10 Lightning Facts And Safety Tips For Kids

Lightning Facts

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So your dear little kid is surprised at the lightning sight in the sky and bugging you with several different questions as to what was the magical flash in the sky, how it occurs, and when will it occur again. You may be racking your brains to answer your kid’s curious question. Don’t worry. Read our post about lightning facts to learn various amazing facts and lightning safety tips to satisfy your kid’s curious mind.

What Is Lightning?

Lightning is a powerful outburst of electricity that occurs in an instance of second due to a thunderstorm. You can observe lightning when there is an unbalanced electrical charge in the atmosphere. The movements of ice and rain inside a thundercloud develop an unbalanced electric charge such that forming the negative charge at the bottom of the cloud and positive at its top. Since opposites attract negative charges works on to seek out positive charge and cause lightning.(1)

10 Interesting Lightning Facts For Kids:

Find below some fascinating facts about lightning for kids.

Fun Fact 1:

Lightning seeks the shortest route to reach a positive charge when striking the earth. So, most of the lightning strikes hit tall buildings or large trees.(2)

Fun Fact 2:

As a matter of fact, there occur nearly 40 to 50 lightning strikes worldwide every second which is about 1.4 billion strikes of lightning per year. Not all lightning strikes hit the ground; some occur inside or between the clouds in the sky. Nearly quarter of lightning bolts occurs from cloud to ground.(3)

Fun Fact 3:

Usually, a lightning strike lasts for about one to two microseconds.(4) This is an interesting fun facts about lightning for kids.

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Fun Fact 4:

An average lightning bolt releases lot of energy that is enough for a 100-watt light bulb to operate for greater than a span of three months straight easily.(5)

Fun Fact 5:

Most lightning strikes occur on the land and not on an ocean or any other water body. Nearly 70% of total lightning strikes occur in the tropical regions.(6)

Fun Fact 6:

The science of lightning is widely popular as fulminology. Fear of lightning is popular as astraphobia.(7)

Fun Fact 7:

Lightning strikes thousands of individuals every year, most of which is fatal. Several studies reveal that nearly 2,000 individuals die due to the lightning strikes every year.(8)

Fun Fact 8:

Lightning strikes are extremely hot. An average lightning strike is as high as 20, 000 degrees Celsius, which is about 36,000 degrees F.(9) This is an interesting facts about lightning for kids.

Fun Fact 9:

An interesting fact is that the lightning bolts are quite hotter than the sun’s surface. Studies reveal that sun’s surface is about 10,000 degrees F while lightning is 36,000 degrees F.(10)

Fun Fact 10:

Not just kids but lots of individuals worldwide find lightning fascinating. So, you will find an NHL hockey team popular on account of the lightning phenomenon as ‘The Tampa Bay Lightning.’(11)

10 Safety Tips To Follow During Lightning For Kids:

You need to follow certain safety precaution when there is a lightning storm in the atmosphere. Find below prominent safety precautions to follow.

Safety Tip 1:

Avoid standing outside during a lightning storm as standing outside you are at a high risk of being the victim of the lightning bolt. Avoid standing in the open area, near rail tracks, metal fences, and in tents.(12)

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Safety Tip 2:

Avoid seeking shelter under a tree when lightning occurs, as lightning targets tall, pointed objects like trees.(13)

Safety Tip 3:

Stay in your car during a lightning storm, as the metal of the car safeguards you from the external electric field that prevents lightning from hitting you.(14)

Safety Tip 4:

Avoid talking on corded phones during a lighting storm, as it is extremely dangerous to talk over the wired phones. You can prefer cordless or cellular phones.(15)

Safety Tip 5:

Avoid touching electrical equipment, such as television, computers, stereos, and other electrical appliances, during the thunderstorm. It is safe to unplug the appliances to ensure your safety.(16)

Safety Tip 6:

Avoid plumbing activities during a lightning storm, as it is highly dangerous.(17)

Safety Tip 7:

Do not take a shower, wash your hands, or wash dishes when a thunderstorm is about to occur.(18)

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Safety Tip 8:

Do not lean against the concrete walls. Also, avoid lying down on the concrete floors when a lightning storm is in the atmosphere.(19) In case of severe thunderstorm forecast follow this thunderstorm safety tips to protect your kids.

Safety Tip 9:

Stay away from your doors and windows. Also, stay off the porches. Never lie flat on the ground.(20)

Safety Tip 10:

Immediately remove all metallic items your pockets, such as coins and metallic watch, when a lightning storm is in the air. Also, remove all the jewelry that you are wearing.(21)

Did you tell your dear little curious kid any interesting facts and safety tips about lightning? Which facts you shared? Tell us. Other caring moms would like to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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