5 Best Techniques To Deal With Back Labor

Techniques To Deal With Back Labor

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Do you experience intense back pain during your final trimester of pregnancy? Has your gynecologist diagnosed you with back labor? If yes, you can relate to the following post.

The intense back pain makes for unbearable circumstances. Most women are unaware of the causes, symptoms and effective preventive measures to get rid of back labor. So, read our post and educate yourself here.

What Is Back Labor Like?

The intense pain and discomfort that you often experience in the lower back is back labor. It occurs due to the abnormal positioning of the baby. Moreover, the pain becomes unbearable during the phase of contractions.

The painful condition leads to an irregular contraction pattern and prolongs the pushing stage (1).

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What Causes Back Labor?

The most common cause of back labor is the abnormal positioning of the baby. In most cases, the babies’ face points towards the mothers’ back. Such a position is favorable for the mother and smooth delivery. The position is known as the occiput anterior position.

But when the baby faces your abdomen, it can induce an additional pressure on the sacrum (the tailbone). This is the occiput posterior position. It elevates the condition of back labor in the pregnant moms. As the occiputal bone of the baby’s skull aligns itself pointing towards the posterior section of the mother’s pelvis, it increases uneasiness with intense discomfort during labor.

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Symptoms Of Back Labor:

Some of the symptoms of back labor include:

  • Mothers with back labor are prone to encounter slow progress of labor.
  • With the baby positioned towards the posterior position, you are expected to go into the labor, after her due date.
  • Mothers with posterior babies may not feel the contractions even after the water breaks. Irregular labor contraction is a common sign of back labor.
  • It is common for a posterior baby to take a longer time to get positioned in the mother’s womb. The mother needs to devote longer time for labor pushing.

How To Get Back Labor Relief?

There are two basic approaches to deal with the back labor pain:

  • Apply effective techniques to change the position of the fetus.
  • Assist the laboring mom with appropriate comfort measures.

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5 Techniques To Improve Fetal Position And Get Relieved From Back Labor:

Different exercising techniques such as squatting, walking, and pelvic tilts can help to improve the fetal position and reduce the labor complexities.

  1. Squatting: The effective exercising position squatting during the first and second stages of labor help open your pelvic outlet and enhance smooth rotation of the fetus.
  1. Sitting On A Birth Ball: Exercises like sitting on the birth ball can help in swaying the pelvic region and helps to bring the baby down.
  1. Pelvic Tilts: Different forms of pelvic hip movements like hula hooping, rocking or swaying initiates the fetus to move down towards the birthing canal.
  1. Getting Down On Hands And Knees: You can get down on your hands and knees on a plain surface like floor or bed. The posture helps in the fetal movements, and the baby can rotate eventually.
  1. Strong Counter Pressure: With the application of a strong counter pressure on the back portion, you may be able to get relief (2).

With proper knowledge of such effective techniques, laboring mothers can get relieved from the stressful condition of back labor.

Did you experience back labor in your pregnancy? How did you deal with such painful situation?

Share your complete story here!

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