Is White Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy

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Experiencing anything abnormal during pregnancy can be a cause for concern. Are you experiencing white discharge during pregnancy? White discharge is just one of those things that will worry you. But don’t worry! It is quite normal. Read our post and learn all about white discharge during pregnancy.

Every woman, whether pregnant or not will experience some vaginal discharge starting from the puberty stage until menopause. The amount and consistency of the discharge may change from time to time and also varies from woman to woman.

Is Having White Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Most women experience vaginal discharge that is white and milky in nature. It is called Leucorrhea. Sometimes it can be slightly milky or clear, but is rare conditions, it can be red to yellow as well. White discharge is not associated with any infectious disease, so it rarely has any odor. The discharge increases with the pregnancy, and it is completely normal.

During pregnancy, the cervix and vagina become softer and thus, the discharge increases to prevent any infections that may travel from the vagina to the womb. It is one of the reasons for the white discharge at the early time of pregnancy.

Sometimes, the leucorrhea can be heavy, causing vaginal itching. The inflammation in the area causes more mucus production. If you notice that the discharge is not normal than the usual, it is better to check with your health care provider.

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When Does A White Discharge Become Abnormal?

Sometimes, the white discharge may pose a serious problem. It can change its consistency or appearance. Whatever it may be, if it seems to be abnormal, consult a gynecologist immediately. Consult your doctor if you observe these following changes in the discharge:

  • Yellow, green or frothy discharge
  • Thick and curd-like
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Watery
  • Itchiness
  • Soreness
  • Pain during urination or sex.

Diagnosing Abnormal White Discharge:

With the symptoms, the doctor will try to diagnose the right problem behind the condition. Some of the common risk factors are bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis or thrush.

The doctor may consider treating you for the right infection immediately. If timely treatment is not given, the infections increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

You may also notice brownish discharge during early pregnancy. It indicates spotting or bleeding that is common in few pregnancies. You should seek a doctor’s help immediately for the condition as well.

How To Deal With Thick White Discharge?

Though white discharge during early pregnancy is normal, it is good to take proper care so as to avoid any unpleasant conditions. Following simple measures can help you deal with the condition.

  • Change your lingerie frequently
  • Use unscented panties
  • Do not use perfumed bubble baths, scented wipes or vaginal deodorants
  • Use unscented soap or vaginal wash to clean the vaginal area
  • Keep the outer genital region tidy and dry
  • Do not douche the vaginal area as it will create a natural bacterial imbalance of the body, thus irritating the skin.

The white discharge is usually acidic, and allows good bacteria and natural antibiotics to protect the area from harmful bacteria. Any upset in the balance can cause infection of inflammation of the vagina.

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How To Deal With White Thick Discharge Caused By Infections?

Though there are no sure shot solutions that will prevent you from infections, following some measures can reduce the risk of infections to a great extent. Here are the measures that help you in staying away from the infections:

Avoid Deodorants – Put away vaginal deodorants, scented vaginal soaps and panty liners. Also, the unscented panty liners can cause vaginal irritation at times. Hence, you need to be careful about the products you are using.

Wash Lingerie Carefully – Use non-biological detergents and washes to wash your lingerie. You should rinse properly to avoid any detergent from causing irritation to your skin.

Be Careful While Bathing – Do not use antiseptics for bathing. Also, avoid bathing with scented soaps or perfumed bubble baths.

Keep The Vaginal Area Clean – Before you engage in any sexual activity, ensure that the area is clean.

Wash Hands – Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly both prior and after touching the vaginal area.

Choose Cotton – When it comes to clothing, always opt for cotton lingerie, loose trousers and skirts.

Avoid Smoking – Smoking can increase the risk of vaginal infection, therefore leading to white vaginal discharge.

Consume Yogurt – You should try eating some yogurt every day. Yogurt is a probiotics that contains lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. The bacterium helps maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the genital area. You can also take probiotics supplements as an alternative.

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White discharge is normal and common in early pregnancy stages. In order to decrease your worry, learn to determine the sign of discharge of what is normal and what is not. If you sense the condition to be abnormal, it is good to see your health care provider immediately. He may investigate further to treat the condition or infection depending on the causes.

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