14 Maternity Jeans That Will Make You Look Like The Perfect Yummy Mummy

Maternity Jeans

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Are you a soon to-be-mommy? Have you stopped wearing jeans just because you are pregnant? Well, then reading our post will change your mind.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for most modern women. They are the sartorial anchor around which we build our fashion statements. That is why we miss it the most out of all the pre-pregnancy clothes that hang in our wardrobes. But now you don’t have to give up your favorite outfit while expecting. Maternity jeans will keep you comfortable throughout pregnancy. Want to know what are the best maternity jeans? Read on!

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Maternity Jeans:

If you are confused on how to buy maternity jeans, here are the 4 essential things that you need to keep in mind:

1. Under V/S Over Bump:

Under bump, maternity jeans look more like normal jeans from behind but have elastic or adjustable panels over the front pockets that help to accommodate the growing belly. Many mothers also wear the under bump styles in the months following the birth.

Over-bump maternity jeans have a soft and stretchy waistband that fits snugly over the top of the bump. During winters, the extra layer will help keep your lower back cozy and warm.

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2. Boot Cut, Skinny Or Straight Cut:

Maternity jeans come in three basic cuts- boot cut, skinny and straight fit. If you were a boot-cut fan in the past, you could consider straight or skinny style in maternity jeans. A skinny pair of jeans will complement your growing bump well. In addition, maternity style tops go best with skinny jeans.

3. Fabric:

Stretchable fabric is best for maternity jeans. Stretchable jeans are much more comfortable and a lot easier to wriggle in, especially as your pregnancy advances.

4. Length:

Nothing makes jeans look smarter than the right length. Most of the jeans showrooms offer to customize the length of the denim you buy. You are more likely to wear flats during the next few months, so have your jeans hemmed up to the heel in straight, slim or boot-cut style.

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14 Best Maternity Jeans For You To Choose From:

Finding a perfect pair of bump-friendly jeans involves both time and effort. So we have done the homework for you. We have compiled a list of 14 best fitting maternity jeans that will make you look like the perfect yummy-mummy. Read on to know more!

1. Seraphine Grey Luxe Maternity Skinny Jeans:

If you are looking for well-fitted maternity jeans, then look no further than Seraphine Grey Luxe Maternity Skinny Jeans. Seraphine is a British award winning denim line. The four-way stretch denim in a beautiful shade of gray is a must-have in your maternity wardrobe. The jeans do not just look chic and trendy, but also give a slimming effect. The spandex and cotton blend ensure optimum comfort during pregnancy.

Price: £59.00

Available: Here

2. Wallflower Secret Fit Belly Flap Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans:

Wallflower Secret Fit Belly Flap Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans are a good choice as they give a fabulous look along with a comfort fit. Its secret fit belly will give the right support to your growing bump.

Price: $49.48

Available: Here

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3. Reform Over the Bump Skinny Maternity Jeans:

If you feel that shelling out so much money for something that you will wear only for a few months is a sheer wastage, then here is a smart buy for you. Reform Over the Bump Skinny Maternity Jeans come with a removable band that will allow you to wear it both during and after pregnancy too. The jeans would go well with a cute sweater, fitted T-shirt, tunics, and dresses.

Price: $61.91

Available: Here

4. Paige Denim ‘Robertson’ Maternity Jeans:

Paige Robertson Maternity Jeans is tailored keeping the woman’s growing body in mind. The jeans fit well and give a slimming effect, which many expectant mamas love. Celebrities including Amanda Peet also swear by Paige jeans. So you will feel more confident knowing that your denim is no less than a fashion statement. You can wear them through both second and third trimester. Dress these up for date nights or afternoon meetings.

Price: $189

Available: Here

5. Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans:

Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans are the type of jeans that any woman in her second trimester would want to wear all day long. The panel of the jeans will provide the right amount of support where you need it the most. These jeans are ideal for repeated wash and wear. They are also a perfect pair to wear post delivery.

Price: $49

Available: Here

6. James Jeans Maternity Mid Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans:

Show off your gorgeous baby bump with James Jeans Maternity Mid Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans. These are flattering skinny jeans with comfortable front and black elastic panels. So there will be no weird lumps, only a cute baby bump. The dark wash of the jeans means that you can wear it with just about any top. The cut will look great with both flats and boots. These jeans are ideal for women in the first and second trimester but are not a good choice in the later stages of pregnancy.

Price: $163

Available: Here

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7. Indigo Blue Premium Secret Fit Belly Destructed Skinny Leg Maternity Pants:

Indigo Blue Premium Secret Fit Belly Destructed Skinny Leg Maternity Pants is hands down the most comfortable jeans that you can pick from the market today. The jeans have a stretchy, seamless panel just like thick pantyhose. It comes with stretchy, maternity belt for a chic and modern style. You can dress this pair of jeans up or down as per the occasion.

Price: $44.98

Available: Here

8. Paige Premium Denim ‘Laurel Canyon Las Palmas’ McKinley Maternity Jeans:

No fancy details, just a pair of boot cut jeans that will never go out of style, even post pregnancy. Paige Premium Denim ‘laurel Canyon Las Palmas’ Maternity Jeans feature something that is mostly missing from maternity jeans, a front zipper. The faux zipper adds extra oomph and style. We love the embroidery on the back pockets. Its flared fit can up your style quotient during pregnancy.

Price: $196.00

Available: Here

9. Maternity Full-Panel Denim Capris:

These white denim Capri can make you look like a cool mom-to-be this summer! The denim is plain hot! You can roll down its ultra-comfortable tricot panel during early pregnancy and use it later for support when your bump is in full bloom.

Price: $34.94

Available: Here

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10. Citizens Of Humanity Kelly Classic Boot Cut Jeans:

Does anyone know maternity fashion better than Rosie Pope? We think not! Rosie’s Kelly Boot Cut Jeans by the Citizen of Humanity is something that is worth the splurge. We loved the look of the flap pockets on this slightly flared style. The back pocket design will lift your buttock. These under bump jeans will stretch softly to accommodate your growing bump. You can dress them up with a shiny top or wear them with an oversized T-shirt on lazy weekends.

Price: $168

Available: Here

11. Habitual ‘Knocked Up’ Maternity Jeans:

Habitual Maternity Jeans were a favorite of Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie during their pregnancy. These jeans have a rock star appeal to it. Women prefer Habitual Knocked Up Maternity Jeans in their second trimester of pregnancy. The posterior of the jeans fits extremely well. Also, the low-rise waist fits under the belly, so it will look great pre and post pregnancy too.

Price: $150

Available: Here

12. Bella Dahl Western Flap Maternity Jeans:

Make a statement with this stylish pair of maternity jeans. Bella Dahl is a popular brand of maternity jeans. These jeans come in a wide range of flattering colors. The jeans have details like contrast stitching, which adds to its fashionable appearance. The thick band around the waist offers additional support, making it comfortable to wear right from the first trimester until the due date.

Price: $160

Available: Here

13. Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel The Rockstar Flared Jeans:

Do you like broader or larger panel? You can have both with Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel The Rockstar Flared Jeans. Just roll it down when the bump is just starting to show, and roll it up when the bump gets big.

Price: $39.94

Available: Here

14. Loft Maternity Skinny Ankle Jeans:

Here is a pair of cropped jeans for all the fashionable mothers out there. These stretchy jeans will help you flaunt your shapely legs. Team it with a trendy top to hang on to your pre-maternity style. These jeans are straight cut and would work perfectly even after your baby arrives in your arms.

Price: $79.50

Available: Here

So no need to wear those baggy pants now. Pair any of these best designer maternity jeans with floral flip-flops, a tote, and a feminine top and flaunt your bump to become a cool mommy fashionista.

Did you try any denim from the list during your pregnancy? Do share your maternity fashion tips with other moms-to-be here!

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