Liver Problems In Toddlers - 7 Causes, 13 Symptoms And 4 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Liver Problems In Toddlers

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Is your toddler suffering from jaundice? Is your little one passing blood in the stools? If you nodded along worriedly, your dear little one might be suffering from a liver disorder. It is wise to seek medical assistance as soon as you discover a liver problem in your toddler to help him recover early and prevent its aggravation. Read our post to learn causes, symptoms, and treatments of liver problems in toddlers.

What Are Liver Problems In Toddlers?

The liver is a crucial organ that lies under the rib cage and at the right of the abdomen. It plays a vital role in food digestion and elimination of toxic substances. Liver problems in toddlers occur due to viral infections, obstruction in the flow of bile from the liver, genetics, and damage to the liver. Any liver problem hampers the overall health of the toddler making it difficult for him to lead life normally, so liver disorders in toddlers need immediate medical assistance.

Causes Of Liver Problems In Toddlers:

There are several causes of liver problems. Here is a list of prominent causes of liver disorders in toddlers.

  1. Viral infection or viruses including Hepatitis A, B, and C
  1. Malnutrition
  1. Cirrhosis
  1. Hemochromatosis
  1. Overdose of acetaminophen
  1. Reaction to certain drugs and herbal medicines
  1. Ingestion of harmful, poisonous wild mushrooms (1)

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Symptoms Of Liver Problems In Toddlers:

What symptoms indicate liver disorders in toddlers? Here are some common signs of liver problems in toddlers.

  1. Pain in abdomen
  1. Ascites i.e. abdominal swelling resulting due to large spleen or accumulation of excess of fluid in abdomen
  1. Pale or grey-colored stools
  1. Jaundice
  1. Change in sleeping patterns
  1. Nausea
  1. Vomiting or vomiting of blood
  1. Loss of appetite
  1. Poor weight gain
  1. Passing blood in the stools
  1. Pruritus
  1. Passing yellow urine
  1. Fatigue or loss of stamina (2)

Diagnosing Liver Problems In Toddlers:

See a doctor as soon as your toddler shows any of the above symptoms. A physical examination helps diagnose of liver problems in toddlers. The doctor may also recommend other essential tests to diagnose the liver problem. The tests may include blood tests, an ultrasound scan of the toddler’s abdomen, computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and biopsy.

Treating Liver Problems In Toddlers:

Treatment of liver problems in toddlers largely depends on the diagnosis. Lifestyle and diet modifications can solve some liver problems easily while other liver disorders need medications or even surgery. Liver failure may ultimately require a liver transplant.

Here are some common treatments for liver disease in toddlers.

1. Let The Toddler Rest:

Rest helps alleviate symptoms of liver troubles in toddlers to a great extent. Having ample rest also quickens his recovery time significantly.

2. Provide A Nutritious, Balanced Diet:

Toddlers need to have nutritious, balanced diet when suffering from liver problems. Make sure you provide your little one light yet nutritious, low-salt diet to support his recovery.

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3. Medications:

Consult your doctor to mitigate the symptoms of a liver disorder in your toddler. The doctor may prescribe anti-viral drugs to treat the viral infection that leads to liver disorder in your little one. Make sure he has the prescribed medicines on time and completes the course of medicine to prevent relapses of the ailment. Also, ensure he doesn’t have an overdose of any drug (3).

4. Surgery Or Liver Transplantation:

In case of liver failure in toddler, liver transplantation through surgical means can prove effective. Liver transplantation can help the toddler recover from the illness and lead a productive, positive life with continued care (4).

Quick diagnosis and appropriate treatment help speed up the affected toddler’s recovery and ensures his well-being.

Did your toddler suffer from any liver problem at any time? How did you treat it? Share your invaluable experience with other mommies. Leave a comment below.

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