Preschool Bullying - Everything You Need To Know

Preschool Bullying

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Do you suspect your kid is suffering from bullying at preschool? Are your child’s frequent injuries at school a result of bullying? If these thoughts have been haunting your mind of late, then it is time to give this post a read!

The fact that preschool bullying is a reality may come as a surprise to many parents. But it is a serious problem that parents need to tackle with tact. An aggressive approach may aggravate the problem further. In such a situation, parents may do well to remember that both the sufferer and the perpetrator are preschoolers. Want to know more about protecting your toddler from bullying at preschool? Read on!

Signs That Indicate Your Toddler May Be Suffering From Preschool Bullying:

Here are a few signs to watch out for which indicate that your toddler may be facing bullying at her preschool:

  • She suffers from a sudden loss of interest in school activities.
  • Your child is afraid of going to school.
  • She throws tantrums or displays whiny behavior at home.
  • You notice a change in her sleep patterns.
  • You note that she sustains unexplained bruises or injuries during school hours.
  • She avoids parental questions about injuries or school activities.
  • She displays poor concentration.
  • Your toddler shows withdrawal symptoms or fearful behavior.
  • Your preschooler often complaints about mean kids or any kid in particular.

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How To Protect Your Toddler From Bullying At Preschool?

Here are a few simple tips to stop preschool bullying.

1. Communicate With Your Kid:

It is essential that you hear the whole story from your kid before rushing to address the problem at her preschool. Have all the details with you such as the type of incidences (physical abuse or verbal abuse), frequency of abuse (daily or isolated incidences), etc. Let your kid know that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore and build a trust that could last a lifetime. Also, teach your kid to stand up to her bullies.

2. Communicate With The Authorities:

Once you are aware of the problem, it’s time to talk to the authorities about the same. Chances are that they may not be aware of the issue as kids are experts in keeping such things away from the teacher’s eye. Speak to your toddler’s teacher and gauge the situation. Make them aware of what your child is going through and assert your right as a parent to protect your child. If a solution doesn’t emerge from the talks or the situation doesn’t improve then take up the matter with the preschool management.

3. Communicate With The Bully:

At times talking with the bully might resolve the issue. But always do so in the presence of the preschooler’s parents. Arrange a meeting to speak to the bully’s parents and explain them the situation. Chances are they might not take it positively. In such a case, let them know that stopping the bullying is their responsibility too. In most cases, open communication can resolve the problem with ease.

Signs That Indicate Your Preschooler Is A Bully:

Here are some signs that may indicate your child is a bully at her preschool.

  • Shows violent behavior towards younger kids and animals.
  • Has a tendency to not own up her mistakes.
  • She enjoys boasting about school activities.
  • Your toddler often disobeys at home.

Steps To Take If Your Child Is A Preschool Bully:

Here are a few tips on how to handle preschool bullies and how you can correct your child’s bullying tendency:

1. Accept The Problem:

It is easier to ignore the problem, or some parents may even choose to not accept the truth. But if your child is bullying others then it’s time to talk to your child and even school authorities to understand the problem.

2. Identify The Culprit:

Is the environment at your home violent or less-than-nurturing? Analyze your home environment to identify and correct anything that triggers or encourages your toddler’s aggressive streak.

3. Talk To Your Toddler:

Help your toddler to understand that bullying others is not a way to boost her ego. Reinforce positive behavior at home with rewards.

Did your toddler suffer from bullying in preschool? How did you handle the situation? Please share your experience and advice with other moms here.

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