this age:

  • You must offer her different types of toys that help developing her sensory skills.
  • Blocks, puzzles, musical instruments and boxes are some good ideas that will keep her engrossed.
  • You can play songs and nursery rhymes for her.
  • Take your baby to the kitchen and help her explore the different spices and their pleasant smells.
  • Engage with her in playing with sand, saving cream and water. Make sure you do not leave your baby unattended. Close supervision is highly essential at this age.

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4. Interactive Play Sessions:

interactive play sessions

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As your baby is developing, she will enjoy the interactive activities more. Here are some six months old baby activities that you can enjoy with her:

  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Make silly faces
  • Tickle her with soft toys
  • You can get down on the floor and allow her to climb up to you. This will help in developing her muscles and build strength.
  • You can hang a mirror in a position where the baby can see herself. She will love gazing at her own movements in the mirror.

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5. Development Of Language Skills:

development of language skills

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Your 6 months old has already started grasping language, as her speech patterns start developing. Here are some activities you can try to help her develop her language skills:

  • Talk to her throughout the day.
  • Explain a specific activity that you are doing such as cooking or eating.
  • Read out picture books and fairy tales! Make sure to add gestures and emotions while reading aloud. Look for books that come with tactile components.
  • Share picture cards with her. These cards of different shapes and sizes are one of the best ways to introduce her to different objects.

Hope you like our collection of activities of 6 month old baby. You can now have fun with your baby and observe the world around you through her eyes. You will surely treasure the memories through the rest of your life.

Moms, tell us which of the activities for 6 month old baby you loved the most.

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