6 Best Sex Positions That Are Safe In All Trimesters Of Pregnancy

Sex Positions During Pregnancy

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Some women consider sex a taboo during pregnancy while a few are reluctant to go ahead and enjoy it as they fear that it could harm the unborn baby. It need not be true as you can have an active sex life during those 40 weeks, but with some care.

Talk to your doctor before mating with your partner. You may be advised to go slow in the first semester, but need not avoid it completely unless your doctor foresees some serious repercussions. But how can you enjoy sex while ensuring that there is no harm to you or your baby? What positions can be pleasurable and at the same time safe during pregnancy? Can you have sex during pregnancy, just like you had before? Read below to know more as MomJunction shares everything about sex positions during pregnancy.

6 Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy: 

Before you try out any of the below mentioned sex positions or even before you have sex while you are pregnant, speak with your doctor and get clearance from her. After you get the go-ahead, try these sex positions that are considered to be safe:

1. The Side Saddle Position:

The Side Saddle Position

How To:

Under the side saddle position, your partner will have to lie down on the side while you sleep on your back. You will have to be at a perpendicular angle to your partner, and place your legs on his hips. As you both lie down in this way, your partner will slowly be able to penetrate you.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try Side Saddle during the first and second trimesters. However, during the third trimester, you may find it a little difficult, as your back aches when you sleep straight.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

Your partner will have to do all the work and make the moves in the side saddle position, which means that you will lie down and not get tired. Also, your partner’s hands will be free to touch and cuddle you and stimulate you at the same time.

Watch Out For:

The side saddle position will not allow for deep penetration, so in case you feel that you are not able to reach your full pleasure levels, you can try the position in the beginning and then switch to another towards the end.

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2. The Missionary Position:

The Missionary Position

How To:

The classic missionary position is one in which you will have to lie down on your back, and your partner will be on the top.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try it during the first and second trimesters and even in the third trimester if you are comfortable with it.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

While you are pregnant, your increasing body weight and changing hormones will make you feel tired easily. Lying down in the missionary position will help you to relax. Also, if you are facing any discomfort while having sex, your partner can know it immediately as he will be facing you in this position.

Watch Out For: By the time you reach your third trimester, it will start getting difficult for you to lie down on your back, and it may also make you feel dizzy. If you still want to continue, place a pillow between your neck and upper back or however it feels comfortable, to elevate you a bit. Also, make sure that your partner does not put his body weight on your stomach.

3. The Modified Missionary Position:

The Modified Missionary Position

How To:

In the modified missionary position, you will lie down towards the edge of the bed, so that your hips are placed on the surface, and your legs come down. Your partner can kneel down or stand in front of you and penetrate you from there, holding your legs in his arms.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try this position during your first and second trimester. During the third trimester, you may feel dizzy or uncomfortable when you lie down on your back.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

Your partner will be able to stimulate you using his hands and will also be able to provide support to your legs and waist. As a result, it will put less pressure on you. Also, your partner will make all the moves while you relax and enjoy. While you are lying in the modified missionary position, you can also wrap your legs around your partner and try for better penetration. Watch Out For:

It is possible that you may feel some discomfort around your back or may feel dizzy as you lie down for long. If you feel so, place some cushions under your lower back or your head to give you some elevation. You can also put a cushion under your waist or hip to make yourself more comfortable.

4. The Spooning Position:

The Spooning Position

How To:

For the spooning position, both you and your partner will have to lie down on one side, with your partner behind you. In this position, he can do vaginal penetration from behind and sideways.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try it through all the trimesters, but it will be especially good for you during the third trimester.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

Your partner will be able to touch and stimulate you, making the entire experience pleasurable and easy for you. You will hardly have to work at it, as your partner can take care of most of your needs in this position.

Watch Out For:

The spooning position will not allow for deep penetration, so if you are not satisfied with the same, you may have to switch back to the missionary position later.

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5. Doggy Style:

Doggy Style

How To:

You will have to kneel down on all fours as your partner takes position behind you. In Doggy style, your partner will penetrate you in the vagina from the back.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try it through all the three trimesters while is more suitable in the third trimester when your baby bump is bigger and doing it any other way can be uncomfortable.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

The doggy style pose will be especially helpful if you feel any pain in your lower back or pelvic region, as it takes the pressure off from that area.

Watch Out For:

The style puts pressure on your wrists, so it could be difficult if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. To ease the pressure, you can lean on the back of the sofa or hold on to a bedpost. If you feel uncomfortable, you can place cushions below your knees to ease the pressure. During the doggy style, penetration will be quite deep, so in case you feel any pain or discomfiture, ask your partner to slow down. You can also lean on your elbows instead of your wrist to ease the pressure and the level of penetration.

6. The Woman-On-Top Position:

The Woman-On-Top Position

How To:

The woman-on-top position, just as the name suggests, will have you on top of your partner, in a reverse of the classic missionary position. In this pose, you will straddle your partner from above. While you try out the woman-on-top position, you can hold on to your bed or the back of the couch (depending on where you are doing it) for some extra support. As your pregnancy progresses, you will gradually experience a shift in your balance, so it will be better to have some support. It will also help you to move up and down while you are straddling your partner.

Trimesters You Can Try It In:

You can try it out during all the three trimesters.

Why It Will Be Good For You:

In this position, you can have pleasure without opening your legs too wide, which can be difficult as your pregnancy progresses. Also, your partner will be able to stimulate you with his hands, so that you can reach your pleasure zones faster, without getting tired.

Watch Out For:

Once you reach the third trimester, sitting in that particular position can be difficult as your baby bump grows bigger. If it is uncomfortable, try kneeling over your partner instead of squatting.

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Sex Positions To Avoid During Pregnancy:

While you can have sex until almost the time you near your due date (unless your doctor says otherwise), here are certain positions you should avoid, to stay away from any potential harm:

1. In The First Trimester:

The best part of having sex in your first trimester is that you can try almost any sex position, as long as you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort. In some cases, your doctor may ask you to take some time off from sex and let your body get stronger or healthier, especially if you have any medical condition. You may have heard that you have to be extra careful during your first and third trimesters, and that is generally true. However, there is no medical evidence to suggest that if you have sex in your first trimester, it will lead to any complications such as miscarriage or any other issues.

2. In The Second Trimester:

Try and avoid positions in which you have to lie down on your back, even though they may not really be harmful. The only reason you should avoid it is that extra pressure on your back can make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Also, when you lie down on your back after you are 20 weeks old in pregnancy, your growing uterus will put more pressure on your aorta. It is the part that helps to pass blood along to your placenta.

3. In The Third Trimester:

Stay away from anal sex as it increases your risk of getting infected, especially if the bacteria spreads to your vagina. Also, women experience hemorrhoids while they are pregnant, more so during the third trimester. Trying anal sex could be extremely painful and uncomfortable in such a situation as it could rupture the organ and lead to bleeding. If you are receiving oral sex, ask your partner not to blow into your vagina, as it could lead to a situation known as embolism, in which the sudden burst of air can block a blood vessel.

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Trimester-Wise Sex: What You Can Look Forward To:

1. The First Trimester:

  • In the first trimester, your private parts will be well-lubricated, and your stomach will still not grow big. As a result, sex will be mostly pleasurable and fun.
  • It is a great way to take your mind off the pregnancy fatigue and nausea that you will experience in the early weeks.
  • As your hormones will be extremely charged up and your breasts and other parts will be super sensitive and reciprocal to touch, your urge to have sex may increase during this time.

2. The Second Trimester:

  • By the second trimester, most of your pregnancy nausea and fatigue will either be gone completely, or come down to lower levels. As a result, you will feel fresh and enthusiastic towards sex.
  • The pregnancy hormones will still be super-charged and make you want to do all that much more in bed with your partner.

3. The Third Trimester:

  • By this time, your belly becomes quite big, so you will have to try positions that make you work less and enjoy more.
  • Your pregnancy hormones will be at a high during your third trimester, so rest assured, you will experience the senses and the pleasure like never before.
  • By now, the traces of nausea will be gone, so you are ready for early morning sex before you begin your day. However, you may experience fatigue during the day.

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Condoms During Pregnancy – Yes Or No:

Using a condom while you are having sex will help to prevent the risk of any sexually transmitted diseases. When you are pregnant, getting exposed to any sexually transmitted disease will increase the chances of infection to your unborn baby as well as to you. In case you are aware of any such diseases in your partner, avoid having sex altogether, with or without a condom.

Definitely use a condom if:

  • You are having sex with a new partner while you are pregnant.
  • If you are having sex with more than one person while you are pregnant.

It is not advisable to have sex without the protection of a condom, even if you are pregnant. Make sure your partner wears a condom to avoid any risk to you or the baby inside.

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When You Should Not Have Sex While You Are Pregnant:

While in most cases it is safe for you to have sex while you are pregnant, here are a few instances in which you should stay away from having sex or stop it immediately:

  • If you have experienced premature labor and birth in an earlier pregnancy.
  • If you have spotting or bleeding from the vagina.
  • In case, you feel that your amniotic fluid has started to leak.
  • In case you are going to have more than one baby.
  • If you suffer from a condition known as cervical incompetence, in which your cervix can start opening prematurely, or if you feel it happening.
  • If you suffer from a condition known as placenta previa, in which your placenta will either partially or completely cover the opening of your cervical.

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Chances Of Premature Labor If You Have Pregnancy Sex:

Many women worry that when they have sex during pregnancy, orgasm can lead to premature labor. It is true that when you experience orgasm, it may lead to contractions in your uterus. Also, the prostaglandins that are found in semen may lead to contractions. However, there are no medical studies that support the theory that if you have sex while you are pregnant, it could lead to an increase in the chances of a preterm labor or even premature birth. If you have had a case of preterm labor or premature birth in an earlier pregnancy, your doctor will ask you to avoid sex in the third trimester.

Also, there is a belief that sex during pregnancy can harm your baby. Do not worry, as your unborn baby is safely nestled in amniotic fluid inside your uterus, where the strong muscles keep him protected. Sex will not harm your unborn baby unless you have extremely rough sex, or if your body shakes a lot, or if your partner exerts a lot of pressure on your tummy and your uterus.

Moms, what was your experience with sex during pregnancy? Did you face any complications or was it pleasurable. Share them with us in the comments section.

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