7 Preventive Measures To Avoid Salmonella Poisoning In Babies

Salmonella Poisoning In Babies

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Do you have small chicks at home? Does your baby enjoy watching them run around the yard? Do you know of the many possible dangers of these cute looking chicks? Did you know that they can lead to Salmonella poisoning in babies?

If these questions left you stumped, don’t be! Read on and learn all Salmonella in babies.

What Is Salmonella?

Live baby poultry such as ducklings, chicks, baby turkeys and goslings sometimes carry harmful germs like Salmonella. These cute little creatures can prove to be life-threatening especially for babies. There are some babies who contract Salmonella and suffer because of the same.

Chickens or goslings that look healthy can possess Salmonella as well. The infection spreads quickly if your little one touches, cuddles an infected chick. Sometimes, the cage can also lead to the infection. The Salmonella germs are present either in their feathers, or beaks or plants and soil around the infected chick (1).

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Causes Of Salmonella Poisoning In Babies:

The Salmonella infection doesn’t just spread through touch. Salmonella can be present in uncooked poultry, fish, milk, and dairy products. It can spread either by eating the same or from food handlers, as well.

Symptoms Of Salmonella Poisoning In Babies:

Salmonella can make your baby sick with

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Headache
  • Tiny pink spots on the skin

Infants and elderly people are more at risk because they have a weak immune system. The immune system of the children is not strong. Hence, the chances of the symptoms worsening are high.

In worst cases, Salmonella will spread from the intestine to the blood cells and can lead to serious complications. The only option to deal with Salmonella is treating the person with antibiotics.

The salmonella symptoms in babies can start 48 hours after the infection and can continue for months. If you identify any of these symptoms, then it is wise to consult a medical care practitioner immediately. Do not ignore Salmonella poisoning because it can prove to be life-threatening (2).

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Treating Salmonella Poisoning In Babies:

If your child shows any symptoms of Salmonella poisoning, then it’s wise to consult a medical consultant immediately to avoid any major complications.

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Preventing Salmonella Poisoning In Babies:

Here are a few precautions to safeguard your baby from the infection:

  1. Cook Food Appropriately: If you want to prevent your child’s Salmonella poisoning, then ensure that you cook meat properly. With adequate cooking, Salmonella bacteria die and will not harm your baby.
  1. Take Proper Care While Feeding Eggs: Ensure that you cook eggs properly. Never use broken eggs because the risk of salmonella is higher in broken eggs.
  1. Maintain Cleanliness: Salmonella spreads through cross contamination, as well. Hence ensure that you thoroughly clean the cutting boards, and vessels are cutting and cooking meat.
  1. Avoid Food With Raw Products: Certain products like chocolate mousse, an Italian dessert, homemade ice cream, eggnog, cookie dough, etc. contain raw eggs. It is wise to avoid such products for kids to prevent Salmonella poisoning.
  1. Wash Hands Properly: Basic cleanliness is crucial to prevent Salmonella infection.
  1. Be Careful With Pets: If you have pets at home, be very careful with their feces. Wash your hands after touching your pets and ensure that they do not get close to your baby.
  1. Refrigerate Food: Do not keep cooked food outside for long (3).

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Hope you found our post on Salmonella poisoning informative. If you have something more to share on Salmonella poisoning, then share the information with us here. Leave a comment below.

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