Rib Pain During Pregnancy - 3 Causes & 5 Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Rib Pain

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Is abdominal pain troubling you during pregnancy? Do you feel an intense shooting pain on the side of your ribs? Do you want to know how to manage rib pain during pregnancy? If you said yes, read our post and learn all about rib pain during pregnancy.

Ribs Pain During Pregnancy:

If pregnancy is about many joys, it is also about many aches and pains. Rib pain during the last trimester of pregnancy is a common occurrence. The expanding rib cage makes space for the growing uterus. Usually, this is just a sign that your pregnancy is proceeding at a normal rate. But awareness about the causes of rib pain during pregnancy and how to manage them can’t hurt, can it? A little knowledge about the subject may help you understand when to seek medical attention for your pain.

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Causes Of Rib Pain During Pregnancy:

This can occur due to many causes. We list some common causes of ribs hurting during pregnancy here:

  1. The growing uterus pushes up against the rib cage and causes rib pain.
  1. Rib pain during pregnancy can occur due to your increased weight and size of the breasts. The extra weight puts pressure on the rib cage and your spine.
  1. Rib pain can occur due to your changing body (muscles and hormones) during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the rib cage expands to support the lungs and the uterus, and it also needs to compensate for your changing posture. All these changes can lead to rib pain.

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Symptoms Of Rib Pain During Pregnancy:

How do you know that you suffer from rib pain? Well, your ribs will hurt of course! And there are other symptoms, which typically include:

  1. Pain on either or both sides of the ribs.
  1. Shortness of breath due to pressure on the ribs from the uterus.
  1. Shoulder pain due to pressure on the nerves connecting your diaphragm to the shoulders.
  1. Indigestion due to extra pressure on the stomach.
  1. General discomfort

Managing Rib Pain During Pregnancy:

Rib pain during pregnancy is as uncomfortable as it gets, and you need to know how to manage the shooting pain. Consult your doctor if the pain seems to be chronic. Some ways you can alleviate the pain include:

1. Mind the Posture:

To find relief from rib pain or to manage it, remember to maintain the right posture. Rib pain can increase while you are sitting. It happens as sitting places greater pressure on your uterus. Resting your arms on an elevated surface or armrests offers relief from rib pain. Practice general posture-improving techniques such as pulling your shoulders back, the neck upright and the spine erect.

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2. Stretch the Body:

Consult your doctor before your begin any exercise routine. But low-impact stretching exercises can be good for your body and also help relieve pregnancy pains. Simple chest stretching exercises can lower cramps around the rib cage. Press your hands together for a few minutes directly opposite your breastbones. Or stand on your toes while using adequate support for your body. You can support your back on a wall or hold a partner’s hands.

Yoga helps maintain good posture and keep the body supple during pregnancy. Practice and learn prenatal yoga from experts to alleviate rib pain.

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3. Soothe the Muscles:

Gentle massages on the back and abdomen can help ease pain in ribs during pregnancy. Go to a professional chiropractor for a prenatal massage. If you can’t leave home, gently rub your abdomen area using circular motions.

While most pregnancy pains are normal, they can be quite uncomfortable. Loose clothing and a good support bra helps reduce pressure on the rib cage and thus help you manage the pain well. In case, the pain lasts longer, or you feel uncomfortable, consult your doctor immediately.

Did you experience rib pain during early pregnancy? How did you manage these pains? We would love to know about your experiences. Tell us below.

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