10 Simple Art Projects For Toddlers

Art Projects

Keeping up with a toddler is hard work. For her, everything is new and exciting. Your real task as a mother now is to keep your little genius busy.

The toddler years are also the perfect time to learn new things. Your child is like a sponge right now. She will soak in all you can teach her. But the TV cannot be your go-to device to keep her boredom away! Too much TV at such a young age can do irreparable harm to your toddler’s brain. What you can do instead is keep your toddler occupied with some fun art projects. Not only will she be too busy to whine and throw a tantrum, she will also learn and develop a love for art. A win-win for you as a mother!

So, here are the top 10 creative art projects for toddlers:

1. Aluminium Foil Drawing:

The one thing you are sure to find in your kitchen is aluminium foil. Just take some foil, wrap it around a cardboard and let your toddler draw on it. She can use crayons for her creative pursuits. Or if you don’t mind a little mess, let her dip her fingers in paint and draw. You can even stick on some pieces of tissue paper and let your baby paint them.

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2. Nature Art:

Take a walk with your toddler and for once let her collect things she finds interesting. Leaves, flowers, tiny sticks, pebbles – anything will do. This is also a great time to teach her what is safe and what is not. That gooey looking stuff on the road is not what you want her to reach for! Once back home with her treasure, allow her to stick these natural wonders on a scrapbook or a piece of cardboard. This project is also a great way to expose your child to different textures, which is vital for her development.

3. Wooden Block Prints:

Now is the time to put all those pieces of wooden blocks lying around the house to good use. You can even collect a few from the park. Now get a large chart paper and let your toddler have fun with it. Ask her to dip the different blocks in different colors and print them on the paper. Ready-made art for your kid’s room!

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4. Chalkboard Paint Art:

A chalkboard is indispensable if you have a toddler at home. Let your little one create art on the chalkboard and then hang it at a prominent place. Nothing like a little appreciation to get your little Picasso going!

5. Paper Photo Frames:

Photo frames are costly. But now you can use your toddler’s artwork instead. This is a great way to master fine motor skills too. Just be around as your toddler learns to cut pieces of paper and use the glue!

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6. Bubble Wrap Paint:

This is possible only if you are ready to part with your beloved bubble wrap. Come on, you can spare one! Just let your toddler paint on the bubble wrap to create a piece of toddler art. Yes, you are allowed to burst a few bubbles on the way.

7. Bubble Paint:

Everyone loves to blow bubbles. This is one project you’ll love as much as your toddler. Just use tempera paint in a bowl, pour some water and soap and ask your toddler to blow bubbles inside the bowl! Once the bubbles froths over, press a piece of paper on top of the bowl, and your bubble art is ready!

8. Paint Rainbows With Comb:

Rainbows are beautiful, and they are also easy to recreate on a piece of paper! All you’ll need for this project are rainbow colors and combs. Just pour the colors (in the right order) in a dish and let your toddler dip the comb to create some pretty looking rainbows.

9. Sparkle Finger Painting:

Toddlers love all things sparkly. Mix sparkle and paint together. Spread this mix over a piece of paper. Now let your toddler use her fingers to create magic! The lines and shapes she draws will give this project a shiny touch!

10. Art With Paper Plates:

This is the perfect project for toddlers. And you don’t need to spend a lot either. Cut the paper plates into the shapes you want. Does your toddler love dogs? Cut a plate into a dog shape. You can try any shape you want. Then let your toddler color over them. She can use dot painters, brushes, crayons or just her fingers. The idea is to make the paper plates come alive.

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You don’t need to be ‘arty’ to help your toddler with these projects. All you need are some basic art supplies and a lot of patience. One thing that doesn’t go along with toddlers is cleanliness. So be ready for some mess!

These easy toddler art projects ideas will help her stay away from the telly. And once she discovers how fun art can be, you can even do your chores while she is busy with her projects!

So, how do you keep your toddler busy? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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