Top 10 Musical Instruments For Kids

Musical Instruments For Kids

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Your child is just five years old and has already started showing signs of being a budding musician? A future flutist? Or a wannabe drummer? Don’t be surprised! Children love music; a fondness that they exhibit right from the early stages of their lives. Remember the screaming, clanging, roaring and making noise? Yes, making music is one of their innate talents. And as they grow older, they start dancing and singing as well.

So why don’t you foster his love for music by helping him make actual ‘real’ music? Besides providing endless hours of fun, it will boost his brainpower too! But which musical instruments for kids would be ideal? That’s a pretty tough decision to make! But, don’t worry, Momjunction has sorted everything for you. Read on to know what musical instrument is best and for what age group.

Top 10 Musical Instruments For Kids

1. Piano:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Piano

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The piano is one of the best first musical instruments for children. The keyboard of the piano is set up just like a musical staff, which makes understanding the music theory and learning notes intuitive and natural. It will even teach the child how to read both Bass Clef and Treble Clef. So basically, piano prepares children for using other musical instruments.

Ideal For: Kids aged 4 and above.

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2. Violin:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Violin

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The violin will also make a smart choice for children as the instrument is manufactured in small size, making it easy for your kids to handle. Yes, even guitars are available in small sizes, but the violin lacks key or fret, so your child will focus only on the sound produced. Moreover, the violin will also help the children learn to play in tune. This is one of the best kids musical instruments!

Ideal For: Kids aged 4 and above.

3. Double Bass:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Double Bass

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The a versatile musical instrument is suitable for different kinds of music, ranging from jazz to classical. It’s played just like a cello, but rubbing the bow across the strings. Earlier, the large size of double bass deterred some kids from learning to play, but this musical instrument is now also available in smaller sizes.

Ideal For: Kids aged 6 and above.

4. Flute:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Flute

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Playing flute is an exciting option for children as young as 10. For beginners, a small-sized flute or a fife would be perfect. They can later upgrade to the C-flute with closed holes or an offset G. If your child is facing difficulty with balance and strength, it would be helpful to learn to play the flute with left hand only.

Ideal For: Kids aged 10 and above.

5. Clarinet:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Clarinet

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Here’s another instrument of the woodwind family for kids aged ten and older. The smaller and lighter C Clarinet is ideal for children with little hands. Kids who play clarinet regularly can progress to the heavier and larger Bb clarinet within a year. They can even use the lesson learned on the clarinet for the transition to the saxophone.

Ideal For: Kids aged 10 and above.

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6. Guitar:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Guitar

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The guitar is a favorite with kids of all ages. Folk style guitars are ideal for the beginner. Even the acoustic guitar will make a good pick. Once your child gets hands on the small-sized guitar, he can smoothly transition to an adult-size guitar.

Ideal For: Kids aged 8 and above.

7. Xylophone:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Xylophone

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The xylophone is a classic musical instrument and for a reason. Even the tiniest of kid can figure out how to play the instrument by just tapping the keys with the mallet. The eye-catching design of the xylophones is also a big draw. Purchase a xylophone that has a mallet attached so that you don’t have to hunt for it every time your kid wants to play.

Ideal For: Kids aged 3 and above

8. Cello:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Cello

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Cello is another musical instrument suitable for kids six years and older. It is essentially a giant violin with a thicker body. It is played the same way as the violin, just by rubbing the bow across the string. The only difference is that a cello is played the while sitting down and holding it between the legs.

Ideal For: Kids aged 6 and above

9. Maracas:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Maracas

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Maraca is one musical instrument for kids that even toddlers can play. It’s also beneficial as it develops the large motor skills of children. You can even make maracas for your kids using just an empty water bottle and dried beans.

Ideal For: Kids aged 2 and above

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10. Harp:

Musical Instruments For Kids - Harp

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Harp is surprisingly very easy to start, especially for kids who have learned playing piano, because both the musical instruments require reading music. Harp also comes in a small size for children ideal for kids aged 8 and above. The bigger harps are perfect for kids years and older.

Ideal For: Kids aged 8 and above

Does your child like playing musical instruments? What is his most favorite musical instrument? Share your child’s love for the musical instrument in the comment section below!

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