20 Easy And Beautiful Rangoli Designs For Kids

Rangoli Designs For Kids

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Rangoli is a creative art usually made at the entrance of homes, and auspicious buildings. It has long been a vibrant and integral part of Hindu tradition. A rangoli can transform the most ordinary looking place.

Children are very fond of art, crafts and everything creative. And when it comes to colors, they look for opportunities to get their hands dirty. Making Rangolis can be a tad difficult for the little ones, but with a little patience and a steady hand, even they can do it. So if your kid is contemplating on making a Rangoli this year, introduce her to our excellent collection of some easy rangoli designs for kids.

1. Geometrical Design:

For kids who like geometric patterns, this non-traditional rangoli designs for kids is ideal. It has simple lines so children can easily fill in the colors. The best part is that this design will fit into any celebration, be it a festival or a function.

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2. Ganpati Rangoli:

Ganpati Rangoli design is a favorite with everyone, including kids. People believe that making a Ganpati Rangoli design on the threshold will remove all the obstacles from their lives. So if your child is insisting on making a rangoli design, but you are not very confident of her skills, then you can have her make this rangoli design. She just needs to spread the color to make a simple square and draw Lord Ganesh in the center using a finger.

3. Lotus Rangoli:

Bring brightness to your house with this magnificent lotus rangoli. The design is simple enough to be made by kids and beautiful enough to make a show-stopper in your house. The exotic lotus design is making this rangoli look very different from most of the traditional rangolis that we come across.

4. Green, Orange, Yellow And Blue Rangoli:

This is another simple rangoli design using blue, yellow, green and orange. The usage of fresh marigold flowers in this rangoli is increasing the overall charm of this pattern.

5. The Blazing Sun:

This rangoli design is reminiscent of the sun. Ask your children to use bright yellow and orange for making this rangoli.

6. Floral Rangoli:

If your kid wants to try his hands at a floral rangoli, then this pattern would be ideal for her. The design is quite unusual and the colors are very attractive. We loved the usage of lotus flower buds.

7. Pulses Rangoli:

If your child finds color too mainstream, then she can create a rangoli using pulses and seeds. The idea of using different shades of pulses will also create a sense of excitement in children. Kids can make pulses rangoli directly on the floor, but it is best made on a piece of cardboard. After making the rangoli, place the cardboard on the desired location. Or kids can even use glue for affixing pulses on the cardboard.

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8. Play Dough Rangoli:

This one is really an innovative rangoli idea. Kids have always been fascinated by play dough. Give them just one block of play dough and they’ll create various figurines. The idea of using play dough for making rangoli will add more thrill to the activity. Play dough is not just making the rangoli look colorful, but is also giving 3-D effect to it. Kids can either place diyas or tea light candles, or both, as seen here. And after Diwali, you can use it for other purposes too!

9. Shaded Rangoli:

If you have an artistic soul in hands, then get her to try this vibrant rangoli design. The diya in the center is stealing the show. The rangoli design is pretty easy to make, but shading will require a steady hand. So stay with your little one as she makes the rangoli.

10. Colored Rice Rangoli:

Colored rice rangolis are extremely popular with children these days. It provides a fresh break from conventional powder color rangolis. But this pattern is ideal for older children. If you have young ones at home, then you can have her make rangoli in small plates. It will be less messy too! Colored rice is available at most of the local stores, but you can also make it at home. You just need to add some paint to the rice, mix well and leave it to dry.

11. Bright Rangoli:

Even the simplest of rangoli can look striking with the gleam of diyas. This rangoli design is an amalgamation of geometrical shapes and pattern. The deep shades of blue and red and compliment the lighter shades of green and yellow.

12. Spiral Rangoli:

Here’s one of the easiest ways to make a rangoli. Kids just have to spread the powder color on the floor and create a spiral pattern using their finger. Ensure that children use different colors for each circle, as it’s shown in the picture. You can remove the extra bit of powder after finishing the rangoli. Kids can even try decorating in the edges and center to make it more eye-catching.

13. Rangoli For Ganpati Festival:

Here’s a wonderful rangoli design for kids to make during the Ganpati festival. It’s a fairly traditional rangoli design with a lovely bordering around the edge. The color combination is striking, but the attraction is the Ganpati design in the center.

14. ‘Om’:

No rangoli can be complete without a splash of colors, isn’t it? So here’s a beautiful green, blue and maroon rangoli design with an ‘Om’ in the center. The rangoli is guaranteed to get praises from guests no matter where it’s made.

15. Intricate Design:

This one is hands down one of the best rangoli design for kids. It has different Diwali symbols on the edges. The swastika and radiating sun rays in the center are adding an extra dimension to the pattern. This rangoli will take a bit of time, but the result will be worth every effort.

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16. Artificial Flower Rangoli:

If making rangoli with fresh flowers is not your kid’s cup of tea, then have her make this artificial floral rangoli. This pink and white artificial flower rangoli is made on a plate, but a cardboard or wooden board can also be used. If you want to make the rangoli a bit fancy, then place a tea light candle or diya in the center. This rangoli design is not very time-consuming, so it’s a boon for impatient kids. And cleanup is easy too!

17. Single Color Rangoli:

If you are making rangoli with young kids, do not use more than two or three colors. The creative artist here has made a flower shaped rangoli using unconventional shades for a flower like blue, green and yellow. Even size plays a crucial role when making this art with kids. The bigger the size of the rangoli, the easier it is for kids to fill colors. The result will be beautiful and will even give your kid’s creativity a boost. You can either place the diyas near the petals or draw using color power, as seen in the image.

18. Chalk Rangoli:

Kids love playing with chalks. So scribbling chalks for making rangolis will definitely make a fun activity for them. And it will give them the opportunity to use their favorite colored chalk for making rangoli patterns. The design above is a simple flower design with no extra pattern or motif. The floral pattern is drawn using as many petals as possible. Kids can make the rangoli pattern on black construction or directly on the floor.

19. Beaded Rangoli On CD:

If you have spare compact discs lying at home, then bring them to use by making rangolis. This activity is a combination of art and craft. Tell your kids to create a rangoli pattern on the CD by sticking coloring stones or beads on it. Children can even paint the compact disc before making the pattern. Fill a glass bowl with water and real or artificial flowers and place the compact disc in the bowl. The beaded rangoli will float on the water, creating a magnificent sight. And you can place the rangoli anywhere you like.

20. Star Shaped Rangoli:

Here’s a multi-colored star shaped, and yet simple rangoli design for kids and beginners. Kids first need to make a star with two inverted triangles. Then they have to draw a set of parallel lines in the star. Now kids have to make the petals around the star design. This rangoli design will look best when made at the entrance like the front gate. Even the words ‘WELCOME’ in different colors will bring cheer to the guests’ faces.

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We hope you find our rangoli designs and patterns helpful. This art will allow the imagination and creativity of your kid to come to the forefront as he experiments with different colors for filling the rangoli. Besides, it will enrich your kid’s understanding of Indian culture and tradition.

Has your kid ever made a rangoli? Do you know of any more simple rangoli designs for kids? Share any rangoli patterns for children to make in the comment section below.

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