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Are you not fully happy with the idea of leaving your little your little child with a babysitter? Do you feel restless at the workplace thinking of what your baby is doing at the daycare? You want to know if stay at home moms are luckier?

If your answer to these questions is a yes, it is time to consider becoming a stay-at-home mother (SAHM). Motherhood is, after all, the finest experience a woman ever experiences in life. Stay at home mothers experience unbridled charm of seeing their baby grow up.So, why not make it your full-time profession and that too, for the good of your baby?

It’s not easy to get convinced because,becoming a stay-at-home mother sounds a lot like doing nothing for yourself. Withdrawing from a sparkling career to do the world’s most thankless job of a mother cannot be appealing to anybody. There are pros and cons of being a stay at home mom.But there is more to becoming an SAHM! Come and explore.

Things To Consider For Stay At Home Moms:

1. Financial Security:

Career and financial worries become secondary once your baby arrives. But, it is very important to analyze your financial standing before making the fatal decision to quit your job. If you doubt whether dropping your job means bringing a complete imbalance of financial security to your family, you will have to forget the idea of becoming a stay-at-home mother. However, if you think your husband’s income will be enough to survive or your bank deposits are sufficient to keep yourself going, you have the luxury to become a stay-at-home mother.

2. Your Choice:

After all, it is your choice to determine whether you will be happy simply looking after kids. You will fully take the responsibilities of taking care of your child. And the worst part is, unlike a working woman, a stay-at-home hardly has the choice to distract her thoughts to anything but diapers and bottles. So, if you feel you will not be fully happy with just the baby in your world, go ahead with your job. A frustrated mother cannot make her baby happy.

3. Social Support:

Make sure you have enough support from your friends and family if you are opting to stay home. Because, with just the baby in your life, you will soon end up feeling you are far away from the outside world. It is here when your strong social bonds can chip in. You can even look for other stay-at-home moms in the neighborhood and pool together.

4. Workplace:

If you are confident about the support your organization is going to give you to look after your baby, you can still continue your job. Some mothers acquire permission for a short period until her baby is big enough to go to the daycare.

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Benefits Of Becoming A SAHM:

Let us now discuss the pros of turning into a full-time stay-at-home mother.

1. Nobody Loves Your Baby Like You:

Now, that will be the first and foremost reason why many working mothers leave their jobs. A babysitter may not bother if your child swallows a piece of paper from the floor. Similarly, a day care will have a number of babies wanting attention. How can you make sure, your baby gets the treatment she deserves? But when you are in full charge of the baby, safety and security is guaranteed.

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2. Witness The Firsts:

The first year of your baby is the time when she will attempt all her firsts. The first time she rolls onto her tummy, starts crawling, r stands up by holding onto a piece of furniture or even taking the firm steps to walk will all happen just in front of you. But there is a chance you might miss all these precious moments if you are at work.

3. Cut Costs Of Childcare:

If you are working, the baby will have to be left at a day care or at the mercy of a babysitter. You would not want the baby to fall into wrong hands, so you will spend a ransom to ensure his or her safety. Also, in your struggle to balance between work and the baby, you hardly get time to cook for the baby. Instead, you might resort to baby foods which are expensive enough.

Also, if you are breastfeeding, the baby might miss some feeds and will have to be satisfied with the formula bottled milk. All this can contribute to increased stress levels in the working mother. But a stay-at-home mother saves all these extra INVESTMENTS, even if she is not able to contribute to the family’s.

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The Negatives:

Here are some flaws associated with quitting your career to take full care of your baby.

1. Solitude:

If you were a working professional before, chances are you had got enough friends surrounding you. You would have had a number of topics for discussion. But once you wear the robes of a stay-at-home mother you hardly have anybody but your baby for company. And all that you think of are the milestones she is yet to achieve, the insufficient weight gain or even on the lesser amount of her poop on a given day. It can make an SAHM feel lonely and that she is not doing anything worthwhile for herself.

2. Loss Of Identity:

You would have been a hardcore professional until you delivered your baby. You might have had high ambitions about enhancing your career. Still, at this crucial point, if you opted to stay at home, you will experience a loss of identity. Soon you can see yourself thinking about nothing else but your career. You will also be worried about whether you will be able to resume your same position once back after a long break.

3. Financial Strain:

Even to the best of financially comfortable families, the loss of income of a member can have an impact. So, even if you are saving on childcare, you will have to make compromises on exotic vacations, INVESTING in a new house or eating out frequently.

4. Lack Of Socialization In Babies:

Making your toddler stay away from the playgroups in a day care centre for a long time is denying her a chance to socialize. The kids of many stay-at-home mothers suffer from this problem. They hardly mingle with other kids well neither do they develop a sharing mentality. It is because; they are not familiar with interacting with anybody but you.

If the mother is not happy, nobody is happy. So, make a wise decision and choose between the two options. If you are thinking of modifying the idea of an SAHM, you can launch an at HOME BUSINESS or even start blogging about life and reach others. This way, you can continue contributing to the finances of your family. How did you tackle the dilemma of choosing between your career and your baby?

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