5 Useful Tips To Improve Concentration In Kids

Improve Concentration In Kids

Are you constantly worried about your kid’s lack of concentration and his deteriorating academic performance? Have you tried various ways to make your kid pay attention to his studies, but all in vain? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

A lack of concentration in their kids is a common complaint among parents. With so many distractions around, it is natural for your kid to struggle focussing on his books. Read on to know a few practical ways on how to improve concentration in kids! Want to know more? Read on!

The amount of time your kid will be able to concentrate greatly depends on his age and practice. If your kid has never sat down to focus, it will initially be difficult for him to do so.

Tips To Improve Concentration In Kids

Here are 5 simple and practical ways on how to improve concentration in kids:

1. Set Goals:

Very often, your kid can get bored of what he is doing, and his concentration will waver.

  • Set realistic goals for your kid.
  • As your kid sits down to study, divide the parts into various categories.
  • Keep a set amount of time during which your kid has to read every day without a break.
  • Similarly, ask your kid to practice his writing activities daily.
  • Your kid should spend at least 15 minutes in one activity before he starts speaking or doing anything else in between.
  • You may reward him with token gifts when he finishes a task well.

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2. Practice Using Fun Activities:

Your kid will always pay more attention when the subject spells fun.

  • Use your kid’s spare time and weekends to focus on fun filled concentration games for kids.
  • You could hand out easy or difficult coloring sheets to your kid depending on his age.
  • Engage your kid in various activities based on the play-way method of learning. You can give him jigsaw puzzles, crossword, find the words, find the picture and spot the difference activities. Your kid will learn to focus on a task and enjoy it too!
  • You can later utilize these methods while teaching him.

3. Simple Breathing Exercises:

Adequate amount of oxygen helps the brain function properly! Therefore concentration exercises for kids are required.

  • Teach your kid some simple breathing exercises. If your kid does not seem interested, practice the breathing exercises together.
  • Your kid can do the breathing exercise in a room, near a window, on the terrace or in the garden.
  • Ask your kid to lie on his back. Place a toy on his tummy. Now ask him to breathe in deeply and raise the toy as high as he can without touching it. If the toy moves high, it means his lungs are full of air.
  • You can encourage your kid to breathe better by giving him a musical toy like harmonica. Another fun way to try this is to ask him to blow bubbles.

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4. Read A Fairytale:

Sitting with your kid and reading out interesting stories will help him listen better and focus.

  • Get books that match your kid’s interest and age. Read them out loud.
  • Once your kid starts enjoying these reading sessions, introduce new books.
  • Lower your volume a little when you see your kid paying attention. It will help your kid listen and concentrate better.
  • As a fun interactive session, you can ask questions about the story at the end of a reading session.

5. Give Daily Responsibilities:

Simple daily tasks that require order can help to improve concentration in kids.

  • Depending on your kid’s age, hand out responsibilities like setting the table, making a kiddie sandwich with you, sorting the cupboard and the like.
  • If you have a collection of books, ask your kid to sort them in an alphabetical order.
  • Change the tasks on a regular basis so that your kid does not lose interest.

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Lack of concentration can cause various problems at school as well as in later life. Simple activities and your constant motivation can help your kid pay attention better.

Did your kid find it difficult to concentrate? Did any particular activity help him focus? Do share your experience here.

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