Do you know?

Indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air

Smoke from cooking

Pests, dust, mites,
pollegen allergens

TVOC's from electronic gadgets & sprays

Virus & Bacteria

Pet dander

Microscopic size air pollutants, trapped indoors

Who gets most affected


Children have lungs
in early stage of

Elderly adults

Increased risk of poor

Pregnant Women

Increased risk of low
birth weight, pre term

health conditions

Increased risk of
poor health

People with allergies-
pet, pollens

Allergies to dander of dogs & cats, pollens can lead to Itchy nose, coughing

Homes near
construction area

Increased exposure to
concrete, Cement, silica dust

How Philips air purifiers help?

With Vitashield & Aerasense technology,
Philips air Purifiers remove

H1N1 Virus
Pollen Allergens
& Dust mites
PM 2.5 particles
upto 0.003 microns

With Philips Air Purifier, I gave my child a healthy
environment to breathe in

ImageProduct Details
Air Purifier AC1215
Air Purifier AC2887
Air Purifier AC3256

See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Kindle customer
One of the best investment for your Kid

I ordered this air purifier after seeing my 3 year old daughter coughing really bad 15 days and nights in a row,
She used to cough for almost an hour after waking up, we were unable to know inspite of no congestion why is my daughter not getting cured.
Purifier comes home and boom my daughter stops coughing. So thank you Philips for this marvelous product.
Its easy to install and easy to use. Kindly note you need to hold the power button 3 seconds for it to start.
After 15 days I saw that my reading for PM2.5 is not coming beyond 400. I called the customer service and they asked to me clean the sensor and the problem was solved.
This product is really a blessing in disguise

Really helpful!

We started using this when the AQI In our city was more than 400 and the PMI levels were horrible. I have a 6 month old baby and prior using this he was having trouble sleeping properly. After its use, we could ourselves feel the difference in air quality. Overall I am really happy with the product. Was delivered on time, in good condition. Super easy to assemble and very convenient to use.
Could be easily carried from one room to another.

Kekoo Vacha
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good performance.

Convenient size, considering the reasonably large volume of space it is claimed to be effective in.
The display and keyboard are descriptive and easy to use for various settings.
The Auto Mode would normally take care of most scenarios for ambient air quality control.
The PPM reading on the display and colour based air quail indicator are added benefits.
For those who prefer dark rooms, the unit offers a facility to cut off the display lighting.
No remote control - this could have been a convenient feature.
Spare filters are also available, which is an important factor while choosing any air purifier.
Overall, a solid product from Philips, and worth the slightly extra spend compared to other brands and models.