5 Ways To Deal With Postpartum Perineal Pain

postpartum perineal pain

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Having a baby is one of the biggest joys of being a woman, but it can also come with its own share of troubles and pain. While giving birth is painful, some women also undergo a lot of health issues post delivery.

One of such problems women face is the postpartum perineal pain. It is not easy to cope up with if one has had a normal delivery and could cause a lot of pain and trouble for a woman even as she tries to go around doing normal daily activity.

Defining Postpartum Perineal Pain:

If you are a woman who had a baby through normal labor pain and delivery, chances are you will most likely be inflicted or suffer the postpartum perineal pain.

  • The perineum is defined as the area between a woman’s vagina and the anus. A natural birth puts a lot of pressure on this area and all the adjoining muscles.
  • Thus, there is a lot of stretching or even tearing, or sometimes the doctor might decide to cut the muscles a little to deliver the baby. This could cause a lot of perineal pain.
  • Even if there was no surgical tear, sometimes it becomes swollen and tender and hence causes postpartum perineal pain after birth.

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Duration Of Postpartum Perineal Pain:

Depending on the intensity and level of bruising or swelling is due to childbirth it could take a few days for swelling to go down and the pain to subside.

  • If there are stitches that the doctor has made it could take longer than a few days.
  • The healing will be complete with proper care and caution in a max of about 6 weeks.
  • One can resume all the physical strenuous activities based on the doctor’s approval.

5 Ways To Deal With Postpartum Perineal Pain:

This kind of pain makes most women dread the entire delivery process. But do not worry, there are many simple and easy ways to ensure that the perineum heals, the swelling subsides and the pain goes away.

1. Stay Clean And Wear Cotton:

It is important to ensure that the area is already tender and is not subjected to any more pain or infection causing bacteria. Keep your area clean to avoid irritation and wear cotton undergarments to keep the area dry and let it breathe.

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2. Rest As Much As Possible:

After having had a baby, get as much rest as possible to avoid any unnecessary pressure on your lower body as it would cause the pain to increase and chances are if you have stitches, the stress could lead to damage.

3. Icepacks:

It might sound like a strange suggestion, but ice packs will help ease the pain and fasten the healing process. It will numb the paining sensation and bring relief from the perineal pain. Just make sure you use homemade ice packs, from filtered water!

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4. Take Warm Baths:

Take some time out and soak yourself in a tub full of warm water to get instant relief and relax your whole body instantly. The warm water and soaking will help your post-delivery muscles relax and stimulate blood flow and circulation.

5. Kegal Exercises:

Most doctors recommend that once a woman has had a baby, she must start doing some kegal exercises to restore lost muscle strength, improve blood circulation and at the same time fasten the healing process.

When To See The Doctor?

While these are simple exercises and daily regimes that are recommended to soothe the postpartum perineal pain, it is important to ensure that you consult your doctor as well. There are certain treatments or medication that your doctor would recommend depending on their assessment of your health and the delivery complications.

You may follow these simple tips that are sure to help relieve you from acute perineal pain. Try them and share your experience to other new moms and moms-to-be!

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