7 Tips To Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

7 Tips To Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

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Days in the life of an expectant mother revolve around morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. There is a lot of frustration and getting your mind off of it is something that most mothers look for. How about distracting yourself from these woes by focusing on bonding with your baby? Yes, you heard it right – bonding with your baby. You don’t have to wait for the baby to arrive into the world for you to bond with him – it can begin right from the womb. Bonding with the child goes a long way in establishing the child’s personality and your relationship with him. If babies bond well with parents they would sleep better, eat well, be less fussy, and are likely to become independent and secure adults.

Bonding may come naturally to some mothers, but some may struggle to make it happen. Read on to understand how you can bond with your baby.

  1. Touch: You will most likely touch your bump as a matter of habit or just to feel it. Continue doing that, as it reassures your baby and makes him feel protected. Studies show that babies can tell the difference between the parents and stranger’s touch (1). Isn’t that remarkable?
  1. Talk: The baby starts recognizing voices from the 20th week. So you can start talking and narrating stories to your baby. You can read out books with all your expressions. You can tell him about how your day was and share all interesting details. After he is born, he will turn towards you whenever you speak, because he has spent many days listening to your voice.
  1. Music: Soft music is always soothing to everyone, and the same applies to your baby. Play some good music or even better sing a peppy song for him. Your baby will recognize the tunes when it’s played later. Research shows that listening to music lays the foundation for your baby’s language skills (2).
  1. Visualize: Your mind is a powerful tool. It will construct what you want to see. So, visualize all good things such as holding your baby, playing with him, and enjoying those beautiful moments. In short, keep sending positive vibrations. It has a positive effect on your baby even after birth.
  1. Check up time: When it’s time for your monthly checkup, tell your baby that the doctor is going to check how he is doing in there and also show you how he is developing by each month. You can talk about the scan to him – describe his features and tell him how desperate you are to hold him in your hands.
  1. Reciprocate: Your baby will most likely start kicking you when you are about to relax. Respond to him by rubbing, nudging, talking, or touching the area where he kicks.
  1. Exercise, yoga, or meditation: Yoga and meditation will not only keep you calm but will also have a positive influence on your baby. Involve yourself in physical activity and pass on the feel-good factors to your baby.

With the growing trend of shooting those pregnancy bumps, you can follow suit with those beautiful pregnancy photo shoots. Make it even more special by holding the corresponding scan pictures in every trimester and capture the moments. Make sure you save the pictures to show all of them to your baby later. He will certainly love it.

It’s imperative to make the baby feel safe and secure from the womb so that he carries the same through his adulthood. Now that you know how important bonding is, we are sure you would start connecting to your baby and lay the foundation for a beautiful mother-child relationship ahead. Happy parenting to you.

So, how did you bond with your baby during your pregnancy? Do share your wonderful experience.

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