10 Yummy & Healthy Snacks You Can Try During Pregnancy


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Do not worry about insane cravings you have between meals. These are pretty normal for expectant moms!

10 Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy:

There is no need to fret. There are so many options of healthy snacks for pregnant women which will help you in maintaining the nutrition chart of the day and also give you something to munch. Enjoy these easy snacks and stay healthy while your baby grows safe in your womb!

1. Fruits: 

Fruits are healthiest and safest option a woman can have while pregnant. There are so many options that you can choose from, like apple, banana, orange, pear, etc. or there can be any other favorite fruit. Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be a part of your daily diet, so this will kill two birds with one stone.

2. Trail Mix: 

If you like crunchy stuff, then you can make your own trail mix. The best part is that you can choose what you want and in what quantity. You can mix cereals, dry fruits and nuts. The crunchy flavor just hits you right. It is high in proteins and kills the hunger too.

 3. Salad: 

Salads are just the best. They give us so many things in terms of nutrition. Most of the restaurants have great salad bars with variety. While you are home, and not very fond of a simple salad, you can twist the taste with peanut butter or cottage cheese, add some spices and you have a bowl of taste and nutrition to munch on. 

4. Yogurt: 

Yogurt has a lot of calcium for your bones and it will help your unborn child too. You have the option of flavored yogurt available with fruits of different variety in it. Then there is probiotic yogurt in the market that will aid in improving digestion.

5. Baby Carrot:

 Carrots are a good source of fibers and vitamin A. If you do not like plain baby carrots, then you can dip it in yogurt or hummus, add a salad dressing or stir fry them with other vegetables. You have a tasty snack ready in few minutes.

6. Boiled Eggs:

 Hard boil the eggs, add a pinch of salt and black pepper, and they are ready to eat. The only hassle is peeling a hard boiled egg! They are definitely a very good source of protein and then there is choline.

7. Cereal and Milk: 

Something very simple and easy to make. You can keep a variety of cereals at your home, to enjoy a different taste now and then. Just remember to choose your cereals wisely. Look for the label and find out the cereals that have whole grain, nutrients and fibers. Add some milk to these cereals and you are adding calcium to all other nutrients.

8. Smoothies:

 Smoothies can be made with anything and almost everything. A regular smoothie can be made using only frozen fruit, tasty yogurt and some orange juice. Add these ingredients as you like it. There is only one rule; they should be thick enough to slurp.

9. Multigrain Crackers:

 Crunchy crackers are just the best. They are portable, quick and dependable! Top them up with paneer (cottage cheese) or some salad dressing, or have them with homemade dips like hummus. You are just going to love it!

10. Whole Wheat Bagels:

Yes, bagels are allowed. But do not top it up with cream cheese, as  avoiding soft cheesy snacks during pregnancy is better. Add some cooked paneer and carrot shreds and you have calcium, fiber and proteins in each bite.snacks during pregnancy

It is a good idea to remove all junk food from your kitchen and stock it with the following food items; it is a proven fact that people are more inclined to eat healthy if there is no junk food at hand to tempt them! Good luck with your pregnancy!

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