15 Unique Ideas For 10th Anniversary & Ways To Celebrate

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A decade of happy marriage calls for a bash. So, we bring you these exciting 10 year anniversary ideas that you could incorporate and make the celebration grand.

Anniversaries are all about reconnecting with your beloved and cherishing those lovely moments you had together. If you are lost for ideas to do on your tenth wedding anniversary, consider our list, which includes everything from romantic dates to fun-filled outings.

These wedding anniversary ideas can help you and your partner get closer. So, decide if you would want a relaxing or adventurous experience to celebrate your special day, plunge into our list of exciting ideas, and choose the one that suits you best.

15 Best 10-Year-Anniversary Ideas

1. Plan a vacation

Anniversary getaways are a wonderful excuse to travel to a distant location or stay at a nearby inn for relaxation. Relaxing on the beach or strolling through quaint villages or rolling hills covered in vineyards, skiing through snow-capped mountains, and going on a safari are all glamorous ways to commemorate your tenth wedding anniversary. After choosing a destination, decide on the itinerary.

2. Arrange a candlelight dinner

Arrange a candlelight dinner

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Candlelight dinners are one of the most romantic things a couple can do, especially for a wedding anniversary. As you approach your tenth wedding anniversary, romantic thoughts flood your mind, and what could be more enticing than the soft, flickering glow of a scented candle? Make a reservation for a candle-lit dinner by the pool or an exquisite restaurant with a sea view.

3. Take a nature walk

Spending quality time together by being closer to nature is one of the interesting tenth wedding anniversary ideas. Walk hand in hand with your partner, reminisce the good old times, and fall in love all over again.

4. Take a boat ride

Take a boat ride

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Going on a boat ride with your spouse is a beautiful ten-year anniversary idea. If you live in a city with beautiful lakes, you should rent a boat. Several boat rides include delectable seafood and beverages and the opportunity to see your city from a new perspective. In addition, you can try paddling and canoeing at a local lake if you’re looking for a unique activity. While on the boat, you can even make your partner feel extra special by giving them gifts.

5. Rent a tent

What could be more enticing than spending time with your partner in the close confines of a tent beneath the stars? Going on a date in a tent on the outskirts of town is another tenth wedding anniversary idea. Decorate the tent with lanterns to make the night more romantic. Fill the tent with cozy cushions and keep your significant other warm with a glass of red wine. Serve dinner inside the tent, with tealights to set the mood. Remember to carry a blanket for a cozy evening.

6. Go on a cruise

Sailing off into the sunset with your significant other is the epitome of romance. So, if you want to mark the occasion with an unforgettable vacation, consider taking a cruise. Cruising along the sea allows you to visit various exciting destinations while relaxing and reconnecting with your partner. It’s ideal for a romantic breakfast in bed, an evening cocktail, or a midnight buffet while watching the sunset from the privacy of your cruise room.

7. Plan a road trip

Plan a road trip

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Have you always wanted to go to a nearby small town but never got around to it? This is one of the most exciting ten-year anniversary ideas if you and your partner enjoy traveling and discovering new places together. Make a day of it by going on a road trip to see something new. Take a spur-of-the-moment road trip and see where it takes you. You can either begin with a specific plan in mind or drive and see where it leads you.

8. Host cocktail party

For your tenth wedding anniversary, throw a small dinner or cocktail party for a few of your closest friends. If you have a close circle of friends or relatives with whom you frequently celebrate special occasions, consider having fun with them on your anniversary night. You can look online for personalized cocktail party ideas if you don’t know how to plan a party. This ten-year wedding anniversary idea will make your partner feel special and cherished.

9. Relax at a spa

You should play hard if you work hard. Taking some time to relax and recharge at a spa is a budget-friendly tenth-anniversary idea. Your partner will appreciate the stress relief, whether it’s just an expert massage or a complete spa plan. Enjoy some rejuvenating downtime with your partner by booking a few couple’s treatments at a nearby retreat.

10. Take a wine walk

Wine hopping is a popular couple’s activity, especially during special days such as wedding anniversaries. Look for a winery that offers a lot of wine tasting opportunities. Then go for a stroll together and enjoy each other’s company. You can do wine tasting at a vineyard or a local wine shop.. The romantic beverage will make you and your loved one feel the love.

11. Hit the roof

You can take your partner to the roof of your house for an intriguing twist. A nighttime roof picnic can be romantic under the glittering stars and illuminated by the soft glow of surrounding houses. An amazing view with delicious food is always a winning combination. For the ultimate roof picnic experience, pack blankets, wine, glasses, and candles, and enjoy the view while listening to romantic music in the background.

12. Book a romantic hotel

A romantic lodging is a perfect way to ignite sparks on your tenth wedding anniversary. If you two are outgoing, you should head to a bustling city, but if you are laidback, then choose a more secluded location so you can focus on enjoying one another’s company. Inform the hotel staff that you are celebrating your tenth wedding anniversary. There’s always the chance that you’ll get some complimentary wine or other perks during your stay.

13. Plan a park picnic

Plan a park picnic

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The beauty of the blooms in a botanical garden makes for the perfect romantic setting. You might choose the park where you first met, or the beach where you’ve taken long walks together. Find a secluded location where you can spend some time together. Prepare a special lunch or dinner and spend the day at a favorite lake or park. Snacks, flowing beverages, and great music are more than enough to get the celebration started.

14. Go hiking

Hiking is an exciting tenth wedding anniversary idea, especially if you pack a picnic to reward yourself when you reach the top. Take along some old photos or love letters from when you dated so that you can read them together from a nice viewpoint, or sing a love song. You can even choose a few poems to read together on a mountain top. Remember to pack nutritious and filling foods, as hiking requires a lot of energy.

15. Get adventurous

One of the tenth wedding anniversary ideas is to rediscover your relationship in a new light. A dash of thrill, adventure, and excitement to reach new heights is what your relationship wants, as they are one way to make your tenth wedding anniversary truly memorable. Try surfing, paragliding, parachute jumping, or undersea diving if you and your partner are adrenaline junkies. You could even make it romantic by riding in a hot air balloon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I surprise my partner on our 10th wedding anniversary?

You might surprise your partner on the 10th anniversary by recreating one of your favorite memories and end it with a surprise party. If you like to keep things simpler, try to cook their favorite meal and set up a candlelight dinner.

2. What do I get my partner for our 10th anniversary?

The traditional 10th-anniversary gift is diamonds, tin, or aluminum. You may get jewelry or cuff links made of the same metal. If you wish to go conventional, you might try to give them an item from their wishlist. If you cannot choose anything specific, then a bouquet, perfume, watches, and chocolates could not go wrong.

3. What color is it for the 10th anniversary?

Silver or blue is marked as the color of the 10th anniversary. Hence, if you’re planning a party, you may opt for silver and blue theme.

Whatever you choose to do to commemorate your tenth anniversary, take some time to plan so you don’t miss out on anything. Always keep in mind that the best gift you can give your significant other is your love.

Infographic: What Is The Significance Of Celebrating The 10th Anniversary?

Anniversaries help you recount and ruminate on the eventful journey with your partner. Reconnecting with the happy memories and looking back on the beautiful journey can help rekindle the romance of yore. Read through this infographic about the significance of the tenth anniversary and share it with your better half to celebrate your bond.

reasons why your ex may miss you [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Go on a romantic getaway or candlelight dinner to celebrate ten years of your wonderful marriage.
  • Let your loved ones be a part of your celebration with a fun cocktail party.
  • Rent a tent or recreate your teenage romance on the roof and cuddle up under the stars.
  • Plan an exciting idea like hiking, picnic, and road trip to make it memorable.

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