12 Effective Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Toddlers

Dry Skin In Toddlers

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Do you wonder why your toddler’s skin is so dry? Does he end up scratching his arms or legs because they are too dry? Toddlers usually have soft and smooth skin, so why is your toddler’s skin too dry. It could be the weather, it could be the trip to the pool, or it may even be the air conditioning. Some children are more prone to dry skin than others. Read this post to find out all you need to know about dry skin in toddlers.

Causes Of Dry Skin:

There are many reasons behind dry skin on toddlers. Some of the common ones include:

  • Soaps, shampoos, or baby washes: the harsh ingredients can react with your toddler’s tender skin and make it excessively dry.
  • Your toddlers’ skin can turn dry due to dry winter weather.
  • Too much exposure to sunlight can also lead to dry skin.
  • Prolonged baths or frequent baths can also lead to excessively dry skin, as bathing longer or more often can remove your toddler’s natural skin oils and lead to dry skin.
  • If you take your toddler along for a dip in the pool or sea with your toddler, the chlorine in the pool or the salt water of the sea can lead to dry skin.
  • Using harsh detergents to wash your toddler’s clothes and bed linen can also cause his skin to dry.
  • Hereditary factors can also lead to dry and flaky skin in toddlers.

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Twelve Ways To Treat Toddler Dry Skin:

There are a few ways you can ensure that your toddler’s skin is kissable soft and prevent dryness. Listed here are 12 popular ones.

  1. Don’t bathe your little one for too long. Make bath time short and sweet and use mild herbal soaps or cleansers in small amounts. Pat his skin dry softly after a bath. Don’t rub the towel too hard.
  1. If your toddler’s skin is not oversensitive try giving gentle oil massages to polish and heal his dry skin.
  1. Use only mild and perfume free moisturizers, shampoos, soaps or lotions on baby’s skin and in small amounts.
  1. Keep your toddler well covered with a cap and sunscreen lotion if he/she is out in the sun.

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  1. Avoid taking your little one to swimming pools that have strongly chlorinated water or the seaside.
  1. Always dress your toddler in clothes made from soft natural fabrics that won’t rub against the skin.
  1. Wash your toddler’s clothes separately in mild fragrance-free detergents.
  1. Do not overheat the room during winter or over cool it during the summer.
  1. Make sure your toddler drinks enough water. Water is the best way to keep the skin smooth and moisturized.
  1. Place a humidifier in the room to dispel dry air.
  1. A nutritious diet can go a long way to ensuring that your toddler has healthy and supple skin.
  1. If your child suffers eczema, you need to consult a dermatologist for the best remedy and treatment for his skin.

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If your toddler’s dry skin shows no signs of improvement, or there are cracks in the skin and there is a discharge, you need to take him/her to the dermatologist and discuss possible treatments.

If your toddler’s skin is sensitive and dry without being prone to any serious medical condition, simple home remedies or preventive actions can help. Simply make the right choices in diet, protect your toddler against weather, and remember to choose clothing and skin care products wisely.

Do you have any tips for preventing dry skin in toddlers? Post your ideas in the comments box provided below. Fellow moms here would love to hear from you.

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