3 Physical Activities For Improve Your Teen's Health

Improve Your Teen's Health

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Is your teen turning into a couch potato? Does your growing teen show almost no interest in physical activities? Do you always ask your teen to go out and engage in physical activities but it falls on deaf ears?

Fitness and physical activities go hand in hand. Read on to know how you can encourage your teen to participate more in physical activities.

How Is Physical Activities For Teens Connected To Their Better Health?

Regular physical activity is extremely crucial for your teen’s growth and development in the adolescent years (1). It will improve your teen’s strength and stamina as well as endurance. Physical activity will help make your teen’s bones and muscles healthy and strong. Engaging in physical activities will ensure your teen does not put on additional weight and maintains a healthy lifestyle. It will also help reduce and prevent stress and anxiety, which is often a problem in the teen years. Physical activity will also increase your teen’s self-esteem. It can also help to improve your teen’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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Your teen may not develop health complications at this age, but an unhealthy life now can lead to complications later on. Health issues like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension and more can be prevented later by engaging in few physical activities for teens.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, your teen should participate in at least an hour of physical activity each day (2). These activities should include various aerobic activities as well as exercises that will help strengthen bones and muscles. All activities should be age appropriate. During the teenage years, your teen will gain the most amount of bone mass. This means that your teen should definitely be involved in activities that will help strengthen bones.

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3 Fun Physical Activities For Teenagers:

Free playing is important for your teen, but you also need to provide for some structured physical activities. Try and get your teen involved in the following list of physical activities for teenagers:

1. Aerobic Activities:

During the one hour daily activity guideline, aerobics should form a major part of your teen’s physical activity. These should include activities that are moderate or vigorous in their intensity. Aerobic activities will involve your teen to move around the muscles. It can include activities like running, jogging, dancing, jumping, skipping, swimming, cycling and more. These will help increase the cardio-respiratory fitness levels. Your teen can do these in small gaps or do at a stretch, depending on what is comfortable.

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2. Activities To Strengthen The Muscles:

Your teen should try and include muscle strengthening activities at least thrice a week. These will help your teen to strengthen the muscles that are involved in regular day to day use. Activities that should be included as part of muscle strengthening are climbing trees or rock climbing, games like tug of war, playing with playground equipment and more. Most of these activities need to be aimed at stressing your teen’s muscles. This is known as an ‘overload’ as it will strengthen your teen’s muscles to do more than it regularly does on a day to day basis. Instead of free play, your teen can also use structured strength building activities like weight lifting or working out with resistance bands.

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3. Activities To Strengthen The Bones:

Your teen should try and include muscle strengthening activities at least three days a week. These will help your teen to improve the amount of bone mass which is a crucial development in the teen years. Physical activities that can help your teen are skipping rope, playing basketball, tennis, hopscotch and running. These will produce a force on your teen’s bones and promote growth and strength in the bones.

Rudimentary tasks like washing the car, washing windows, shoveling the snow, gardening, climbing the stairs and vigorous walking can help build muscle.

Your teen will have some very important growth and development during the teenage years. It is important that you engage them in various activities that will help them build their strength now. Speak to your teen to understand what are the sports or activities that seem interesting. Once you have an idea, help your teen join a class for structured activities.

Is your child an active teenager or lethargic? Please share your experiences about your physical activity for teens by commenting below. Simultaneously, do share this article among your friends and family. We value reader feedback, please do so by commenting below.

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