4 Useful Tips Of Using Doppler Fetal Monitor At Home

4 useful tips of using doppler fetal monitor at home

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Being pregnant and looking forward to having a baby makes you anxious in more ways than you can imagine. While the hormonal balance makes you more emotional, you also tend to be always eager to know the well-being of the little one inside of you.

Many electronic tools exist today to help you know your baby’s health and progress on a regular basis. One such tool to monitor the baby’s health is the Doppler fetal monitor.

What Is A Doppler Fetal Monitor?

A Doppler fetal monitor is used to detect and measure the heart rate of your baby through its various stages of development.

  • It is a noninvasive way to monitor your baby’s heartbeat.
  • It emits and receives ultrasonic sound waves.
  • The changes and varying wavelength of these waves help measure the heart attack.

It is very small, easy to carry, portable and accessible to all. If you want to use the device or buy it for personal use, it is readily available with the chemists and can also be ordered online.

Why Doctors Do Not Recommend Its Use At Home?

While many midwives feel that it is perfectly safe to use, the doctors are against the use of this device due to below mentioned reasons.

  • Use Of Ultrasonic Waves:The device depends and uses the ultrasonic waves and change in their frequency to transmit and detect the heartbeat of your baby. These are waves of high frequency that could hamper normal development.
  • Wrong Understanding Of Noises:If you are not trained to use the monitor, you could easily mistake the noise of your bowel movements, placement, blood and other body fluids with that of your baby’s heartbeat. This may get you worried over nothing.

We strongly recommend you avoid doing the same at home, or if you wish to, first speak with your doctor.

Tips For Use Of The Home Doppler Fetal Heartbeat Monitor :

If you decide to use the monitor at home, make sure you take proper training. Teach yourself on how to distinguish and recognize your baby’s heart beat from all other movements inside your body. Here are a few tips for using the monitor:

1. Learn:

First of all know how to use the monitor. Ask your doctor or some trained medical practitioner to teach you how to hear the sounds correctly. 

2. Right Choice:

If you decide to go ahead and buy a monitor at home, make sure you buy a good quality one. That will assure accurate readings.

3. Buy Right Products:

Once you buy the monitor you might need to buy some additional stuff, like gels, towels, etc. Always buy only the approved and recommended products to avoid any kind of complications.

4. Routine Checkup’s:

You might feel that you can stay assured, based on the readings of the Doppler monitor. But it is important that you go for all your regular appointments with your doctor. This would give you a better and clear picture of your baby’s health and your own well-being.

It is one thing to rely on a device for information, and quite another to let it guide you when it comes to you and your baby’s health. While you might be able to use the monitor smartly, don’t let it guide you completely.

Use it only as a reference point and go to your doctor when you feel the need and don’t miss an appointment. Remember, your doctor knows best, so ensure you discuss everything with her first!

Have you used Fetal Doppler Monitor at home? Do share your views and experiences with us on the same:

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