26 Mom And Son Date Ideas That Can Bring Your Child Closer To You Like No Other! #9 Would Be Pure Joy!

Mom-And-Son Date Ideas

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To spend some quality time with your little brat (figuratively) is the cutest thing on earth. But before your son grows into a gentleman with vacillating affections, get the most out of your mom-and-son dates. An Irish proverb goes, “A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.” Sure you will like to be loved for eternity by your son. Cherish your bond more by spending some amazing quality time with him. Here are our top 26.

1. Be The Cheerleader Mom:

Be The Cheerleader Mom

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Don’t be a silent spectator as you take him to his baseball game. Be the most encouraging mom – even if that meant to dance the pom-pom-cheerleader way ;) Your one word of encouragement could boost his morale a ten-fold. And if it happens to be his first-ever baseball game, then sure he has a doting mom’s support to ace in the field throughout!

2. Pretend Losing A Tug Of War:

Pretend Losing A Tug Of War

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A mom and son tug of war? Now who’s the stronger one between you two? The machismo of a growing boy can outdo a mom, but even if you were winning, pretend to lose. It’s ok for him to feign winning a major war ;)

3. Bend It Like Beckham:

Bend It Like Beckham

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How about a mini soccer match with your son? Doesn’t he dazzle like the next Beckham? Moreover, you might turn out to be the best coach he has ever had! Enjoy the soccer time with him.

4. Star-gazing At Planetarium:

Star-gazing At Planetarium

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Don’t think about giving your son shudders while gazing the stars on cold wintery nights. Plan a visit to the planetarium. It will turn out not only interesting, but also quite educational for your little. It might as well give him an edge over amateur stargazing.

5. Relax On A Hammock:

Relax On A Hammock

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Suspend yourself on a hammock and get your son to creep in for a relaxed, lazy swing. Talk about the wackiest things and laugh your lungs out.

6. Kite-flying:


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Have a kite flying contest. Who reaches the highest between the two? It’s always good to be the pretentious loser on your part 

7. A Mini Zoo Visit:

A Mini Zoo Visit

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Touching the muzzles of real animals might bring more joy than playing with stuffed animals. A visit to the nearest mini zoo housing rabbits, deer, alpacas or migratory birds might sound very exciting for your little one.

8. Go All Flowery:

Go All Flowery

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A weekend floriculture spree is all you need to enjoy the flowery delight or learn of the new flowers. You might also be introducing your son to horticulture or spark his interest in gardening.

9. Ring Around The Rosie:

Ring Around The Rosie

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Play Ring-around-the-Rosie in the city center and grab the attention of all passers-by. It’s your day out while your son is the king of the town after all!

10. Strand The Long Drive:

Strand The Long Drive

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Go on a long drive and stop by at the most tranquil of places. Park, sit on the grass and talk about all the things under the sun with your young one. He will be pleased to open himself more to you than on a regular school-going day.

11. A Camping Day Out:

A Camping Day Out

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Go camping with son on a lovely sunny day. Everybody else is not allowed on the trip with you. So no one tags along, no one bothers to jump on the car and no one makes unsolicited calls ;)

12. A Surprise Ice-Cream Treat:

A Surprise Ice-Cream Treat

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Who can ever be tired of ice-creams? To ask your little one if he wants an ice-cream treat is like masquerading a no! Just take him on a surprise ice-cream parlor visit and get him his sumptuous scoopfuls.

13. Hop Walk Over Blocks:

Hop Walk Over Blocks

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Hop walking can make up for a great deal of activity especially for your toddler. A tiny race with the little fella will be a good amount of exercise for him 

14. Blow Away The Pollens:

Blow Away The Pollens

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If you aren’t allergic to pollens, then to go to the fields and blowing away the pollens might be a fun task. Don’t mind wearing your masks to do the job of pollen carriers.

15. Drench In Hose Water:

Drench In Hose Water

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If you want to water your lawn, do so with your son. Play in the pitters and patters of the sprinkling water and drain each other in a hose-pipe shower in the backyard. Doesn’t this sound fun?

16. Merry-Go-Round:


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Take a seat next to his on the merry-go-round carousel and make shrills of laughter on the joy ride.

17. On The Beach:

On The Beach

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Make sand castles together.

Give him his first lessons on surfing.

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Give him his first lessons on surfing.

18. Go Kayaking:

Go Kayaking

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A serene water body and a perfect weather report are good enough to set out on a kayaking outing exclusive for mom and son.

19. Fetch Groceries Together:

Fetch Groceries Together

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Doing something as mundane as fetching groceries might be quite an eye-opener for your young one. It would train him on what to fetch, how to look for quality stuff, keep abreast of the latest in the market and most importantly, learn how to handle cash – and all this while having some fun together is worth it.

20. Go Biking:

Go Biking

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Give him his first biking lessons or go on a biking race. Keep the helmets and knee-pads handy.

21. Lip Synching:

Lip Synching

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Read stories together aloud or sing at the tip of the pitch – in your backyard or the nearest park. Watch for the exaggerated lip synch that your little one makes ;)

22. Snake Along On Skates:

Snake Along On Skates

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Be the first skate coach of his. If he is already artful, then snake along on your roller skates.

23. Go On Observatory Decks:

Go On Observatory Decks

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Large cities usually have tall towers with observatory decks. It will be interesting to see the city skyline with your son from the altitude provided he has no phobia of heights.

24. Have A One-On-One Photography:

Have A One-On-One Photography

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Take as many pictures as possible. Assemble them all in an exclusive ‘Mom and Son Day Out’ album.

25. Surprise Him With A Gift Outdoors:

Surprise Him With A Gift Outdoors

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As you go hiking with your son or stroll around, surprise him with a little gift for being such a wonderful son and such a good boy.

26. Watch Sunset Together:

Being amidst nature with your young one is the most beautiful thing especially when you can watch the sunset together. Enjoy the dimming skies before you march for home.

We have shared our teeny bits on mom and son date ideas. How do you spend times with your little hero? We would love to hear more from you.

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