10 Effective Ways To Build Confidence In Toddlers

Ways To Build Confidence In Toddlers

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Do you take pride in your toddler’s growing skill sets? Do you want to help him overcome his shyness and grow confident too? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

As a parent, your duty is not just to provide food, clothing and shelter for your toddler but also to prepare him to face the world. It is your responsibility to develop your little darling into a confident individual. Are you looking for some tips on help how to build confidence in toddlers? Fret not! Go ahead and give this post a read!

1. Encourage Him To Solve Problems:

If your toddler is struggling with a task, do not try to solve his problem instead show him how he can himself deal with a tricky situation. By doing this, you will help your toddler learn to tackle his problems independently without your spoon feeding.

2. Motivate Your Toddler:

Motivate your toddler to learn new things. For example, take him to the garden and encourage him to water the plants. He will feel his responsibility towards nature, improve his motor skills in a fun way and will feel confident of doing tasks independently.

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3. Praise Him:

If you want to know how to build confidence in toddlers, then start appreciating him for little efforts. Whether he plays a game well or learns a new skill, try to praise your little one. Doing this, will give a boost to his self-confidence, and will motivate him to keep up the good work.

4. Stop Over-Watching:

It is good to keep an eye on your toddler’s activities so that he is safe. But constantly hovering over your toddler is not a healthy habit. Your toddler will not feel confident of his abilities and will constantly seek your guidance and intervention.

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5. Support Your Toddler:

Whatever task your toddler takes up, support him in his endeavor. It will boost your toddler’s confidence as he will know he has a strong support system. Going forward he will not hesitate in taking small risks.

6. Play With Your Toddler:

Playing with your toddler is the best way to communicate with him in his language and understand his psyche. Toddlers also gain confidence and develop social skills when they interact with others while playing.

7. Accept Him:

Accepting your toddler the way he is, helps him become a confident individual in the long run. On the other hand, comparing your toddler with his peers will make him doubt his abilities. He may develop an inferiority complex early on in life.

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8. Listen To Your Toddler:

You should not always dictate your toddler what he should do and what he shouldn’t. It is also extremely important to lend a patient ear to your little one and listen to what he has to say. It will help your toddler confide in you and learn to express himself more confidently. This will help in building confidence in toddlers & will also help in building an open communication channel with him that will last a lifetime.

9. Learn From Him:

As a parent, you must be adding a feather to your cap every time you teach your toddler a new skill. Sometimes it is better to turn the tables and become the student while your toddler dons the hat of a teacher. For example, ask your toddler how he selected the color for a painting. Your inquisitiveness will make your toddler feel capable, and he will be brimming with confidence in his abilities.

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10. Make Him Follow The Rules:

Every home should have some discipline, rules, and regulations. Whether it’s time for getting up or going to bed or having meals, it is necessary to help your toddler follow a routine. You should also help your toddler to follow a code of conduct. Inculcating good habits in the initial years will help him develop a confident personality.

Now you know the magic mantras to turn your toddler more confident. Why wait? Try them today and watch them work wonders for his personality.

How did you help your toddler become confident? Do share your tips for boosting your toddler confidence with other moms in the comments box below.

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