5 Practical Ways To Reduce Stress For Getting Pregnant

Can stress affect chances of getting pregnant

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When it comes to listing the factors that might affect your chances of getting pregnant, the list seems limitless. Fertility problems are on the rise these days and are closely related to increase in stress levels. If stress is affecting your chances of getting pregnant, this should not come as a surprise to you.

Ever wondered what is the link between stress and infertility. What is causing you stress and can stress prevent you from getting pregnant? It could be anything from financial burden, lifestyle changes, personal conflicts, illness or stress at work. Recognize the factors that affect your normal sleep pattern and eating habits. No wonder stress can have serious effects on your fertility.

Does Stress Reduce Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

Increased levels of stress lead to disturbed lifestyles and unhealthy behaviors. If you practice the unhealthy behaviors for long, it might affect your fertility. This is what happens when you are too stressed out:

  • You tend to sleep too much or too little.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not exercise much or might push yourself to exercise hard.
  • Lose interest in sexual activities.
  • Smoke excessively.
  • Drink too much of tea or coffee.
  • Indulge in overeating or not eating at all. Studies show that it becomes difficult for you to conceive when you are overweight.
  • When you are dieting too hard, you may get anorexic. In case of anorexia disorder your menstrual cycle gets disturbed, which means no ovulation. If you do not ovulate, you cannot get pregnant.
  • You must watch your carbohydrate and junk food intakes. Eating too much of junk food is related with poor sperm health.

All the activities mentioned above can affect your chances of getting pregnant.

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What You Can Do To Reduce Stress Impact On Pregnancy:

Here are some practical ways you can try to reduce your stress and increase chances of getting pregnant:

1. Consider Your Attitude:

Recognize your pessimistic attitude and think positively.

  • Form a response that is more realistic.
  • Believe in yourself and be less harsh.

2. Remain Active:

When getting pregnant becomes your sole focus, it tends to add to your stress. Try doing things you both enjoy:

  • Read together.
  • Make a meal.
  • Watch a movie to stimulate your brain-enhancing chemicals.

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3. Try To Relax:

Relaxation is an art. Take time to close your eyes and think of a mini-vacation. “Relaxation responses” are a good way to reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.

Some relaxation techniques that you can try are:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques

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4. Support Each Other:

Doctors suggest you need someone to empathize when you are trying to get pregnant. Both of you can consider the following:

  • Go for counseling sessions to relieve your stress, depression, apprehensions and feeling of confusions.
  • If you feel isolated because of your inability to get pregnant, you will get the desired relief from a support group.

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5. Exercise:

Exercises are great for just anyone.

  • Exercises like jogging stimulate the feel-good hormones.
  • Studies show that too much of stress reduces the role of hormone that helps in ovulation.
  • Stress delays your ovulation cycle, causing you to miss ovulation in course of a cycle.

However, American Society for Reproductive Medicine states there is no direct correlation between pregnancy and stress. A vicious cycle is created when you have trouble getting pregnant, it increases your stress levels that can eventually lead to more fertility issues.

If you feel drained out physically and emotionally, you can seek help available. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and problems. He may suggest you suitable solutions to make life easier for you.

Hope you liked this post does stress reduce chances of getting pregnant. Don’t worry, and remember, you are not alone. Worrying will only make matters worse for you.

Share with us your concerns and the problems you are facing getting pregnant in the comment section below.

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