30 Classy And Beautiful Royal Girl Names For Your Baby

Royal Girl Names

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Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful princess! So which name have you decided for your daughter? Or are you still hunting for a name for her? If you’re one of those parents who want a fancy name for your baby, then you can never go wrong with royal names.

Royal baby names are sophisticated and have an aristocratic sound to them. These classic and elegant names are perfect for parents looking for quaint and old-fashioned monikers for their baby. So today, we’ve rounded up 30 sophisticated royal baby girl names. Have a look at them below!

Top 30 Royal Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Albertine:

Albertine is a French style, ladylike royal names for girls. It’s said to be the Swizz, French and Dutch feminine form of Albert. The name was influentially borne by Albertine Agnes of Nassau, the daughter of Dutch ruler Frederick Henry.

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2. Henrietta:

Henrietta is another elaborate and elegant royalty names for girls. The name was first used in the 16th century as a feminine form of Henri. Princess Henriette Marie of France, the daughter of King Henry VI is one of the first notable bearers of this name.

3. Charlotte:

Charlotte, a gracefully regal name is the female form of Charles. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, is the current famous bearer of this name.

4. Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is one of the strongest royal names for a baby girl. It was borne by two reigning queens, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, along with a series of princesses and queen consorts. Elizabeth became the royal name for the first time in 1306 when Elizabeth de Burgh married Robert I.

5. Diana:

Diana, the Roman goddess of women, childbirth, and hunting, is another royal name that you can consider for your princess. It has been used as a name since the 15th century, but gained ground in the early 20th century.

6. Victoria:

Scores of princesses in the past have been Victoria to honor the stalwart Queen. Victoria can be shortened to the trendy Vicky too!

7. Cosima:

Cosima is a chic and fashionable alternative to the traditional royal names. It was chosen for Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor, by her parents, the Countess and Earl of Ulster.

8. Beatrice:

Beatrice, meaning ‘Bringer of Joy” has had a resurgence in the popularity, all thanks to Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice.

9. Alice:

Alice, meaning ‘of a noble kind,’ may bring to mind the famous Wonderland adventurer, but it was also the name of Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter, who went on to become the Princess of Hesse.

10. Isabella:

Isabella, the Spanish form of Elizabeth, has been given to more than 20 international queens and royal women.

11. Helena:

The name Helena is commonly used as a tribute to Roman Empress St. Helena, but it has a royal connection as well. Helena was the name of Queen Victoria’s third daughter. Ellen and Helen are great nicknames for this name.

12. Fiona:

Fiona is the updated version of Irish and Scottish names Fionnuala and Finola. Fiona sounds trendy, but if you want to go the traditional way, the Finola and Fionnuala can be considered.

13. Catherine:

History has seen six Catherines, including Catherine Middleton, the present Duchess of Cambridge and Catherine of Aragon, whose wedding with Henry VIII sparked the Protestant Reformation.

14. Quinn:

Quinn is the latest addition to the royal girl names list. Since the name means ‘ the fifth born,’ we’d suggest you pick for the family’s fifth baby.

15. Anastasia:

The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. This is one of the beautiful royal baby girl names meaning ‘resurrection,’ totally appropriate considering the Russian history.

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16. Anne:

Anne is a tried and true royal favorite. It was the name of the two wives of Henry the VIII and four other queens of England.

17. Grace:

Do you remember Hollywood legend Grace Kelly, who had quit the silver screen just to marry Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco? That’s the closest we have to a real-life fairy tale.

18. Zetian:

Zetian may sound a bit too exotic for a royal name, but it was used by a female emperor of China in the year 624. The meaning of this lovely royal girls name is ‘day’.

19. Theodora:

The feminine form of Theodore was used by several empresses of the Byzantine Empire.

20. Mary:

Yes, we know that Mary is a Biblical name, but it was a top pick for both royals and commoners in the 14th and 15thcentury. Remember Queen Mary I, the predecessor to Queen Elizabeth 1? Or just think of Mary Queen of Scots!

21. Matilda:

Matilda, the Latin form of Maud, is an excellent Royal name. She was the first female ruler of England after King Stephen’s rule.

22. Alexandra:

Alexandra has a serious royal pedigree. Alexandra of Denmark, the great-grandmother of the present Queen of the United Kingdom was the first royal female to bear this name.

23. Frances:

The name Frances may not have a royal lineage, but has close family ties with the Duke and Duchess. It’s also a recurring name in Kate’s family tree.

24. Margaret:

Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’ has a long-term royal connection. We had Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI. And before that, there was Queen Margaret of Scotland.

25. Jane:

Jane was not always a plain name. It belonged to two of the most famous queens as well. The first was Jane Seymore, the third wife of Henry VIII and the second one was Lady Jane Grey, who reigned only for nine days.

26. Zara:

Zara, meaning ‘beautiful’ was the name of the beautiful granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and daughter of Princess Anne.

27. Xenia:

The Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia was the muse to Danish composer Valdemar Vater.

28. Thyra:

Two of the Danish princesses carried the name Thyra, meaning ‘Thor’s struggle.’ This rhythmic name is pronounced as ‘Tara’. This is one of the best royal names for girls.

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29. Eleanor:

Eleanor, meaning ‘bright’ was the name of the female ruler England in the Middle Ages. The name has not fallen out of favor since then.

30. Marie:

Marie has a rather unfortunate connection with Marie Antoinette, who lost her heads during the French Revolution. But many successful Royal women have borne this name too.

So which royal girl name will you choose for your princess? Share with us by commenting below!

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