5 Types Of Ear Problems And Their Symptoms & Treatments

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Babies from birth can recognize sounds and voices. You will see your newborn responding to familiar sounds like your voice or lullaby. In fact, you will notice that a new born usually gets startled by the unfamiliar high pitched sound. You may be surprised to learn that your little one can hear well than you. Those little ears play a big role in learning about the world.

If you find your baby covering his ears when there is loud noise, do not panic. He is doing this because the sound is much sharper to him than it is to you. But if you see him doing this in regular situations, even at normal volume, do talk to your pediatrician. This can be a sign of hearing disorder.

Stages Of Ear Development:

Here are the various stages of ear development in your baby, age by age:

1. At 3 Months:

By 3months of age your baby’s brain develops. This helps in language, hearing and other receptors to be active.

  • With this part going crazily active, your infant may stare, smile or communicate with you.
  • Though babbling and listening may take time at this point, your baby will surely concentrate hard and try to read yours.

2. At 4 Months:

Though your baby might not be able to join you as he is very little, but he or she can hear your voice.

  • Your darling will react excitedly.
  • He or she will try to copy your lips by watching you and utter words like a, m, b.

3. At 6 Months:

This is the time for your baby to turn his or her head and understand where the sound is coming from.

  • Your baby will recognize familiar sounds.
  • You will find your baby respond to new sounds.

4. At 12 Months:

By the time your baby is a year old:

  • He or she will recognize every possible sound.
  • He or she will try to join you.

Types Of Ear Problems And Symptoms:

The following are the various types of ear problems that your baby could possibly face:

1. Outer Ear Infection:

In many cases, ear infections are caused due to swimming. Cold too plays an important role in causing ear infection.

Symptoms include:

  • Tenderness.
  • Itchiness.
  • Discharge.
  • Your baby will pull the ear constantly.
  • Will cry a lot.
  • Fever.
  • Dizziness.
  • Failing to hear you.
  • Loss of appetite.

2. Ear wax:

The outer portion of the ear produces wax to protect the ear.

  • This needs to be cleaned off with damp washer.
  • Cotton buds are generally not recommended as it can cause damage to the ear and may not clean the wax as well.

3. Object Inserted:

If your child has put something into the ear playfully, do not try to take it yourself.

  • This can cause injury.
  • Visit your doctor to remove the object.

4. Glue Ear:

Inflammation in the middle ear causes secretion of fluid in the lining.

  • The fluid is thick like glue.
  • Glue ear may cause serious hearing problem.

5. Inner Ear Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss can occur in the inner ear, while the outer and middle area remains fine.

Most newborn babies go through the hearing test at birth.

Reasons For Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss can occur due to the following reason:

  • Family history of deafness.
  • If your child was born premature.
  • Was on medication that lead to hearing loss.
  • Birth complication.
  • Prone to ear infection.
  • Infection like meningitis can also cause hearing loss.
  • Baby spent time in the neonatal care unit after birth.


Visit your specialist for any kind of ear problem. The doctor will assess your baby’s ear before prescribing antibiotics.

  • A follow up is important after a month to check for the infection.
  • Taking rest is very important.
  • Apply heat to the ears with a piece of cloth to ease the pain.
  • Use ear drops suggested by your doctor.

There is no pain worse than ear ache. A mild pain too can make your baby miserable and cranky. Do consult your doctor immediately if you suspect ear infection.

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