15 Positions To Help You Focus During Labor

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While pregnancy is a lovely experience, the truth is, labor is a very daunting experience for the mother and gets demanding both physically and mentally.

Being in labor requires prolonged concentration from your body and mind. Although every woman’s labor and delivery experience is different, there are few labor positions that may serve the need of the hour.

To help you with the end to end process of labor, we have come up with series of positions during labor to make the overall process more comfortable.

15 Best Positions For Labor You Must Know:

There are certain areas that you can focus in while going into labor. This will help you narrow down the process much more effectively.

A. Preliminary Stages Of Labor:

When your labor begins, don’t move around so much and overtire yourself. You will require your entire energy to be put in the process, so conserve the energy.

  1. Take adequate breaks in between and lie down or sit comfortably in the chair by resting your back.
  2. Relax for as long as possible.
  3. When the contractions grow stronger, try and concentrate on how your system is reacting to the developments and changes.
  4. Practice your breathing exercises which will prove effective.
  5. Standing or walking can help labor gain speed and enables momentum.
  6. Wrap your arms around your partner’s neck and slowly move your body. Your partner or the support person could move their hands over your back which would give you a soothing effect.

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B. Active Labor stage:

The next phase is when you go into labor real time. There are multiple positions which will help you relax and cope up with the pain during an active labor stage:

  1. Rocking: Gently rocking while sitting on a comfortable surface or sitting at the edge of the bed would prove to be a support factor during childbirth.

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  1. Lunging: A lunging position will help your baby to move around and rise. You can stand, raise one foot and rest it on a chair. Once you have achieved this position, you could lean toward the raised foot during the next contraction.

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  1. Flexing: Extending your legs while flexing the muscles will help you relax and the same time, will provide baby capacity to move around.
  1. Raising the feet: You could raise your foot while sitting in a chair. With every new contraction that follows, you could lean toward the raised foot.

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  1. Kneeling: This is one more position which helps in easing your muscles and reducing your back pain. If you undertake this position while leaning forward, it could help open your pelvis. Using pile of pillows or a big ball for support and leaning forward will prove effective to try this position.
  1. Squatting: Squatting helps in opening your pelvis. It gives your baby more space to move around inside your womb. It will also help you push when contraction happens. Use chair and place your face at the back of the chair and hold the chair from its back to try this position.

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  1. Leaning: Place the pillows behind you or ask any person to support you from behind. When in every contraction, pull your knees toward your body or lean yourself forward.
  1. A Hands-And-Knees Position: This would boost your baby’s oxygen supply. This position is best when you want to reduce the pressure on the spine. By doing this it will reduce the back pain and help the baby in rotating and moving in a better position.

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  1. Lying On Your Left Side: This posture will increase the blood flow to your uterus and baby. It will also support baby’s weight. This position is also recommendable when in back pain. You could try using pillows between your knees to reduce the pressure and to give comfort. It acts as an advantage if you have high blood pressure.

There is no perfect position during labor. The position may vary in relation to every individual. However, you can always be flexible and try combination of different positions that might give you ease and comfort during the process.

Remember to breathe as much as you can while in labor. This helps you to cope with both the mental and physical stress effectively. Stay calm and don’t panic. Take the help of your support person and know that this phase will be over soon, bringing you the little bundle you have been waiting for!

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