Is It Safe To Eat Cashew Nuts During Pregnancy?

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Doesn’t your mouth start watering when you think of the rich, tasty and succulent flavored cashew nuts?

Well, cashew nuts are tasty no doubt and these are also loaded with lots of nutrients as well. The highly nutritive nuts can be safely consumed in pregnancy provided you follow the safety related considerations.

So, before you chew on the nuts, you must get the facts right to know if they are absolutely safe for you and your baby.

Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Cashew Nuts During Pregnancy:

Cashew nuts are popularly known as “natural vitamin pills” that make them ideal to be consumed during pregnancy.

  • An ounce of cashew contains 4.3 gm of protein, 9 gm of carbohydrate and 13 gm of healthy fat. Let’s take a closer look into the nutritional benefits of cashew nuts in pregnancy:
  • Cashews contain all the vitamins you need for development of your fetus during pregnancy.
  • Cashews are rich in anti-bacterial properties that help fight against infections.
  • These are low in fat content and offer tocopherols, phytosterols and sqaulene that bring overall benefit to you in pregnancy.
  • Cashew nuts are rich sources of energy that helps you keep going through those somewhat difficult pregnancy months.
  • You can fight against diarrhea and constipation with the high fiber content that cashews have.

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  • Cashew nuts are rich in iron. This ensures you do not get anemic at this stage. A single serving contains 1.7 mg iron, whereas you need 27 mg of iron each day in pregnancy.
  • Cashew nuts are rich in K vitamin. This ensures you do not bleed excessively in pregnancy. At this stage you need about 90 mcg of vitamin K, while an ounce of cashew contains around 9.8 mcg.
  • These nuts are rich sources of magnesium that protects you from muscle spasms, high blood pressure, tension, soreness, migraines, headaches and tiredness.
  • The rich calcium content in cashews helps in the development of your baby’s teeth and bones.
  • Experts suggest cashew nuts have a positive effect on your lipid profile. This benefits those who are at a risk of diabetes.
  • While having cashews, you can keep at bay gum problems and tooth decay, thanks to the chemicals in the nuts.
  • Fetal blood cells develop fast due to the high copper content in cashews. While you need 1 gm copper every day, an ounce of cashew contains 0.6 mg of copper.

Important Things You Must Remember:

Even though cashew nuts are a storehouse of all essential nutrients, you still need to be careful while consuming them during pregnancy. Since you are carrying, make sure to weigh the cons of too much consumption as well.

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Here is what you should know about consuming cashew nuts during pregnancy:

  • Cashews contain urushoil that can cause skin rashes and itchiness. This can be a major concern when you are trying to have a good night’s sleep.
  • You will put up a lot of unnecessary weight if you consume the nuts in excess.
  • Cashews contain oxalates that concentrate in your body fluids and give rise to complications in pregnancy.
  • It is better to stick to a single ounce of cashew every day.
  • Do not take salted nuts, as these tend to be high in sodium content.
  • Cashews are nature’s treat and you can reap the benefits when you consume it in moderation. If you are tempted to eat them, get in touch with your doctor and relieve yourself from all concerns.

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Pregnancy is one of the most awaited occasions in your life. Celebrate it with a lot of precaution, care and concern. Stay away from foods that can be potentially dangerous for your little bundle of joy.

Moms do share your experiences of having cashew nut during pregnancy and let those expecting benefit from them.

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