Is It Safe To Get A Belly Button Ring When You Are Pregnant ?

Is it safe to get or have a belly button ring when I'm pregnan

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Moms-to-be constantly face all kinds of questions regarding their daily activities. And if you were thinking about body piercing, such as a belly button ring, how safe is it to have it done at this delicate time in your life?

You might have wanted a piercing, but have just found out that you are pregnant. Some of you might already have a belly button piercing during pregnancy that could be a cause of worry for you. Let’s know more about this issue in this article.

2 Points To Consider Before Piercing Belly Button Ring During Pregnancy:

If you are planning to get a piercing, it would be best to avoid and postpone it until after you have had your baby. Since you can never be quite sure how your body would react to the new piercing.

There are many simple reasons for this:

  1. Your Changing Body:
  2. Risk Factors Of Belly Button Piercing:
  • As you conceive, the body begins to undergo a lot of change and it could react in an unexpected manner to the piercing.
  • It could cause infection or take longer than usual for your belly button piercing to adjust as per your body.

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  • If you have already got a piercing and got pregnant, chances is that once your stomach starts to expand as you advance in pregnancy, it could become painful and cause of irritation and/or itching.
  • In some cases, the stretching causes the skin to expand and causes infection as well.

3 Points To Consider:

Not all women are the same and not every pregnant woman would respond in the same way to pregnancy. Each woman’s experiences with pregnancy are different.

As a woman, if you have a piercing or are planning to get a belly button ring while pregnant, ensure the following:

1. Sensitive Skin Needs Care:

As a woman, your body is bound to become more sensitive than usual to any changes or piercings in the body. So, if you are already having any irritation or your skin is becoming more sensitive, it is best to avoid a pregnancy belly button ring.

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2. If You Plan To Have A Cesarean:

Ask your doctor and also yourself whether you will have a normal delivery or have a caesarean. If you plan to have a caesarean section, chances are you will have to get rid of the piercing and your doctor would also advise you on the same.

3. It’s already on your body?

If you already have a piercing, it is best to seek advice from your doctor about keeping it. Your doctor would generally ask you to remove the piercing towards the later stages of pregnancy as your stomach begins to grow and stretch to avoid any problems, infection or trouble.

The Verdict:

  • While many women would be asked to remove any body piercings during delivery and continue to wear them after the delivery, it is best to avoid trying any new piercings when you are pregnant.
  • In general, doctors and skin specialists suggest staying away from piercing. While you might not foresee any problems, it could have side effects that you or even your doctor might not be able to foretell.
  • You may have heard about your friend or an acquaintance who had a belly button piercing done while she was pregnant, and was perfectly fine after the procedure. Well, that may be so, but do not forget that the body response could be different for you as compared to others.

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In any case, speak to your doctor and ensure a safe course of action before piercing your belly button ring during pregnancy on any part of your body.

Moms, if you have anecdotes of body piercing, share them with us in the section below!

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