11 Effective Tips To Cure Morning Sickness In Second Pregnancy

Morning Sickness In Second Pregnancy

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Are you expecting your second baby? Do you know that morning sickness can be more severe during your second pregnancy? Well, if you are clueless and curious reading this post is a must!

Most women vouch for the fact that the health complications they faced during their first pregnancy did not recur the second time they got pregnant. But isn’t it too good to be true? Go ahead and give this article a read to unearth the truth about morning sickness in second pregnancy.

Causes Of Morning Sickness In Pregnancy:

Nausea is one of the distinctive symptoms of pregnancy. If you are expecting, you may suffer from morning sickness and often feel like vomiting or throwing up immediately after having your breakfast. However, many pregnant women suffer from nausea in the afternoon and night as well.

Some mothers escape the symptoms of morning sickness during their second pregnancy. But most women suffer from nausea even during their second pregnancy.

The basic cause of morning sickness is the elevated level of HCG hormone during pregnancy. However, low HCG levels increase the risk of miscarriage. Hence, if you are experiencing mild symptoms of morning sickness in the first trimester, you can rest assured that you are heading towards a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. (1)

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Duration Of Morning Sickness:

The symptoms of morning sickness usually strike during the first trimester and ends by the second trimester. Typically the nauseous feeling starts around the sixth week of pregnancy and reduces or disappears completely by the 14th or 16th week.

Your first pregnancy helped you understand that morning sickness is only a temporary discomfort that you experience during your journey to motherhood. As you have experienced the discomforts of morning sickness before, you must be pretty comfortable to handle the situation in a calm manner during your second pregnancy.

Tips To Control Morning Sickness In Second Pregnancy:

Here are a few tips to control the symptoms of sickness during your second pregnancy:

  1. Consuming ginger products like ginger tea, ginger candy, and ginger soda can help reduce the symptoms of nausea.
  1. Munching on soda crackers at bedtime or early in the morning can curb your vomiting sensation.
  1. Drinking lemon juice is a natural and refreshing cure for morning sickness.
  1. Avoid consuming heavy meals and instead have small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.
  1. Consume bland foods with no strong flavors, spices or rich sauces.
  1. Avoid smoking or intake of alcohol to keep morning sickness at bay.
  1. Sipping peppermint tea is an effective home remedy for morning sickness during your second pregnancy.
  1. Practice deep breathing while performing prenatal exercises or yoga.
  1. Keep your home well-ventilated to eliminate odors that may trigger nausea.
  1. Include foods high in protein and complex carbohydrates in your pregnancy diet. Avoid eating foods high in fat and salt and low in nutritional value.
  1. Add vitamin B6 to your diet by eating whole grains, nuts, seeds, peas, and beans (legumes). Consult your doctor about the intake of Vitamin B6 supplements to reduce nausea. (2)

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Following the above tips will keep morning sickness in check and help you enjoy a healthy second pregnancy. If you continue to suffer from 2nd pregnancy morning sickness, your gynecologist may prescribe mild medication.

Now you know all about the causes and tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy. Why wait? Go right ahead and enlighten other moms-to-be!

Did you experience second pregnancy morning sickness? Did you try any home remedy? Did your doctor prescribe any medication? Please share your valuable tips and advice with other moms here.

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