4 Reasons Why You Should Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

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Are you worried about shaving your pubic hair before your delivery? If you are pregnant for the first time and nearing your due date, this is one question which might linger in your mind.

Most hospitals would advise you to shave your pubic hair before getting admitted. This is advised to make your childbirth a hygienic one and to rule out any instances of infection. This explains why shaving the pubic hair has become a standard procedure for both vaginal and cesarean delivery.

Why Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery?

The practice of shaving before labor is followed for many years now. Here are some reasons:

1. The pubic area remains neat and clean which makes it easy to maintain it during the postpartum period.

2. The pregnant mom need not be embarrassed when her genitals are viewed by doctors and mid wives.

3. During vaginal birth it would be helpful if the perineum needs to be cut and sutured.

4. It reduces incidences of maternal infection, which can be triggered if the hair of perineum is not shaved off before delivery of your baby. 

4 Concerns About Shaving Before Delivery:

Being a pregnant mom, it is natural for you to be worried about getting your pubic hair shaved, especially if it is your first delivery. Some of you might even shudder at the thought of placing a razor in the lower belly or pubic area.

However, you can try the following ways to ease your feelings about it:

1. Have a chat with your doctor and convey your concerns regarding shaving your pubic hair. This would help you know the valid reasons why doctors prefer this way.

2. You can have a talk with your close friends or relatives to know their experiences. This would help change your attitude about this procedure, as it is just a teeny weeny part of the big childbirth process.

3. Join an online forum for pregnant moms and seek their views with a discussion. Talking with fellow pregnant women can make a big difference.

4. You can ask the help of your spouse, mom or sister to shave before delivery. Remember that you need not shave off your pubic hair completely if you are not having a Cesarean section.

4 Important Tips To Remember:

As a standard procedure of childbirth, nurses or midwives shave off the hair on pubic area. During such time, here are some tips:

1. Do not be embarrassed about this! The nurses or midwives have seen many pregnant ladies in their career and for them, it is just a routine.

2. You can request the nurse or midwife to open the razor pack before you, so to make sure that it is a fresh and sterile one.

3. You should let the nurse or midwife know if she is performing the shaving process in a rough way or if it is hurting you. This is important because small cuts caused by shaving can also cause an infection.

4. Be it vaginal birth or cesarean section, shaving off the hair in your pubic region is just a minor thing in childbirth procedure and you need not spend sleepless nights thinking about it!

If you absolutely hate shaving your pubic area, as you are terrified of the uncomfortable itchy feel when the hair begins to re-grow, you can convey this to your doctor and ask if trimming or clipping the hair is advisable. Let your doctor decide the best for you.

Moms, please share your thoughts about this article on shaving before delivery in the section below.

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  • Tina Florence

    There is really no reason to shave your pubic hair before a vaginal delivery. You can wash and clean the area and not get an infection. The second reason above is not a reason at all it is nothing but a statement or opinion. It has no medical bearing or necessity attached to it. #2 “The pregnant mom need not be embarrassed when her genitals are viewed by doctors and mid wives.” Child birth is a private and personal event. It is not for the world to view your genitals. Genital hair is natural and it itches like hell when it grows back. Ladies do you really want the ADDED DISCOMFORT OF GROWING YOUR HAIR BACK especially when your are healing down there. Personally scratching with your fingers after birth down in that area is introducing many germs in an area which is very susceptible to infection. Leave your hair. The medical profession is only recommending you shave your pubic hair for THEIR CONVENIENCE NOT YOURS. You will be home miserable with an itchy yaho for weeks!!!! They are back at work and do not care about you at all. Think about it.