5 Nutritional Benefits Of Corn During Pregnancy

corn during pregnancy

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Now that you are eating for two, you need to be extra careful about what you eat and what you should not. When you are bringing a new life you need to be careful towards the extra nutritional requirements of your body. Research studies suggest that what you eat affects the health of your baby and also determines your baby’s health later in his or her life.

Sweet corn is a very popular vegetable and is a good source of minerals and vitamins. But, is corn good during pregnancy? WH Foods states that corn is rich in vitamin C, B5, B1, manganese and dietary fiber that you need during pregnancy.

Nutritional Benefits Of Corn During Pregnancy:

Corn is one of the cereals that you can get creative with. This is typically referred to as maize that can be cooked in different ways. Corn has plenty of health benefits.

Here are some amazing nutritional benefits of craving corn during pregnancy:

  • Corn is rich in fiber that alleviates problems like constipation, which is very common in pregnancy.
  • Corn is rich in folate. Regular intake of folic acid reduces the risks of birth defects such as spina bafida along with other neutral malformations.
  • During pregnancy, your thiamin requirement increases. Corn contains thiamin that helps the development of memory in your unborn baby.
  • Corns contain zeaxanthin that protect your baby against muscular degeneration in the later years.
  • Corns contain patothenic acid that ensures the proper physiological functioning of your organs in pregnancy.

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Important Tips:

To get the most from corns in pregnancy, you need to keep in mind the following tips:

  • While buying corns look for husks that are green in color.
  • If you are looking for fresh corn, you can check the freshness by pulling off the husk and piercing the kernel with fingernail.
  • If you find slight juice coming from the kernel, it is fresh. On the other hand, if it is discolored or dented, it is not.
  • Roadside corns that are exposed to high temperature cause the corn to lose some of the sweet flavor, as the sugar gets converted to starch.

Storage Tips:

Knowing the right storage tips will help retain freshness of the corn for long. Here is what you can do:

  • Keep the corn in the husk and put in the refrigerator.
  • If you have husked the corn, put it in a plastic bag and keep in refrigerator.
  • If you want to eat fresh corn, it is better to eat as early as possible.

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Cooking Corn On Cob:

While you are cooking corn, you will surely want to retain all its nutrients and ensure it does not lose its actual taste. Here is how you should go about cooking corn:

  • Eating corn on cob is one of the most popular ways of eating.
  • Husk it just before cooking.
  • It is better to avoid salt when boiling corn, as this will toughen the corn.
  • Cook the corn only till it is tender.
  • If you want to retain the sweet flavor, make sure not to overcook it. This also turns the kernels tough.

Give your baby the best possible start in life. Make sure to eat well and get the complete range of nutrients that both of you need in this stage. Follow the proper food hygiene practice and be safe whatever you prepare especially when you are pregnant.

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In case you feel uneasy after taking corn, make sure to get in touch with your doctor and discuss the benefits and probable risks of taking corn. These nine months of pregnancy is the time when you must consult with your health care provider to make informed decisions.

Moms, tell us in the comment section below what are different ways of incorporating corn in pregnancy.

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