5 Effective Ways To Cope With Fatigue During Pregnancy

Cope With Fatigue During Pregnancy

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Having trouble getting up every morning even though you have had your beauty sleep? Do you literally drag your feet all day, and just can’t wait to get back to bed again? Feeling tired and exhausted is an inseparable part of pregnancy, but if it’s affecting your everyday activities, you know you must do something about it.

Why do women get tired during pregnancy? Your body undergoes a number of radical changes during pregnancy. It is supposed to feed, nourish and protect you and your baby in the womb. Naturally, you’re bound to feel tired and fatigued.

7 Probable Factors Responsible For Fatigue During Pregnancy:

Fatigue and weakness are common complaints observed in women during the first trimester of pregnancy, after which, it returns back in late pregnancy. The intensity of weakness may vary from woman to woman, and it does depend on several factors.

1. It is believed that the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy have a role to play in the increase of fatigue and weakness.

2. The dramatic rise in the progesterone levels of blood are thought to contribute too. So don’t be surprised if you get droopy while you catch your favorite evening television show.

3. Pregnancy comes tied with an increased frequency of urination, which can make you go to the washroom several times during the night, and can be physically draining.

4. To add to that, nausea and vomiting too can take up a lot of energy on your part, and by the end of the day, you may feel as if you’re been running a marathon.

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5. It is also believed that depression, sadness and stress could contribute to weakness and fatigue.

6. Certain nutritional deficiencies particularly iron deficiency or anaemia may also be associated with weakness and extreme tiredness during pregnancy.

7. Back aches, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome and heartburn that are more commonly observed during pregnancy are also contributors to fatigue.

5 Effective Ways On How To Overcome Fatigue During Pregnancy:

The best part is, you can actually do a lot about handling weakness and extreme tiredness in pregnancy. Here are a few tips that may help you get back active and energetic:

Adjust Your Schedule:

You may be making too many social or work commitments, make sure you set some time aside for yourself to relax. After all, you need it the most during this crucial stage.

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Listen To Your Body’s Signals:

This is the best way to keep yourself on track. Take short naps during the day if you feel like. Go to bed early and get a few hours of extra sleep. The basic idea is to not overwork yourself and try to understand that your body needs extra care during pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated:

Yes, lack of enough water in the body too can contribute to fatigue or tiredness. So do yourself a favor and make sure you drink at least seven glasses of water a day.

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You may not feel like getting out of bed and exercising, but exercising actually works wonders. Just 5 minutes into light exercise and you shall find yourself wondering how you managed to get energetic and active in no time.

Eat Right:

This is probably the most important one. Stick to a healthy diet as advised by your doctor, and get routine tests done to rule out any nutritional deficiencies.

Hope this article helps you deal with tiredness effectively. Do share your experiences and tips in dealing with weakness during your special period of life in the comment section below. Who knows your tips may help solve other expecting mommies’ problems regarding weakness.

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