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402 Scottish Baby Names With Meanings

While naming the baby, most parents prefer including a little bit of their family history to ensure that the child remembers where he comes from. So if you also wish to pass your Scottish heritage to the next generation, bestow a Scottish baby name on your child.

Scottish baby names have distinctive origins, all thanks to the eventful history of invasions and battles. The baby name inspiration ranges from traditional Celtic, Gaelic and Old English to influences from neighboring countries, Italy, France, and Norway. Additionally, the Lowland and Highland areas have different names, depending on the regions. While Scottish baby boy names are strong and manly, Scottish female names are dainty, soft and feminine, which is one of the traits of Celtic and Gaelic names.

From the motherland of bagpipers, Loch Ness monster and of course, Johnnie Walker, MomJunction brings you an extensive collection of Scottish baby names with meanings. You’re sure to fall in love with these gorgeous name, whether you are a Scottish or not. Keep scrolling!

AaranThe meaning of aaran is enlightened, mountain or strengthBoy
AberdeenA woman who is from city in northeast ScottishGirl
AberdineWoman from a city of Aberdeen; reliableGirl
AbernathyThis British name means beginning or starting point of the riverBoy
AbottThe father or the priestBoy
AddisonThe son of Adam, from the red earthBoy
AedA fire, flame, burning fireUnisex
AedhFrom Scottish word Aodh, that means fireUnisex
AganA unisex name which means beautiful or handsome and intelligent. In other meanings it means pearl, a precious stone which is very expensive.Unisex
AgravainBrother of GawainBoy
AilsaConsecrated To GodGirl
AilsiFrom Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of ClydeGirl
AilsieDevoted to GodBoy
AislaFrom Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde.Girl
AklenA Scottish version of Alan. One who is a little rockBoy
AlasdairOld Greek - Defender of men; A variant of name Alexander and AlistairBoy
AlasterOld Greek - Defender of men; A variant of name AlistairBoy
AlbeWhite Rock or a crag; stable and responsibleGirl
AlishOf A Noble KinGirl
AlistairGaelic form of AlexanderBoy
AnabelA lovable person who solves problemsGirl
AnabellA lovable person who are problem solversGirl
AnnabelA loving human beingGirl
AodhCeltic - Fire, Brightness, Splendour; Derived from the element "Aed" which means FireBoy
AonghasCeltic - One Choice; A variant of name is AngusBoy
AonghusCeltic - One Choice; A variant of name is AngusBoy
ArableAn angel who is the messenger of almighty GodGirl
AranHebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; exalted; A variant of name AaronBoy
ArchiboldGermanic - Truly Brave; A variant of the name ArchibaldBoy
AtholFrom a surname derived from a Scottish languageBoy
BairdOne who is the son of BardBoy
BairnOne who is a child at heartBoy
Bediverelargely used in English and it isBoy
Bellangereson of alexandreBoy
BercilakThe green knight; mighty and powerfulBoy
BlairField Or PlainGirl
Blaireplain, field, battlefieldGirl
Blanelittle yellow one, one who servesBoy
BonelleA beautiful woman with good natureGirl
BonieA woman who is gorgeous, beutifulGirl
BonniA woman of many charms and great beautyGirl
BonnieAn attractive and charming womanGirl
BonnySHe who is beautiful and very charmingGirl
Bowieyellow haired Boy or blond haired BoyBoy
BriceA speckled BoyBoy
BrichtredeA Scottish female nameGirl
BrocOne who is like a badgerBoy
BrocaA Badger-like personGirl
BrocagniHe who is badger-likeBoy
BrodeeA second-born male childBoy
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