Is It Safe To Eat Potato During Pregnancy?

potatoes during pregnancy

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Are you craving for potatoes during pregnancy? Well, the good news is potatoes are packed with nutrients and pose no health risk in pregnancy. You can add traces of potatoes in almost anything you want.

However, if you come across the green variants discard them if they are not green all over. Damaged or rotten potatoes should be avoided. Make sure to remove the sprouts before cooking.

Since whatever you have affects your unborn baby, you must be careful. You need to reduce or eliminate altogether the so called ‘harmful foods’ from your diet in pregnancy. Thankfully potatoes are not one of them.

Health Benefits Of Eating Potatoes During Pregnancy:

Potatoes are rich in nutrients that supply almost everything you need in a healthy diet. Have a look into the nutrients contained in potatoes:

  • If you are underweight, craving potatoes during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to gain weight.
  • Potatoes contain half soluble and soluble fiber that keeps down your cholesterol level in pregnancy.
  • Potatoes keep you full for long time.
  • Potatoes contain flavonoids that keep down your blood pressure levels.
  • Raw potatoes are rich sources of vitamin C that offers numerous benefits in pregnancy.
  • This veggie is rich in iron, calcium and potassium that ensure maximum development of the fetus.
  • Potatoes are rich in folate that reduces chances of your baby developing spine or brain problems.
  • Potatoes are rich source of energy. However, the portion of carbohydrate you need depends on the stage of your pregnancy.

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Potato Preparations:

When it comes to potatoes, French fries with melted cheese is what you think of. Certainly it is not a healthy option. In pregnancy you should have it in the healthiest possible way. Here are some guidelines:

  • Your consumption of fatty foods must be reduced to 2 teaspoons of cooking oil or grease in a day.
  • You can include steamed or baked potatoes during pregnancy with flavoring of herbs. It is a healthy option that you can try.
  • Avoid adding butter, oil, cheese or margarine.

Risks Of Potatoes In Pregnancy:

Since you are at the most vulnerable stage in pregnancy, you need to weigh the benefits as well as risks of anything you eat. This is true for potatoes as well. Here are some probable side effects you should be careful of:

  • Green potatoes contain alpha-chaconine and alpha-solanine – Kind of toxins that are known to be harmful for the fetus developing inside. Green potatoes can cause potential defects like spina bafida in the new born.
  • Green potatoes are also known to trigger type-1 diabetes in children.
  • If you are of the right weight or over-weight, you might become obese with too much consumption of potatoes.
  • To reap the benefits completely, you should limit your daily intake and incorporate lots of other fruits and veggies as well.

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Pregnancy Basics:

Since you would certainly not want to invite any trouble and sail through your pregnancy, you must get the basics right:

  • High quality nutrients are an absolute necessity in the first half of your pregnancy to assist proper fetal growth. This also helps you maintain your own well being.
  • Quantity should be given a priority in the second phase to make sure your unborn child gains weight. You should not however make the mistake of forcing yourself to eat beyond your limits.
  • If you already had a healthy weight before pregnancy, you need not put on much weight in the first trimester.
  • You need to increase your daily intake to 300 calories in your next trimester and by 450 calories in your third trimester.
  • Pregnancy is a gift of God to women, enjoy it thoroughly!

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Hope this information about eating potato during pregnancy has helped you. Do let us know what recipes you tried with potatoes while you were pregnant by commenting below.

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