70 Surprising Birthday Ideas For 10-Year-Olds

Your child’s 10th birthday calls for a grand celebration. Hence, we bring you some fun 10-year-old birthday ideas to let you throw an unforgettable bash for your child.

When planning a birthday party for your ten-year-old, it is important to consider their likes and dislikes as they should be the one who enjoys the most during the event. So, talk to your child, get their inputs, and blend these ideas with the ones mentioned below.

Read on to explore some incredible and fun birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds and implement them to let your child and the guests have a fantastic time.

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Ten-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party Ideas

Give your little princess the best birthday of her life with these amazing party ideas. Scroll down and take your pick.

  1. Slumber party: Give your girl the quality time they deserve with their friends. Give their 10th birthday party your fresh take by inviting their friends over in pajamas for a relaxed yet fun party.
  1. Fashion parade: Who doesn’t want to dress up in a costume and show up at a themed party? The best venue for this would be a restaurant, where your princess would turn up like a complete diva.
Fashion parade

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  1. Pink party: One of the most amazing ten-year-old girl birthday ideas would be a pink-themed party. From cupcakes to juices to decorations, everything would just ooze the color pink.
  1. Mermaid birthday party: Need a last-minute birthday party idea? Well, this theme would work wonders for you. All you would need for it are some glitters, arts and craft supplies and DIYs readily available on the internet. All in all, a fun party within budget.
  1. Spa party: If budget is not a constraint and you want to go all out for your birthday girl’s 10th one, then this certainly can be your pick. Take your girl and her friends out to a swanky spa followed by a fancy lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant.
  1. Skating rink party: Take your little girl and her friends on a skating adventure and give them a fun and thrilling experience. With tricks, spins, gliding laughter, and delicious treats, this skating rink party will surely be a memorable one.
  1. Tea birthday party: Arrange a tea party in the backyard for the children. Make different varieties of tea such as apple, peach, strawberry and let them have a fun time together. Also, decorate the backyard and arrange for snacks, cakes and macaroons, some books, and puzzles. The children will enjoy the calm yet fun atmosphere.
  1. Karaoke party: Provide the budding superstars with an opportunity to showcase their singing talent. Let the children sing their hearts out, play instruments, cheer one another, and laugh unlimitedly. Fun games, challenges, and good food can make the birthday party a true extravaganza.
  1. Zoo party: Take the birthday girl and their friends to the nearby zoo and let them enjoy the outdoors in the company of the exotic animals and birds. Also, take tons of pictures and give them a joyous experience that would last a lifetime.
  1. Kickball party: Organize a kickball party for an exciting day of kicking balls, fun, and laughter. Let the kids play outdoors while you arrange a sumptuous meal along with drinks and desserts. However, make sure to supervise the children to avoid any untoward incident.

Ten-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas

Present your birthday boy and his friends with some amazing memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  1. Paintball party: This can be one of the best ten-year-old boy birthday party ideas. For this, choose a place where they provide low-impact paintballing and face-painting for the little ones.
  1. Bowling party: Take the boys to bowling lanes and let their skills do the talking.
Take the boys to bowling lanes

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  1. Nerf party: While it can be organized outside, if you have time and space and are looking for a low-budget choice, then a great nerf party can be held at your home as well.
  1. Laser party. Popular among boys, with minimum effort and maximum fun, this is one of the best options for a ten-year-old’s birthday party.
  1. Water-fight party: If you have an open space or a garden area, then nothing can beat this one – a water-fight party accompanied by a barbecue.
  1. Backyard camping: Give your boy and his closest friends the first taste of a camping experience. Arrange small tents and stack up finger foods. Set up campfires, play games, share spooky stories, sing songs, and let the children enjoy a fun-filled evening.
  1. Aquarium visit: Take your little explorers to an underwater aqua tunnel and give them a glimpse of marine life. Enjoy the interactive displays, and marine-inspired activities with fascinating surroundings and have a sea of laughter and fun.
  1. Tropical party: If your boy’s birthday falls in summer, a tropical party is a great idea. Decorate the party area with bright colors, plan matching outfits, and arrange for fruit platters and drinks. You can set up a small makeshift pool for the children to play and relax. Also, treat them to a hearty meal and a fun movie session.
  1. Fear factory party: Don’t worry! It’s more fun than fear. Set up obstacle tracks and organize exciting challenges or games for the children. Include games like witch broom relay, spider web obstacles, etc. These games will give the children a frightfully-fun time. However, keep a watch on the children and make sure to avoid mishaps and injuries.
  1. Pets party: Let the children and their furry and feathered friends join together for a fun time. Let the children introduce their pets to each other and play and cuddle with them. Make sure to arrange some treats for the pets, and, of course, lots of snacks and drinks for the children.

protip_icon Trivia
The Germans originated birthday festivities for children with something called the “kinder fest,” which translates to “child festival.”

10th Birthday Party Themes

Check out these themes for birthday party ideas for ten-year-olds and take your pick.

  1. Superhero theme: For a memorable 10th birthday party, choose their favorite superhero as the theme and see them elated like never before in their costumes.
  1. Fairytale theme: Apt for a birthday girl or boy, a fairytale theme would comprise royal outfits, gentle music, bright and pastel-colored decor, and a lot of magic.
  1. Candyland theme: Kids love candies, even more when their birthday is designed around it.
  1. Carnival theme: With customized photo booths, pinatas, amazing food stalls, and all the props, this can be the perfect party for your ten-year-old.
  1. Art theme: If your birthday boy or birthday girl has a thing for art and craft, then this can be a perfect choice. In fact, you can use their help in planning this.
  1. Gaming theme: One of the best birthday ideas for ten-year-olds, their favorite gaming theme won’t just excite them beyond limits, but would also make a memorable experience of a lifetime.
  1. Willy Wonka theme: Does your kid love Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? Then why not give them a chance to experience it with this theme?
  1. Halloween theme: Plan the Halloween-themed party if your child’s birthday falls around the Halloween season. After all, who doesn’t like some tricking and treating?!
  1. Alice in Wonderland theme: This is a straight-out storybook celebration. Give the party venue a cool makeover with vibrant decors and provide the children with a mesmerizing experience along with yummy treats and whimsical games.
  1. Circus theme: Does your kid love going to the circus? Then why not organize a circus-themed party with carnival games, unique costumes, and exciting activities.
  1. Farm theme: This theme calls out barnyard buddies to come together for interactive farmyard activities, farm crafts, and a delightful harvest of memories.
  1. Ice cream bar theme: Children would love this out-of-the-dream party. Bright ice cream decorations, delightful treats, and games would take your child’s celebrations to the next level.
  1. Bubbles theme: Take the children out and let them gel into the world of bubbles. From bubble art to bubble throwing contests, it would be a day to remember.
Plan the Halloween-themed party

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10th Birthday Decoration Ideas

Ten-year-old birthday party ideas can only be pulled off with the right decoration, and to get started, understand the theme of your kid’s birthday party and plan accordingly.

  1. If you plan to spend it outdoors, a classic birthday decoration with foil balloons of the number ’10,’ along with blue or pink balloons and cakes, foil fringe, and tassel garlands would do the trick for you.
  1. If you are planning an outdoor party, you may include personalized birthday banners, signs, posters, photo booths with fun props and backdrop, and hanging lanterns for decorations.
  1. If celebrations are indoors, plan the decorations as per the theme decided for the birthday. Always remember, a themed partyis nothing without the right decorations. If need be, seek a professional’s help.
  1. You may use a themed table setting with matching plates, glasses, and napkins. You may also customize the treats and drinks in accordance with the theme.
  1. Don’t forget to incorporate personal touches into the decorations, meals, and games. Also, ensure safety when celebrations involve the use of candles and firecrackers.

protip_icon Trivia
Tuesdays have the highest number of birthdays and Sundays have the fewest.

5 Indoor Birthday Party Games For Ten-Year-Olds

From dancing games to board games, we present to you an array of popular games and fun activities to choose from to turn the ten-year-old’s birthday party into a memorable experience.

  1. Ludo: This classic game would never go out of trend for adults and kids alike. Add this to your kid’s 10th birthday party and see all the fun unfold.
  1. Scavenger hunt: All you have to do is make the entire party space their playground with hidden clues and surprises for all.
  1. The floor is lava: Undeniably one of the most popular and fun party games for kids, you will need a lot of cushions for this one.
  1. Candy Olympics: The one who eats the most will be the winner. Isn’t it going to be their favorite game?
  1. Slime making: This idea for your child’s 10th birthday party would need supplies in abundance. So, plan in advance.
  1. Easy pictionary: Divide the children into teams and let one child from each team act or draw out clues for their teammates.
  1. Guess what’s in the box: It is a blindfolded game of guessing by feeling what would be the hidden item in the box.
  1. Freeze dance: Music and dance with pauses call for unlimited entertainment.
  1.  DIY craft station: Bring out the creative sides of the children and encourage them to make crafty items like bracelets, photo frames, and keychains.
  1. Socks puppet show: Let children make a sock puppet and display a show for everyone.
10 year old birthday party idea

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10 Invitation Ideas For 10th Birthday Party

Kick off the thrill and fun a step ahead with some of these fabulous invitation ideas.

  1. Birthday girl/boy’s photo: For the 10thbirthday party invitations, opt for a simple invitation card with all the details, including date, day, time, and venue, along with a cute picture of your child.
  1. Playing around with doodles: If you like to keep it simple, then choose a solid background with doodles of all things your kid likes and the details of the fun party.
  1. Cartoons: Their 10th birthday party must be special, and it begins with the party So why don’t you plan it with their favorite cartoon characters?
  1. Theme-cased invite. If the party theme has already been decided, a theme-based invite would be a great idea.
  1. Playing With 10:Since it’s their 10th birthday party, highlight the number by making it the center of attraction of the card and putting out the details inside the ‘0’ (zero).
  1. Movie ticket: Design the invitation like a movie ticket and add only the relevant details.
  1. Adventure map: Make an invitation card that looks like a map and add the party details in the form of clues.
  1. Game controller: Get creative and design an invite like a video game controller and add all details in the form of game instructions.
  1. Emojis: Keep it simple and fun by using an emoji cut out and adding the party information in it.
  1. Candy wrapper: Wrap your party invite with gift paper and make it look like a candy bar.

10th Birthday Party Food Ideas For Kids

A special day calls for special food as well. So, here’s a list of party food ideas for the 10th birthday party. You can either prepare the menu with the help of the internet or simply order them for the special day.

  1. Smiley sandwiches: Readymade smilies are easily available in the market, and kids love eating them as well. Consider them a staple party food.
  1. Popcorns: From plain salted popcorns to caramel ones, the easily cooked and mess-free popcorns are everyone’s favorite,
  1. Mini Pizzas: Make it on your own with a lot of cheese and veggies, using bread as the base, or get it custom-made from your nearest pizza corner.
Mini pizzas

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  1. Fruit salad: Seasonal fruits are a big yes during birthday parties and what adds even more to their taste are delicious dips and sauces.
  1. Cheese-garlic flatbreads: One of the best party food ideas, this must be added at every party, since kids and adults love them alike!
  1. Mini tacos: Fill a small taco shell with shredded chicken and cheese and let the kids choose toppings of their choice.
  1. Chicken nuggets: One of the all-time favorite snack ideas that can never go wrong. Serve the nuggets in various shapes and with different dips.
  1. Rainbow fruit popsicles: These homemade fruit desserts made with pureed fruits will make for a healthy dessert option, especially during the summers.
  1. Stuffed pasta shells: Fill the cooked pasta shells with chicken, beef and cheese and bake them and serve hot.
  1. Mini pancake stacks: Make mini pancake stacks and serve them with honey, maple syrup and berries for happy tummies.
  1. Fruit smoothies: Try out fruits and nuts combinations and serve them as healthy smoothies.
  1. Veggie platter: Make a veg platter with cucumber and carrot slices, baby corn, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers strips. Serve with tasty dips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about a 10th birthday?

The 10th birthday is a person’s first double-digit birthday. It is when they form new ideas and develop a better understanding of their surroundings. This is why the 10th birthday is an important milestone.

2. How can I make my daughter’s 10th birthday special?

Apart from hosting a birthday party, make sure to have a good time with your child. Prepare their favorite meals or snacks on their special day. Also, gift them something special they will cherish for a long time.

3. How do you celebrate a 10-year-old boy’s birthday?

Take your boy out for dinner at his favorite restaurant. Invite his friends and give them a treat. As parents, you can also organize some cool games for the boys to have fun. Also, don’t forget to buy them a thoughtful gift. The same can be applied to a girl’s 10th birthday.

This post on ten-year-old birthday party ideas will come in handy while planning for your little one’s birthday. Although some of these ideas are budget-friendly and do not require much to spend, others might burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you must choose wisely and make the arrangement accordingly. You can have a themed party and ask your child’s friends to come dressed according to the theme and enjoy the activities. Also, remember to keep some return gifts and goody bags ready to close the celebrations on a good note.

Infographic: Additions To Your List Of Party Games For Your 10-Year-Old’s Birthday

Keeping children engaged at a birthday party with the help of exciting and fun games is vital. We have prepared this infographic with an extended list of 10-year-olds’ birthday party games and activities that will help keep the little ones engaged and guarantee lots of fun.

10 year olds' birthday party games (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Fill your ten-year-old’s birthday party with cheer and memories.
  • Plan the cake, invitations, decorations, etc., according to the themes, such as Mermaid, Superhero, or Candyland.
  • Planning in advance can avoid any last moment hustle.

Let’s get the party started with 15 fun and easy party games for kids and adults! From Minute to Win It challenges to classic party games, there’s something for everyone!

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