Top 3 Precautions To Take During Pregnancy By 17 Experts

Precautions to Take During Pregnancy The most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is pregnancy. It is very important to take an extra care by women during pregnancy. All you need is to know the essential tips, ideas and remedies for a healthy and beautiful pregnancy. Keeping in thought about our avid readers, we have conducted an expert roundup to give the best tips. Here are the effective health care and beauty care tips during pregnancy, we received from the most renowned beauty experts, gynecologists, health and fitness experts.

1. Kim Griffiths:Kim Griffiths

1. Question your doctors. You are your own best advocate whether undergoing fertility treatment to conceive, routine care with an OB-GYN, or monitoring by a high risk pregnancy doctor. You have the right to be an integral part of your treatment team and to fully understand the what’s and why’s of your treatment.

2. Take the advice of your friends and family with a grain of salt. So your cousin had three glasses of wine during her pregnancy, fish every Friday, venti lattes each morning, and everything turned out fine? Good for her. Talk to your doctor about food, alcohol, and caffeine concerns, then decide what feels right for you.

3. Educate yourself, but don’t believe everything Dr. Google has to say. The internet is chock full of information. Some of it is accurate; a lot of it is not. Find trusted resources and talk to other expectant moms. The pregnancy and parenting forums at are a great place to start!

Kim Griffiths Web site:

2.  Dima Al-Mahsiri:Dima L Mahasiri

1. Pregnancy and your Skin:

Though some pregnant women are blessed with the so-called “glow of pregnancy”, some may not. Skin discoloration and acne (also called a pregnancy mask) can occur during pregnancy, causing mom-to-be to start looking for a skin care treatment.

Make sure to avoid the following skin care ingredients:

# Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) known for smoothing wrinkles and preventing breakouts. Whether topical or oral, you should not take Retinoids during pregnancy since it may have toxic effects on the fetus.

# Salicylic Acid is an excellent acne treatment, but you should substitute it with safer acne treatments. Remember to ask your dermatologist first.

# Hydroquinone is another ingredient that you should avoid. Hydroquinone is found in hyper-pigmentation treatments and lighteners. It is always better to concentrate on prevention by using a sunblock with physical ingredients like zinc and titanium dioxide. If dark spots have already formed, try vitamin C creams and serums, which can brighten your skin naturally.

2. Pregnancy and Your Nails:

Nail art can be fun to do, but in case you are pregnant, you should avoid salons where there is a strong odor, and also avoid removers and nail polishes as they contain acetonitrile.

3. Pregnancy and Your Hair:

Thanks to estrogen, your hair grows thicker, and shinier. In case you need to dye your hair during pregnancy, make sure to wear gloves and dye your hair in a well-ventilated room. You may try highlighting or streaking which involves less contact with the scalp, thus less risk.

Looking after your beauty during pregnancy is recommended, but you should keep in mind that consulting your doctor is a must.

Dima L Mahasiri Website:

3. Heather Flett:Heather Flett

1. There’s no way to be a perfect mom, but there are many ways to be a perfectly good one. Treat yourself as you would for a good friend.

2. Take time for yourself and your adult relationships. Remember your friends. Your partner and your besties will be a lifeline.

3. Stock your freezer with healthy meals.

Heather Flett Website:

4. Rachel Southern:Rachel Southern

1. Always check the packaging before taking medication. There’s an awful lot of tablets/medicine that seem relatively harmless, but can be quite dangerous if taken during pregnancy.

2. If you’re planning a holiday, check with the individual airline regarding what their policy is regarding up to how many weeks pregnant they will agree to fly you. And check with your doctor beforehand too.

3. You are not ‘eating for two’. You’re eating for yourself and for your tiny baby. Small healthy portions consumed frequently during the day will leave you feeling much better than binging on cake (and your post-pregnancy body will thank you for it too).

Rachel Southern Website:

5. Tamara Walker:Tamara Walker

1. Prenatal Care: Begin prenatal care as soon as possible. Prenatal care is important for both the health of the baby and the mother and can minimize and/or prevent complications with regular checkups.

2. Weight gain: Many moms-to-be are concerned with gaining too much weight during their pregnancy, while others see pregnancy as a time to eat as much as they want. Gaining either too little weight or too much weight can have a negative impact on your health and the health of your baby. Consult with your healthcare provider to determine a healthy amount of weight gain for you and strive to eat a healthy, nutritious diet throughout your pregnancy.

3. Medications: Always consult with your healthcare provider before taking any medication during pregnancy. He or she should provide you with a list of medications deemed safe for pregnancy and will determine if you should continue taking any prescription medications you may have been taking before your pregnancy.

Tamara Walker Website:

6. Jessica Gottileb:Jessica Gottileb

1. Eat healthy and seasonal foods, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re craving chili cheese fries because there’s a time and a place for that too.

2. You’re pregnant not sick. Enjoy your life and continue to exercise. I know I looked ridiculous on the golf course, but there was no reason to stop playing. Soccer might be a bad idea, but most activities you enjoyed before you can continue to enjoy.

3. I hated being pregnant. I felt crazy. I was scared to give birth. Some of my friends love being pregnant and enjoyed the birth too. The moment my daughter was born was the first moment in my life that I intuitively knew what to do. If you hate being pregnant it doesn’t mean you’ll hate motherhood. They are two different things

Jessica Gottileb Webiste:

7. Jo Dunlop:Jo Dunlop

1. Cut down on Caffeine

2. Limit alcohol to one unit per week

3. Increase omega 3 intake

Jo Dunlop Website:

8. Len Saunders:Len Saunders

1. Always communicate with your doctor to find out what you can and can’t do during the pregnancy. Every visit should convey this. Sometimes, women still go to the gym, lift heavy weights, etc…which may not be safe.

2. Remember, you are eating for two, so eat healthy. Whatever you are eating, your baby is also eating. This includes what you drink as well (alcohol, caffeine).

3. Get plenty of rest to help strengthen your immune system….as sick Mom may equal a sick baby.

Len Saunders Website:

9. Carole Thorpe:Carole Thorpe

1. Learning everything you can do about maintaining a healthy pregnancy and giving birth in the safest and most comfortable way possible for you and your baby.

This includes researching evidence based birth practices and making informed choices about your pregnancy and childbirth that you feel are best for you and your baby. Learn about the risks and benefits to your health and safety, and your baby’s health and safety for each of your choices. Then research prenatal care providers and the facilities where they practice. Ask about the intervention rates of your prenatal care provider, the group your provider practices with, and the facility where you are considering giving birth. Being informed and making choices based on the best evidence studies, and then choosing a provider and a birth place that supports those choices, is the most important precaution to take during pregnancy.

2. Choosing an independent preparation for birth program.

After researching all your options and learning about what is safest for you and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth, find a birth preparation course that teaches about the risks and benefits of your options as a consumer of prenatal services. Classes taught in birth facilities tend to teach information about the birth process based on the “protocols” and “rules” of the facility, and may not accurately share information needed to make a fully informed choice. A thorough preparation for birth course should include a process for eliminating the fear of birth that mothers learn in the media, through stories told to them by their family and friends, and possibly even from their own prior experiences with birth. The tone of this fear eliminating information should be encouraging, supportive and positive about the normalcy of physiologic birth, rather than a warning tone about what to expect as if the experience of childbirth could possibly be exactly the same for every woman.

3. Based on your choices, invest yourself fully in them.

If you’ve learned about optimal nutrition for pregnancy, eat well. If you know that moderate exercise help mothers to have easy labors, start doing exercises. If you come to understand that stress isn’t good for expectant mothers and their babies, do what you can to reduce or eliminate stress in your life. If you’ve decided you would like a natural birth, choose and fully invest yourself in a preparation for a birth program that you believe will help you create the birth experience you want. If you’ve decided to have an epidural is the best thing for you and your baby, find someone who will support you with your choice, and still plan for other means of having an easier and more comfortable labor up until the time when you are able to have your epidural. Mothers who make informed choices about what is best for themselves and their babies are most able to create the experience of pregnancy and birth that they find ideal.

Carole Thorpe Website:

10. Susanna Scott:Susanna Scott

1. Buy a few key pieces of maternity clothing, opt loose fitting clothes in the third trimester because a nice frock always makes you feel comfortable.

2. Don’t go crazy with baby items like the baby wipe warmer – you won’t need them!

3. Take a last trip with your partner before the baby is born since it is not possible to make time afterwards.

Susanna Scott Webiste:

11. Erica:Erica

1. Avoid over-doing it! There is so much going on w/your body that you must listen to those signals when it’s time to slow down, such as being tired, nauseous, lightheaded, etc.

2. Be aware of balance being off as your pregnancy progresses. Due to your belly growing it changes your center of gravity so as often as possible, wear comfy and supportive shoes that can help minimize potential falls.

3. Roll to your side and use your arms to help you get up instead of “crunching” to get it. This can help you avoid overusing your recurs abdominals thus could decrease your risk for abdominal separation.

Erica Website:

12. Amy Morrison:Amy Morrison

1. Wear your seat belt: No matter what damage you think could happen to your baby if you’re wearing a seatbelt, it pales in comparison to what could happen if you weren’t. Wear the belt low to the hip bones and below the belly, use the shoulder belt as well. Don’t tuck the belt under the arms. Use the airbags along with your seatbelt. Buckle up and stay safe.

2. Keep and eye out for preeclampsia: It’s when your blood vessels constrict for no apparent reason causing your blood pressure to rise. The blood pressure levels can change invariably, so check out for these symptoms and shuffle on down to see your healthcare provider if any of them crop up: swelling of the hands, face and eyes in particular, sudden weight gain, nausea and vomiting that kinda comes out of left field, severe pain below your ribs and/or shoulder pain, or headaches and/or changes in vision.

3. Be mindful of listeria: It has the potential to be present in all foods and it’s one of the nastier bacteria’s that pregnant women are 20 times more likely to become infected by it than non-pregnant healthy adults. Just exercise a little common sense and caution around food and preparation, but really, if you plan to eat during your pregnancy, you run the risk of coming in contact with listeria so don’t sweat it too much.

Amy Morrison Website:

13. Erin White:Erin White

1. Listen to your body! If it’s telling you to sleep, sleep. If it’s telling you to ease up or take the exercise down a notch, do it!

2. Your brain takes a while to adapt to your new pregnant body! It’s possible to be in great shape, yet get winded walking across the room when you’re pregnant. Give yourself a break; you’re growing a baby!

3. Don’t fret about the weight gain if you have a hard time seeing that scale creep up. You have plenty of time to worry about that after the pregnancy — and the baby will be a good distraction from that concern.

Erin White head Webiste:

14. Renae Cruz:Renae Cruz

1. Be sure to make it to your scheduled doctor visits. It is during these visits that your doctor can determine whether the pregnancy is going well or not. If there is an issue, your doctor will usually be able to help.

2. Make sure you are eating healthfully. Your baby is eating whatever you eat, so if your diet is full of cheeseburgers and fries, your babies will be too. Take your prenatal (quick tip – if you are having a difficult time taking them, look for prenatal gummy vitamins!) Please, please, please be sure to stop smoking while pregnant. Your baby will be healthier and much more likely to avoid illnesses later in life.

3. Don’t stress yourself out! Whether it is your first baby or your last, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to do. Make yourself a list and be sure to accomplish one small thing each week. It will allow you to prepare slowly so when your bundle of joy arrives, things will be ready.

Renae Cruz Website:

15. Katie Sexton:Katie Sexton

1. Try to avoid caffeinated products during pregnancy. Caffeine is both a stimulant and a diuretic. Can cause issues with blood pressure, as well as dehydration, causing you to urinate more, which in hand reduce your body’s fluid levels. Can also cross the placenta and baby cannot metabolize it as easy as you can. Products that contain caffeine are not only coffee, but also teas, chocolate, soda, and some of the headache medicines.

2. When it comes to dying hair, due to the chemicals found in hair dyes that are constantly changing, it is suggested that you wait until at least the second or third trimester if you have to dye your hair. Always wear gloves when applying chemicals, and be careful with the fumes. Try to use vegetable based dyes like Henna and such, which are safer to use during pregnancy.

3. Hydrate, especially during the summer months. Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times. Fill it up whenever you get low, but drink, drink, and drink some more. Also, while out in the sun, be careful about getting sunburns. Too much sun can trigger early labor. The skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, and you can burn a lot quicker, and the sun can drain the body of fluids. Again, hydrate, use extra sun block, wear protective clothing like hats, cover ups, sun glasses, and minimize your time in the sun!

Katie Sexton Website:

16. Cristen:Cristen

1. No heavy lifting

2. Stay hydrated

3. Sleep on your left side to prevent blood flow problems

Cristen c Website:

17. Amber:Amber

1. When women are pregnant, I think they are more aware of what they put in and on their body. I believe it’s really important to remember that what goes on your body goes into your body. Not just when you are pregnant. I know having a baby really opens a lot of people’s eyes to all the toxic chemicals we are exposed to in everyday products in our homes.

2. I think mommies to be should look for products that are toxic free and Certified Organic and not be fooled by tricky labeling that says “natural ingredients”.

3. When preparing for baby by nesting and cleaning choose natural cleaners that are toxic free.

This isn’t really a precaution, but I think it would be great to prepare for baby by considering cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. By using cloth diapers you reduce your child’s exposure to chemicals and they are just freaking adorable!

Amber website:

I thank each and every expert featured in this post who gave their amazing tips on pregnancy care. Which of these expert’s measures you will follow? Do not forget to share your thoughts as well as queries if any through the comment section.

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