3 Yoga Workout Moves For Mom And Baby

Yoga Workout Moves

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Do you crave more quality time with your newborn? Are you looking for a post-pregnancy activity that would help you connect with your toddler as well as other moms? Then mom and baby yoga may just be right for you.

Mom and baby yoga involves poses that may be done while holding the baby. These yoga poses not only help the mother but also help infants develop their motor skills. There are no specific mom and baby yoga poses. But poses that can be safely done with a baby are incorporated into the routine. The age of baby may range from a few weeks to 18 months.

But those interested in starting mom and baby yoga exercises must first consult with their doctors. Once their doctors give them the permission to begin an exercise routine or mom and baby yoga, then only women should opt for it. Read on to know more about yoga for mom and baby.

1. Standing Yoga Poses For Mom And Baby:

  • Standing poses are great to get some stretching exercises done while holding the baby in your arms.
  • You can hold your baby in your hands while doing the Mountain Pose or Tadasanawhere your stretch your limbs by raising your arms and standing on your toes.
  • The same goes for Tree Pose or Vrksasanawhere you balance on one leg with your arms raised. You may practice the pose against a wall.
  • Warrior Pose or Virbhadrasanaor yoga poses that incorporate wide leg stances such as Prasarita Padottanasana are also great for mother and baby yoga routines.
  • Hold your baby while you do yoga poses with forward bends. Your toddler may love the rocking movements.

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2. Seated Yoga Poses For Mom And Baby:

  • Most women may feel safer doing seated or sleeping yoga poses while holding their babies.
  • Butterfly Pose or Titliasanais very effective for inner thighs and you can gently rock the baby in your lap.
  • You may also do simple twist poses where you can move your baby from side to side.

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3. Sleeping Yoga Poses For Mom And Baby:

  • Lying on your back and your baby playing contently on your tummy may be really nice. But doing back-lying yoga poses with your baby may be also possible.
  • Moms can do yoga poses that involve abdominal crunches while balancing the baby on their tummy or shins. You can take crunches a step further and do leg circles in the same position.
  • Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana is another easy yoga pose to do with babies.

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Benefits Of Mom And Baby Yoga:

Mom and baby yoga may not be for everyone. But there are some distinct benefits of a routine that involves your toddler and helps you get physically fit.

  • The purpose of mom and baby yoga is to help mothers get active by doing simple exercises while strengthening their core muscles and backs, releasing stress and aches from the muscles and to get a bit of flexibility back to their limbs.
  • Moms don’t need to necessarily hold their infants for the entire duration of these classes. Such classes are flexible enough to incorporate movements that moms can do while their toddlers play on the mats.
  • Simple yoga poses are much better than doing no exercise at all. As a bonus moms don’t need to be away from their babies and also get a chance to meet other moms.

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Mom and baby yoga is an innovative way to incorporate exercise and baby time into new mom’s routines. Have you tried mommy and baby yoga? What was your experience in doing so? We would love to hear about your experiences.

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