Is It Safe To Use A Tanning Bed During Pregnancy?

Tanning Bed During Pregnancy

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“I am a die-hard fan of tanned body. I am also pregnant. Just wanted to confirm the whole fuss about tanning and tanning beds! Is it not safe to tan during pregnancy?”

We hear women asking similar questions. It is obvious to have questions during your pregnancy and it’s better to have all these questions answered before you make unrecoverable mistakes.

Pregnant or not, over exposure of skin in scorching sun invites the risk of premature aging and skin cancer. If you are a fan of tan, you ought to consider taking a break from it for a while. Whether in a salon or in the sun, getting a tan is not a good idea during pregnancy.

Why And How Tanning Happens?

The sun produces three different kinds of ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC) amongst which, UVA and UVB rays play vital factor in skin tanning.

  • Tanning is nothing but an attempt of your skin to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays that cause damage to your body.
  • When these ultraviolet rays penetrate your skin, melanin (a pigment that defines the colour of your skin) undergoes a chemical reaction that causes its oxidation.
  • As a result your skin turns bronze in colour. While we understand that the “tanned” look is quite fashionable, it has its own consequences which aren’t worth acquiring the look after all.

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Risk Factors Associated With Tanning Bed During Pregnancy:

Sun bathing is harmful at all times, but especially during pregnancy. You now have an ever expanding belly with a delicate foetus inside.

  • The harsh rays of sun produce a lot of heat in your body, which is ferociously harmful for your developing baby.
  • There is a splurge of hormones in your body during gestation, which brings about a lot of change both internally and externally.
  • Your skin becomes extra sensitive and the pregnancy hormones cause it to react differently. This is a major reason why a lot of women develop allergies.

Using Tanning Beds During Pregnancy:

Are tanning beds safe during pregnancy? Tanning beds and tanning lights advertise it to be safe and healthy to use, but these claims aren’t convincing. It may be a little safer than tanning outside, but has sufficient health risks.

  • There is a simple logic – ultraviolet rays whether from sun or an artificial source are hazardous for health as it causes skin cancer.
  • The older versions of tanning bed produced UVB waves, which causes extra burning. Because of this, these beds were replaced by tanning beds that produces UVA waves.
  • The UVA waves do not burn your skin to the extent UVB does, but it does cause sufficient damage to your skin and the foetus flourishing inside your belly.

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Say NO To Tanning Beds:

Tanning beds are equally hazardous as sun bathing. You will encounter plenty of confusing justifications in favor of using tanning bed during pregnancy, but don’t be believe any one of it.

  • Studies suggest that visiting a tanning booth frequently doubles the chance of developing Melanoma, a very horrific type of cancer.
  • It is the only type of cancer that transmits to the placenta, which is disastrous for the mother and the growing child.
  • To have an elevated body temperature during the first trimester is hazardous for the baby and heightens the chance of spinal malformation in the developing foetus.

So, if your craving for a bronzy body isn’t ready to curb down, you can always consider an option of dusting your body with bronze power. Choose a reputed brand and get your temporary tan, but stay away from tanning beds!

We hope this article helps you resolve your doubts regarding tanning beds and pregnancy. Moms, if you have any comments on this article, please share them with us at.

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