6 Useful Tips To Effectively Clean Your Baby’s Clothes

Baby’s Clothes

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Have you just brought your little bundle of joy home and are getting ready to manage all those tiny clothes? Or are you preparing a little in advance as your delivery is around the corner by washing up those tiny clothes you have shopped for your baby? Well, if you can relate to any of the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

As you venture into motherhood, cleaning your baby’s clothes is something you will do most often. Read on to know how you should clean your baby’s clothes to ensure they are clean yet soft.

How To Wash Baby Clothes?

Your baby has very sensitive skin. All clothes that your baby will wear, including socks and caps, should be cleaned in a gentle way. Your baby’s clothes will need a lot of repeat cleaning. This is due to the fact that your baby may spit up food, stain them with dirty hands or soil them. Paying special attention to your baby’s clothes while cleaning will ensure they are wearable for a long time to come.

Follow these six steps on how to wash newborn baby clothes effectively:

1. Read The Care Label Carefully Before Washing Clothes:

Many baby clothes may come with different care labels. Some of your baby’s clothes may have a certain instruction while other clothes may need a different cleaning procedure. Ensure you read all the labels carefully. Check for instructions like washing temperature, whether you should wash it in hot or cold water, whether it is okay to wash in a washing machine or needs to be washed by hand. Certain clothes may contain a label that says they are flame retardant. These clothes need special care. Make sure you follow the cleaning instructions carefully.

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2. Separately Sort Out The Clothes That Need Cleaning:

Before you put your baby’s clothes into the washing machine, sort out the clothes in different piles. You can arrange them based on colors and shades. Make a separate pile for dark clothes and other piles for light colors and whites. Wash the flame retardant clothes separately. These will mostly be your baby’s night clothes, but check on other clothes as well. Also divide these further into smaller piles by checking for temperature instructions, like whether they should be washed in cold or hot water. Wash your baby’s dirty cloth diapers separately and do not mix them with other clothes while washing.

3. Use Products That Are Specially Made For Baby Clothes:

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive. You may feel it is a useless expense, but using specific products for your baby’s clothes will make a lot of difference. You need a special baby care product to clean your baby’s clothes so that they remain soft and do not hurt your baby’s skin. You may need a special cleaning product to take care of any stains on your baby’s clothes. Select one that is safe to be used for baby clothes and is made for sensitive skin. This will generally be mentioned on the label. There are various options like soaks, pretreatment sprays and sticks. You can easily get a gentle cleaning product at any baby store. The products are a safe option instead of using regular detergent for cleaning your baby’s clothes. They are mostly fragrance-free or may have a very light scent. They are also chemical-free, hence will not cause any irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin. Make sure you mix the cleaning agent in water well before dipping the baby clothes in it. Also, ensure that you use the right quantity for the heap of clothes you plan to wash.

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4. Sort Out The Clothes In Separate Piles Before Washing:

Before you start washing newborn baby clothes, it is important to sort them first. One of the first rules of sorting clothes for washing is on the basis of color. You can also sort out your baby’s clothes depending on the temperature instructions that the care label suggests. You may need to make a separate pile of clothes that you need to wash in cold water and those that you need to wash in hot or warm water.

5. Sort Out The Cloth Diapers Separately:

Always sort out your baby’s cloth diapers and nappies and wash baby clothes separately. Ensure you keep all soiled and wet nappies and cloth diapers separately and do not mix them with any other clothes that need washing. Even wash the baby’s unsoiled cloth diapers or nappies separately. It will help prevent any spread of germs.

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6. Regulate The Temperature Settings Of Your Washing Machine:

Before you start washing your baby’s clothes in the machine, it is important to set the temperature as per the wash requirement. Also, remember to select baby mode before you start the cleaning cycle of your washing machine. You must have already sorted out your baby’s washing clothes in separate piles. It means you have a separate pile of clothes that you need to wash in warm water and those that you need to clean in cool water. Adjust your washing machine’s temperature settings accordingly. If you find some clothes that do not mention the water temperature, you can go ahead and wash them in warm water. Also, always wash your baby’s cloth diapers and nappies in hot water to eliminate all germs.

Follow the tips on how to wash baby clothes mentioned above to ensure your baby’s clothes remain soft and do not harm his delicate skin.

Do let us know if you have any special tips on how to wash newborn clothes to add as well.

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