The Ultimate Twin Pregnancy Care Checklist

Ultimate Twin Pregnancy Care Checklist

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So you’ve decided to start a family! Having a baby is a big decision to take, and there are many changes that come along with your little one’s arrival. How different is it if you are expecting twins? Well, it can mean double the joy, and yes, double the care as well. If you’re pregnant with twins, or simply want to know what measures to take while expecting twins, keep reading our post on twin pregnancy care.

Healthy Eating:

Pregnancy is the time when you need to focus on healthy eating if you haven’t done that already; you need to start immediately. If you are expecting twins, you’ll have to pay closer attention to your diet. As an expecting mom, you need to increase your daily calorie intake. Moms expecting twins need around 350-450 extra calories in a day to meet their and their baby’s nutritional needs.

If you want to know how to take care of twin pregnancy, make sure you maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, as gaining too much weight can have a negative impact on your twins. Include more fiber-rich foods in your diet to prevent constipation and improve your digestive health. Also increase your fluid uptake to and hydrate yourself during this time. You could also have a talk with your physician about taking probiotics supplements to improve your digestive health.

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Staying Active:

One of the biggest misconceptions about pregnancy is that exercising could be harmful to you and your baby. Several studies emphasize the importance of exercising during pregnancy- it helps you maintain a healthy weight, keeps you active and energetic and also helps reduce any labor or delivery complications.

However, you should avoid certain exercises and perform only low-impact and cardio routines during pregnancy. If you are unsure about what exercises to perform, seek the guidance of an expert trainer, and learn some gentle and light exercises that you could try every day to stay active and energetic.

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Medication Care:

If you have been taking any medications before you get pregnant, you may have to speak to your doctor about any changes in your medication. Make sure the medications you are on don’t affect your baby. Also, you may need to take certain supplements, particularly, iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin D supplements to make sure there’s enough for you and your babies.

You need to follow the correct dosage your physician prescribes to reduce any health risks due to the overuse of supplements.

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Get Some Rest:

Pregnancy can be a draining task, and expecting twins can sap you physically and mentally. If you’re expecting twins, be sure to get enough rest during most of your pregnancy. Make sure you stick to a healthy weight gain program and include some light physical activity (under the guidance of your doctor or a proper trainer). If you’re experience problems finding the correct sleeping position, you could also consider using some pillows and cushions for support. Remember that you need to rest well and have a good night’s sleep every day.

Studies conclude that women with twins are at a higher risk of suffering from early labor. If you’re expecting twins, make sure you’re aware of the early signs of labor, and seek medical help immediately if you notice any of them.

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It is also advisable visit the doctor every few weeks to keep track of the progress of your babies.

We hope these simple twin pregnancy care tips help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy? Do you know of any tips on how to take care of twins pregnancy? Have you given birth to twins? What precautions did your doctor prescribe? Tell us your story below. Fellow moms would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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