7 Useful Ways Of Keeping Stress At Bay During Pregnancy

Bay During Pregnancy

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Congratulations! You are a mommy-to-be!!

While the good news is revealed and congratulations are pouring in, another thing that may slowly and surely creep in is stress.

Yes, being stressed during your pregnancy is extremely common. While it can obviously cause you problems if you are stressed out, medical experts say that stress also affects your unborn baby.

Can Stress During Pregnancy Affect The Baby?

When you start getting stressed during pregnancy, it directly affects the growth of your baby. The blood flow to your baby is stopped and all the essential nutrients are not supplied properly to your baby.

In order to make sure you are in good health and your baby is doing fine, it is important to reduce and if possible remove all stress during early pregnancy.

7 Wonderful Ways To Ease Stress During Pregnancy:

The following tips can be of great help for stress management during pregnancy and to be happy:

1. Speak It Out:

Yes, communication while you are pregnant is of supreme importance.

  • Talk to people around you and release the stress.
  • Be it your partner, friend, mother, colleague or doctor; it is important that you express your feelings, tensions and worries.
  • You will get a fair idea about the difficulties and risk factors.
  • This will help reduce your stress considerably.
  • Talk to friends who have had babies to reduce your anxiety.

2. Engage Yourself In Physical Exercise:

Before you begin on this one, you need to talk to your doctor first and get a ‘go ahead’.

  • Engage yourself in activities that are not too strenuous, but will help keep you busy for a few hours.
  • Being occupied with something else other than thoughts of your pregnancy and delivery will be the ultimate stress buster.

3. Take Rest:

When you feel too stressed, just retrospect about the daily routine. Are you taxing your body too much?

  • Your body demands a little extra rest during pregnancy.
  • Keeping it in an over exhausted mode may create tension.
  • Take a quick nap in the afternoon or go to bed an hour early so that you can cover the backlog.

4. Eat Well And Think Well:

A healthy body has a healthy mind.

  • Eat adequate quantities of necessary nutrients and keep the chemical balance adequate.
  • Doctors say that Omega-3, vitamins and minerals keep the mood in a perfect state and boost the feeling of well-being.
  • Fresh fruits, milk, nuts, fish, and dairy products are rich sources of nutrition.

5. Be Ready For The ‘Big Day’:

It is quite natural that you have are feeling anxious about the day when your labor pains start.

  • The best way to cope with this stress is to know as much as possible about it.
  • Talk to women who have recently experienced labors. Ask about the extent of discomfort and pain, recovery time, pre and post precautions. Seek advice and tips from them.
  • Attend antenatal classes along with your spouse where you will be explained the entire process in the form of audio-visual slides.
  • In the case of a planned caesarean, discuss post-operative care and complications that may arise.

6. Meditation, Breathing Techniques And Alternate Therapies:

There is no harm in looking for harmless alternate therapies like Reiki or reflexology.

  • Chakra balancing or energy healing also helps in reducing mental stress and anxiety.
  • Practicing yogic exercises and breathing techniques reduce stress level.
  • They calm down the body and help you feel much relaxed and relieved.
  • A sound sleep is triggered by these exercises.
  • Alternate therapies are safe and effective, but should definitely be checked with the doctor first.

7. Laughter Is The Best Medicine:

Keep some time for recreation.

  • Watch light movies, comedy shows or cartoon films that make you laugh.
  • It is not only good for you, but for your growing baby as well.
  • Studies indicate that there is an incredible impact of the surroundings on the development of an unborn baby.


  • Think about everything that makes you stressful during pregnancy and try to avoid these as much as possible. Focus on the positive things and remain cheerful.
  • Try simple methods that bring happiness in your life. Think about the wonderful days that are waiting ahead as your baby arrives, and say good bye to all that stress.

Your overall mood during pregnancy finally affects how your baby’s disposition will be in life. If you are happy while pregnant, your baby will be a happy baby too! Plus it will be healthy for both you and your baby if you are stress-free.

Have more tips for a stress-free pregnancy? Do share them in the comment section below.

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