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Child Height Predictor

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As a parent, you are constantly anxious about your child's growth. You make sure that he is eating wholesome food, to ensure that his height and weight match the figures on that chart hung on your paediatrician's consultation room. It is not always necessary that your child grows as per the parameters set for his age. He could be taller or shorter than the average height at a given age. It is not uncommon for you to wonder how tall your son or your daughter would be when they grow up. MomJunction's child height predictor will help you predict how tall your kid could be in future, based on his current height.


Q. Why A Height Calculator Is Useful:

A height calculator will help you predict your child's height, and take corrective measures, if necessary. If you find that your son could be shorter than the average height, you may consult a doctor, make changes in his diet, and put him on some exercises, early in life.

If he is growing as per the standards, you can continue with the practices that you have been implementing so far.

Q. Various Methods of Calculating Height:

Two prominent methods are used to calculate height. They are:

1. Mid-Parent Rule:

Derived in 1948 by Horace Gray, this rule predicts a child's height by taking an average of the parent's heights. Before combining the heights of the parents, for a boy, the mother's height needs to be increased by one-thirteenth of actual height. For a girl, father's height needs to be reduced by one- thirteenth.

This method is usually used for children below the age of four.

2. Khamis-Roche Method:

This method is complex and considers five factors in predicting your kid's height. They are:

  • Sex of the child
  • Parent's height
  • Child's height
  • Child's weight
  • Child's age.

This method is used for kids above four years of age.

3. Bone-Age Method:

This method is more accurate than the other two as this is determined through an x-ray.

Q. How Accurate Are Child Height Predictors?

The margin of error in Mid-Parent Rule is +/- 4 inches. The margin of error in Khamis-Roche Method is 2 inches.

As the name suggests, the calculators only predict the height. Your child's actual height could depend on his overall health, the food he takes, his lifestyle, habits, and even the part of the world he lives in.

Input And Output Values:

MomJunction's height predictor requires you to share these input details:

  • Gender of the child
  • Age
  • Current height
  • Current weight
  • Mother's height
  • Father's height

You will get to know your child's height in inches.

Factors Determining A Child's Height:

There are several factors that have an influence on your kid's height. Some of them are:

1. Gender:

Boys tend to be taller than girls at a given age.

2. Genetics:

Heights of a child's parents and that of their ancestors will determine his height.

3. Nutrition:

The food a kid eats, and the nutritional values also have a say.

4. Exercises:

Make your child do some height enhancing exercises regularly, if you want him to grow taller than what the calculator predicts.

5. Health conditions:

Any illnesses or debilitating conditions will adversely impact the height of a child.


Disclaimer: Our child height calculator only predicts the height of your child. If you have concerns with your kid’s growth, consult a doctor for an expert opinion. MomJunction is not liable for any related issues, consequences or damages.

Have you tried our child height predictor yet? Are you happy with the result? Do let us know by commenting below.

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