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The Chinese birth chart is so unique that it has about more than 90% accuracy in determining the baby's gender. With MomJunction's Chinese gender predictor, all you have to do is enter the month of conception and your age at conception and voilà! You'd know your baby's gender.
Note: This is only for fun and does not have a scientific backing!

Online Pregnancy Test

If you are one of those people whose mind is riddled with pregnancy doubts and queries and just can't wait to know if you have conceived yet, then MomJunction's Online Pregnancy Test will help you out. Home pregnancy test kits can be expensive, and a doctor's visit may not be required at the moment. So, take this 13-question free pregnancy test and based on what your symptoms are, feel free to decide whether or not you are pregnant.


Knowing when you would check for pregnancy should be a hassle free job. MomJunction helps you know when implantation occur. We provide two kinds of calculators. One, which indicates implantation via a fertility method, and the second which indicates via your ovulation date. Once you feed in your preferred method and date, we tell you when would be the best time to check if you are pregnant or not. No more marking dates on a calendar!


MomJunction’s ovulation calculator works on the simple task of letting you know when you would be most fertile and ready to conceive. You don't need to do any math here. All you have to do is feed in when your last period was and the approximate days that your cycle lasts for. Our fertility calendar will handle it all!


Knowing when you could get your next period is helpful in many ways. MomJunction’s period calculator just doesn’t help you know your next cycle, it also helps you figure out the best time to conceive. Yes, that’s right. With our period tracker you get to predict the best days to conceive and what your expected due date can be. Calculate menstrual cycle with adding just three fields, and you are ready to go.


There are many factors which help you in knowing whether or not you are pregnant. hCG levels are one such. MomJunction's hCG levels calculator gives you an answer by calculating your hCG levels at two different time periods. The beta hcg calculator is more sure shot than a urine test, which could go wrong!


MomJunction's pregnancy due date calculator helps you know when you are ready to see your baby. The estimated date of delivery is calculated by adding about 40 weeks to your last menstrual cycle, where a 28 day cycle is ideally assumed. With our calculator you can prep better knowing your expected due date! Keep the celebrations ready!


Keeping a track of how much weight you're gaining during pregnancy is important. It not only helps you stay healthy, but will also tell you how to manage your weight. Weight gain during pregnancy affects your baby, and your post pregnancy body. MomJunction brings you a pregnancy weight gain calculator which can be used at any intervals. This would require you to feed in your weight at different times and will calculate an estimate. Make sure you eat healthy! Happy pregnancy to you.


Counting contractions is very important as it helps prevent a lot of mishaps that could happen with the baby in the womb. These counts also help the doctor understand how your baby is developing in the womb. Many women wish to know how to track contractions and what counts as one complete contraction. MomJunction is here to help you with it. With our contraction calculator you can record all the contractions and even reset the calculator if want to restart!


A multitude of things are necessary when you're going in for a C-section. Remembering all the things in the nth hour could be quite a task. MomJunction brings you a list of all things necessary for a C-section. We provide an exhaustive list of all those necessary things, which you should have with you, minus the clutter!


Baby Eye Color Calculator

As parents, we may be jumpy to think, “What color eyes will my baby have?” There are four broad eye colors that the human eyes fall into – brown, blue, green, and hazel. With MomJunction's Baby Eye Color Calculator you can know what color your beautiful baby's eyes are. You just have to add in your and your partner's eye colors, and there you have it.


There are various ways of knowing your baby's horoscope, which might just be an insight into his personality. One such is by knowing the baby's horoscope. MomJunction brings you a baby horoscope calculator, which would help you understand what your baby's zodiac sign as per the English and Chinese horoscope would be. All you need to do is type in the expected due date and know your baby's horoscope.


Until a baby is nine months old, he needs only mother’s milk for all his daily food requirements. It is the best nourishment a baby can get. You should know how much milk and the number of feedings that your little one would need. MomJunction brings you breast milk calculator, which helps you understand how many ounces should a newborn eat. You would have to indicate your number of feedings and the approximate amount of milk per feeding and we will tell you how much more or less your baby needs.

Immunization Scheduler And Chart

Getting your child immunized is very important as it gives the child a scope for healthier development. It is often very difficult for parents to remember the immunization schedule for children and this could mean that the children have missed out on an important protection. This is where MomJunction's Immunization Scheduler And Chart comes handy. This US specific baby vaccination schedule helps you remember dates easily. You can print it out and mark it on your calendar.

First-Year Baby Costs Calculator

As parents you may have thought out loud how much does a baby cost per month, how much does a baby cost per year, and so on! We all want to know the average monthly cost of a baby. And, yes, we do fret over it. Check out MomJunction's First-Year Baby Costs calculator which has everything in one place to gibe you the ideal costs estimate. What's best is that you can keep a rack of your expenses and plan them according to your budget! Happy parenting to you!


MomJunction’s BMI calculator is unique as it comes in SI, US, and UK units. It also has different calculators for kids and adults. All you need to do is type in your stats after selecting your gender. This BMI calculator for men, women, and children will then indicate the mass category that you fall under. From here, you could see a dietitian and work around managing your weight better! Stay healthy and fit.


MomJunction's unique Child growth percentile calculator helps you calculate three parameters for your child – weight, height, and head circumference for age. A baby growth chart, baby weight chart, and an infant growth chart comes very handy when you have to take note of your child's physical development. Developmental advances help you understand and eliminate any growth disorders there maybe.


Kids could be very fussy about what they eat, leaving you in constant fear of their overall development. If you want to know “How tall will my child be?”, use MomJunction's child height predictor. This works on feeding some simple current stats about your child. The baby height predictor will then calculate an ideal height that your child will grow into.