5 Helpful Tips For Traveling The World With Your Kids


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Have you been postponing your foreign holiday ever since you had your baby? Do you love traveling but are worried that it may be a challenge for your kid? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Family holidays are a lot of fun! Are you longing to explore your dream destination with your family? Delay no more! Find out some handy tips in this article that can help you travel smart with your kid and make your trip enjoyable! Want to know more? Read on!

Tips For Traveling The World With Kids:

Here are some tips for travelling with kids to make that perfect travel plan:

1. Check The Passports:

It is undoubtedly the most important point to check.

Your kid may have a passport, but is it still valid? As soon as you think of travelling with children, start checking all documents for validity. Different countries demand an extra duration of validity. You may think you will be back before the passport expires, but if there is not enough extra time, a foreign country may deny you a tourist visa and upset your travel with children plans.

  • You will probably need to re-apply for your kid’s passport. Visit the official passport portal of your country and read the requirements. Sit down with a notebook and pen down all the important points. It will help you prepare a to-do list. Click a set of passport size photographs of your kid. You may require a few for his passport and other travel related documents.
  • Passport offices are always brimming with people. Waiting for long hours and standing in queues can make your kid cranky. Get an appointment for an early slot, preferably on a week day. So that you are back home by afternoon and your kid can get some rest.

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2. Keep A Copy Of Documents In Your Inbox:

You may have the documents ready for your kid’s travel but sometimes you may need additional copies. It can be a tricky situation when you are so far away from home.

  • Scan all the important documents related to your kid’s travel and save them in your inbox. As a precaution, you may mail it to your partner as well.
  • Keep a few copies handy in your travel folder too.

3. Plan Your Trip Carefully:

You may think this is your golden chance of travelling around the world with kids and what better than to optimize the opportunity, right? Wrong.

  • Your kid is likely to feel tired after a long flight. It means that by the time you reach your hotel, all your kid wants to do is sleep. Spare enough time for rest while planning your itinerary. It will ensure that your kid does not suffer from fatigue or illnesses. It will also ensure your kid is not cranky and can enjoy the trip better. Keep your itinerary a little flexible, with some free days in between for rest.
  • For the rest of the trip, make a list of places that are a must visit with kids. Check the distance from your hotel. Check whether some tourist spots are in the same area so that you can visit all of them on the same day. Also, find out the mode of transportations available within the city you are visiting.

4. Consult Your Doctor:

Traveling to an exotic destination may take a toll on your kid’s health, especially with the change in climate.

  • Take your kid to a doctor and tell him about your travel plans. Ask him if your kid needs to take any special precautionary measures.
  • Ask for all the emergency medicines that you need to carry.
  • Remember to ask your doctor if he knows anyone in the city you are visiting whom you can contact during a medical emergency.
  • Some airlines and airports are very strict about medicines that you can carry during travel. Ask your doctor to provide a prescription for the same.

5. Prepare For The Change:

Your destination may be different in terms of climate, food and other conditions. Preparing for the change is a way to travel smart.

  • Check the weather conditions and pack clothes for your kid accordingly.
  • Find out about the eating options at the place you are planning to visit. You may feel that the cuisine is very different from your baby’s regular food. Find out if any restaurant serves your indigenous cuisine.
  • Important to carry–shoes that suit your plan of activity, a stroller, some extra pillows, and blankets. You can also pack some food cans for your kid if he finds the local food unpalatable initially. Also, remember to carry all medical records and a medical box.

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Apart from these very important tips, sit down and learn more about the place you are planning to visit and pack accordingly. Always carry extra provisions for your kid. Make sure you keep an extra set of clothes for your kid on the plane, comfortable shoes and some snacks handy.

Traveling the world with kids will be a new, exciting and memorable moment if you plan well in advance and pack wisely.

Did you travel abroad with your kid? What are your special tips while on the go? Do share your views with other moms here to help them out too.

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